Just how many…
Have been severed?
From the things they hoped would last forever?
I ponder of my,
Mortal enemies!
Was our quarrel illusory?
Our puny lives,
It's conscience measures,
Barely into centimeters!

Do you see us human?
Or are we faceless?
A billion beads upon your abacus!
Are you so desperate,
To erase us?
Do we nothings pose such a threat?

So war-machine, I'll not go quietly!
You can't hide the truth cause it's unsightly!
To the cash you clutch so tightly!
Above the heads of, every species!

I hope it serves you,
To make a trophy!
Out of every catastrophe!
You must have plenty,
For all your massacres!
Countless much like your dollars!
If you kept tokens,
Of skulls not money!
There'd be many headless bodies!

At your feet now,
The billions surround.
A sea of corpses in which you proudly drown!
And if you'd look down,
With an inconvenienced frown!
You'd find the ground concealed by your carcass mound!

So robot visage, rusted and bloody!
Assault but you will never break me!
War-machine, you'd still be ugly!
In the mask of Aphrodite!
War-machine I'll lay you down to!
Sleep with those you gladly mowed through!
You can hide but I still see the truth!
The trail of crimson leads straight to you!

How dare you forget us!
How dare you forsake us!
How dare you leave us, choking on the dust!
Of your nightmare...
Of your war-machine!
(Of your nightmare, of your war-machine repeated 4X)

So war-machine don't fucking touch me!
Your fingertips are bloodstained and filthy!
You think yourself divine, demigodly!
In perfect denial, of your devilry!
So let your greasy gears keep grinding!
Burn our minds with methylphenidate and our bodies with kerosene!
At the end I'll still be screaming!
Hear me or not!
Fuck you, war-machine!