Heavy Snow

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Decades had passed since Blizzard's trifle with Drake and her search for true love. She was still alone, wandering the tundra in Toukaisu. No friends, no family, no light. She just completely gave up on life, didn't bother to talk to anyone, as nobody else would even talk to her anyways. She never understood why nobody liked her. She was always a nice girl, just wanting a friend, a guy to be with, be happy. But, it just didn't want her. It was like the whole world gave up on her, the tundra was dead empty, lonely, foggy.

It was Christmas now, or as in Terra, it was called Frozenfall. She looked around at all the lights at night in Toukaisu. It was a small town, but it was filled with so much light, that she would never be a part of. Her heavy heart sank in her chest, her face soaked and frozen tears dripped from it. Nobody would ever notice her, even glance at her. She wasn't even ugly either, possibly invisible to everyone. They were all oblivious to her inner light, that wouldn't even make glow for anyone to see. Poor Blizzard had finally given up all hope.

She wandered the roads of the town, in her white cleric gown, bare feet, and holding her broken love globe, also carrying her mace. Her long black hair flowed in front of her face as the snowy winds blew by her. It was dead of night, everyone inside their houses celebrating the season. Blizzard was the only one out, lonely and lost.

"Why me?" Blizzard said to herself.

She made her way out into the Hyoukan Forest, trying to enjoy what beauty winter had to offer. The frozen tips of the trees swaying, icicles falling from the branches. Snow bunnies skipping past her feet. The cold wind of the Northlands biting at her already icy Koorius skin. She felt beautiful, yet trapped in sorrow, even though nobody truly loved her.

To the east, was the open tundra, clear night skies, filled with bright stars. She just kept going, until she found something she was searching for. In the far distance, was the Doll Fortress. She noticed the lights were on, and also decorated, it looked nice. At this point, Blizzard became angry, and her strength totally sapped. She walked faster through the deep snow, her bare feet gliding through, making two paths behind her.

She suddenly stopped after a few miles into the tundra. There was a lump of snow piled up in front of her. She made her way over to it and knelt beside it. She set down her mace and globe, and put her hands on the pile of snow. A strange stench filled the air around her. As she dug through slowly, something appeared inside it. She felt an extremely cold, wet, dark blue colored object. She dug deeper around it, pulling away at the snow with her shaky hands. Her breath slowly faded away as she uncovered what was beneath the snow pile. The winds started to pick up heavily, as the snow whirled around her like a blizzard. Her eyes glazed over black and dark, tearing out tiny icicles. It was her baby Snow Go, buried in the white tundra...

Blizzard held herself, wrapping her arms around her mid-section, leaning over her babies dead body. "Snow..." She said, crying deeply. The Blizzard around her grew thicker and you couldn't see out into the tundra anymore. Her eyes still pitch black, her expression took a darker turn, frustrated, empty. She had enough of this world.

Blizzard looked up and saw a figure within the blizzard fog.

"I'm done with you!" Blizzard yelled, the snow storm filled the whole tundra and made its way towards Toukaisu, and eventually all of Terra this day. She used the last of her power to conjure a deadly snow storm, that would make the whole world around feel as she did.

A storm of pure sorrow and pain, for all to feel and experience. She wouldn't let this world just take her life for no reason at all. The figure in the storm approached her. It was Raynbowe, from the fortress in the distance tundra. The Doll Sorceress, wearing a violet robe, long blond hair, and carrying a Frozenfall gift, wrapped in light blue paper.

Raynbowe placed the gift beside Blizzard, then drifted back into the snow storm, as Blizzard herself broke down, her heavy heart shattering onto the tundra floor. She couldn't breathe anymore, her sorrow too much to withstand, passing out in the snow. Her black hair covered her face, next to her daughter Snow.

They both lay there dead, broken and unanswered souls. Trapped in an endless foggy void, empty, shattered and heartbroken.

Is this truly the end to good souls that nobody could ever notice? Be a true friend and don't let anyone fall into the deep empty snow, or else you too, will encounter a Blizzard you and no evil like you can ever escape!