"The dogs stop in their tracks, steadily pointing to a patch of brush. The hunting guide approaches the brush, slowly and carefully. "Ya ready, boys?" he asks in his southern, cowboy style accent.

The clicking of gun safeties turning off can be heard. I begin to perspire despite it being below freezing, thinking of what is about to happen. Suddenly, a bright colored ringneck rooster bursts into the air. I lose all thought, completely going into predator mode. Without even thinking, I instinctively raise my gun, point, and fire. A puff of feathers is seen in the gray, December sky. One shot, one kill. I pick up my kill and stuff it in my game bag. Then I quickly walk on, as the dogs are on point once again."

. . . . . . .

Hi, this is wingshooter97. I'm new to this site, so if something looks weird, that's why. This will be a series of drabbles between 100 and 150 words long. I'll write and post them as I get inspiration, which comes at odd times and may be few and far between. I'd like reviews, though.

Thanks, wingshooter97.