"There I sat in the duck blind, breathing steam. It's all about waiting and hoping - hoping a flock of ducks will soon appear, flying over our gauntlet of gunfire. It always reminds me of World War II, the bombers and their crews flying into the inevitable; death. It's cold; the type of cold that you can feel beneath your skin, the kind of cold that hurts your lungs when you breathe in. Sometimes my fingers go numb beneath my gloves, forcing me to use those little hand warmer packets. They don't keep your hands warm, rather, they just barely keep them on this side of pain. When the greenheads arrive, it's the sight of a lifetime; 70 ducks fill the sky, descending to land amidst our decoys, pulling up desperately when we open fire. The sight of ducks falling to the earth, just like those bombers, is so terrible, yet so graceful, so beautiful."

. . . . . . .

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