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Saphire ran after the car as it drove away. "Mom, Dad! Come back, don't leave me here!" he called. The six year old tripped on the gravel and fell face-first. He looked up and watched as the car drove further and further away. "Don't leave me." he said to the wind. He sat up and stared at the locket his mother gave to him. 'Keep it with you at all times and you'll be protected. Just know that this is going to be the hardest thing for us to do. This family will teach you as much japanese that you need to know. I will always love you but this is for your safety.' He never understood what she meant. Humans? They were leaving him with humans after what they were trying to do to his kind? Especially in japan where he doesn't understand the language? What were his parents thinking? 'Keep your hat on when you're outside and at school until they tell you it's safe to take it off.' 'But mommy, I don't like hats on my ears. Why don't they like us? We didn't do anything to them.' Saphire's mother smiled at him. 'Some people don't like different.' 'Different? Don't they have ears and tails too, or do they hide it like you and Daddy do?' she shook her head. 'We don't hate them for being different.' 'They're just afraid. Humans attack what they don't understand.' 'Thats stupid.'

Saphire slowly opened his eyes when his try to hug his mother failed. "Damnit." He cursed under his breath. He glanced at the alarm clock. 4:14am. He's been waking up earlier and earlier way before his alarm, it's been giving him head aches and he hasn't been eating. "Saphire, breakfast is ready!" Saphire's ears twitched at the screech of his sisters voice. Now that he had a reason to get up, he got up and took a quick shower. "Saphire come on, you're gonna be late!" his 'mom' called. He put on his school unisform and slowly walked down the stairs. 'So much for a quick shower.' he thought to himself. "Is there any mail?" he asked as he took a bite of his toast. Rina, his 'mom', shook her head. She reached out to hug Saphire but he refused it, grabbed his backpack, then left.

Every morning, ever since he arrived there, Saphire would check the mail, in hopes that his parents had wrote him, always hoped that they would come back and take him back to their home in Ireland. Where it was nice and cold and nobody would bother them. It's not like the Fujioka's are a bad family, no, they treated him well like he was their own despite the the cat ears and tail. He just wanted to go back to the peaceful times, back to his sixth birthday before all of this, where humans would age faster, where he had to hide his bodily features that others would find odd. That is when, a stupid member of his kind violated the rules so they were hunted down and few people wanted to help protect them. So that's when the adults began to hide themselves but that wasn't enough. Saphire shut his eyes as he remembered the first attack. He was taken out of his memories by a loud honking sound. He hissed at the driver then finished his walk to school.

Oh so very quietly, he peeked from the side of the lockers at the girls as they changed. Not something you should be doing on your first day, but he didn't care, well he couldn't resist. Ever so slowly, he risked moving forward to see more. 'So big, so beautiful.' he was so deep in perverted thought that he didn't realize that he had fell until he heard screaming. "Get out!" "Peeping Tom!" "Oh shit." Ruta crawled over to the door then ran to class. He put his feet up on the desk and smiled to himself. A few minutes later, a shadow came over him. "You're in my seat." a gruff voice said. Ruta ignored the voice and tried to fade into the noise of the classroom, but there was none. A hush had fallen over the class when the voice spoke. "Are you deaf or just stupid? I said you're in my seat. Ruta looked up at the glare of dark green eyes. They seemed to hold him in place despite the glare.

"Oh no."

"He looked into his eyes!"

"Saphire-Kun's in a bad mood today."

"Just get up!"

The students muttered. Saphire wandered what was this guys problem? "If I have to repeat myself, I swear to God I hope you live near a hospital." the guy slowly got up and smirked at him, then he moved to another seat. Saphire sat down and waited for the teacher to come. He wanted to take his hat off but resisted the urge and continued to run through his thoughts and memories. "What's his problem." he heard the guy ask. "Saphire-Kun usually keeps to himself and has a very bad temper. He always wears that hat so no one has seen his whole head. He's also adopted, but nobody knows where he came from-" Saphire shot a glare towards the guy and the girl who was talking. "S-sorry Saphire-Kun!" she bowed then quickly went back to her friends. He looked back at the teacher's desk with sad eyes then he closed them once again. 'They know nothing about me! But thats because... I haven't told them, and I never will! They will never understand... never.'

"Saphire Fujioka, asleep in my class again aren't we?"

'So annoying.'

"No, I just decided to ignore you." Saphire said. The teacher slammed his hand down on the desk and handed Saphire the marker he was holding. "Then why don't you solve the problem?" Saphire got up, walked over to the board, then solved the problem. "Y-you may sit." the teacher said as he stared at the board. Saphire retured to his seat and continued to run through his thoughts.

'Why haven't they written me? Don't they love me?'

'Maybe they're dead?'

Saphire was so lonely as a child, he imagined that a spirit decided to live in his head so he could be his friend and only his. And thats who he talks to still.

'They're not dead! My mother would never leave me if they were to die! She told me herself on my eightth birthday in a letter.'

'I remember the letter but that was 8 years ago. Things happen over time.'

'No, they are alive, and when they come, that'll prove to you that they're alive and will come back for me!'

'Don't hold on to child thoughts and hopes. Just face the fact and move on. They're dead.'

'I don't even know why I decided to talk to you. My parents are not dead... Just leave me alone.'

'Fine but you need to grow up and face the facts. Or you're gonna get hurt.'

By the time Saphire decided to pay attention, it was time for lunch. As always, he skipped it and sat outside under his favorite tree where some cats waited for him.

"Mew!" (Yay, Saphy's back!)

Translation time.


"Yay Saphy!"

"Prince Fujioka!"


They all meowed as they crowded around him. Saphire wondered why the humans act like they don't hear the poor creatures when they talk to them. They all stood up and sniffed his pocket.

"What did you bring today?" A smaller one asked.

Saphire took out 4 bologna sandwiches.

"Wow, is all of that for us?!"

"The forth one is mine. After school, we're gonna walk around town and find you guys a home."

"Really Saphy? You mean it?"

To everyone else, it was strange to see cats meowing at someone and they meowing as if they understood them. But everyone got over it along time ago. Everyone, except the new kid. "What's up with him?" Ruta asked. "Everyday Saphire would share his lunch with cats and talk to them. Then after school, they'd follow him around town, some find homes, some don't. We just ignore it." That wasn't enough for Ruta so he walked over to Saphire to see for himself. "Meow mmew meow meow." Saphire said to the kitten in his lap. "How is a crazy person like you popular?!" Ruta asked. Again he was glared at by those captivating eyes. "How is a bitch like you good looking?" he retorted back. "You think I'm good looking?" Saphire rolled his eyes. "Everyone at this school is good looking. Thats how you get in. Now if you'll exuse me, I have to finish feeding them before lunch is over."

"What a weirdo don't you think Saphy?" Saphire shrugged. "I guess. That's really the first time someones talked to me. It's strange despite all of the things he's been told. Not even New kids tal to me." he said. A kitten struggled to climb onto Saphire's lap. "You swaid it youwswelf Saphy, he's vewy stwange. Can I Scwatch him?" Saphire closed his eyes. "Not yet. Well, see you after school guys."

"Bye Saphy!"

"Wuv you Saphy!"

"Goodbye Prince Fujioka!"

"Thank you for the food!"

Saphire stared at his blank note book. He began to think about an endless story about the lines on the notebook when a note fell onto his desk.

Please meet me in the locker rooms after school.

He didn't mind, he got notes like this all the time. So after school he met the girl. "U-um, Saphire-Kun, w-will you go out with me?" she asked. Saphire lightly kissed the girl on her forehead. "Satomi, I'm not the right person to ask out. You look like you're a very nice girl and you're cute but I have to say no. Don't get discouraged. You spoke your mind and was brave enough to ask me out. I'm sure there is someone that likes you and someone you deeply like. Don't be sad. You are going to be a very lucky girl, just keep up your bravery and what you want will come to you. Be a good girl."

"What took you so long Saphy?" the kitten from earlier asked as he spotted the teen exiting the building. "Another girl asked me out. Are you ready to find a home?" he asked. The cats weaved through Saphire's legs and sang as they walked getting people they passed attention. "Mommy can we get a kitty please?!" "Please momma!" two little girls begged as the pet two kittens. "I guess. How much are they?" the woman asked Saphire while the girls played with the kittens they wanted. "No payment required" he said. But the woman insisted. "Please take this. My daughter's haven't smiled or have been this happy since their father left for America, we haven't seen him since." she handed Saphire $100 and watched her kids be happy again. "You will see him again, all it takes is his voice." Saphire said to her. At that moment, her phone rang. "Hello?" she began to cry when she heard her husbands voice on the other end. She looked around for the boy but it was as if he had vanished. Saphire continued to find homes for the cats, he even found a home for the one who called him "Prince". By the time his walk was over, he had one left. "I guess you didn't find anyone today. I'll call you Kitomi." "Yaay! Do I get to see Saphy's home?" Kitomi asked. "Yup. Now let's hurry up and get there." Saphire said as he picked up the kitten. "Saphy, how come you never smile?" "I never found a good reason to. The last time I smiled was when I was with my parents and little sister. No more questions until we get home."

"I'm home." Ruta said called as he walked into the house. "You smell like one of them." His mother said as she eyed him suspiciously. "Did you find one and kill it or did you just find one?" she asked. Ruta smelled himself then shrugged. "I had gym today. Do I smell that bad?" A little girl roller bladed into the room from the kitchen and circled Ruta. "Yuck, you smell like 'em." Ruta groaned. "It's from gym!" there was a loud pop then the wood chipped from the side of his head. "I smell them. Where the fuck are they?" His brother said, a gun pointed at Ruta. "It's from gym! God how many times do I-" A girl held two swords in a scissor like shape beneath Ruta's neck. "Where are they." she growled. "He says it's from gym. Put the swords away, besides, no swords in the house." "Lucky." Ruta sighed in relief then ventured off to his room. When he opened his backpack, a kitten fell out of it. "What the-? How did you get in there?" when he put his hand near it's mouth, it opened it's jaws wide then chomped down on Ruta's hand. "OW GODDAMNIT LET GO!" he shouted. He waved his arm violently but the kitten still wouldn't let go. "Get off of me you freakin snapping turtle with fur!"

After he got the kitten off of his hand then bandaged it, he had a stare down with it. "You intrude in my house then bite me, fucker, do you not see how much bigger I am to you?!" he shouted. The kitten laughed. "Asshole, do you not see how much power I have over you?! I got claws on all paws, I got fangs, and I can sneak past you without making a sound. Try to step on me all you want, or squeeze me, I'll bite the fuck out of your other hand or anyone other part of your body I'm close to." it replied. "Well you know- wait, what the hell, did you just talk?" Ruta asked. "What, you don't speak japanese bitch? I can go spanish on your ass or it that to slow for you? How bout You shut the fuck up and either feed me, or get what's coming to you!" it said, getting ready to take another bite out of Ruta's hand. "What?! No! As you can see, I'm speaking perfect Japanese, and *gasp!* you're a cat!"

"Yeah what about it?"

"Cat's aren't allowed in my house."


"If you don't get out, I'll get in trouble."

"Oh really?" the kitten made a evil grin. "You shouldn't have told me that. Prepare to have all hell break lose."

"And how is one small, itty, bitty, kitten gonna do that?"

The kitten's grin grew wider.

3 minutes later

"Y-you... You destroyed my room! My Playboy!" the kitten licked itself. "Oh shut up. I know what was really hiding in those magazines. And let me tell ya, Not one human vagina in sight. But those little kittens walking around out there put the 'Pussy' in 'Pussy Cat' Talk about Meow!" Ruta stared at the kitten. "And how old are you?"

"4 months."

"And you're already talking about pussy?"

"Hey it's better to talk about it now so that way I'm ready when I'm older and have a chance to see how these little kittinas look like when they become Kittonas and again, meow!"

"You know what? I'm just gonna clean up my room and tend to this matter in the morning."

"Uh notta, not til you feed me."

"What are you talking about?"

"Why the hell do you think I bit the fuck outta your hand? It wasn't for protection I'll tell you that. If I wanted to protect myself I'd hide under the bed or scratch the hell outta that face of yours little girl."

"I'm a boy."

"Doesn't matter. All you humans look the same to me. Now those Kittinas, they be giving off a scent that make it impossible to forget or confuse. That will make even the youngest Tom want to-"

"I think I've heard enough. I'll get your food."

"Thank you."

Saphire stopped infront of a flower shop and began to smell the flowers. "Is there any one you want?" "Um yeas. I would like some cattails and catnip." The flourist smiled at him then handed him what he wanted. "Thank you." As he walked, Kitomi batted at the bag. "What's that Saphy? *sniff* It smells... niiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccceeee. Gimme some!" he said, trying to rip the bag. "Kitomi stop!" Saphire's ears twitched beneath his hat. Someone was speeding toward him but he was to occupied trying to stop Kitomi to notice until it actually ran into him. "Hey watch where you're going!" Saphire stared at Ruta. "Um Saphy. You're hat." He reached up and felt his head. Instead of his hat, Saphire felt his fuzzy cat ears. "Oh no." he whispered. "S-saphire?" Saphire ignored Ruta, grabbed Kitomi, then ran home. Ruta looked down at the hat that was on the ground.

Saphire sat on his bed and sighed after he caught his breath. 'Damn I lost my hat.' he thought. He looked over at Kitomi but the kitten seemed to be acting strange. "Kitomi, are you ok?" he asked. Kitomi opened his mouth wide then chomped down on Sa[hire's hand. he held the kitten to his face. "Huh. You're not Ruta." it said. With his other hand, Saphire pulled the kitten off. "And you speak japanese. You're not Kitomi. Damnit!" he groaned. "Hey bub what's up with you?" the Fake Kitomi asked. "Not only have I lost my hat, I lost Kitomi! My mother gave me that hat!"

Meanwhile at Ruta's house, he couldn't get the kitten to stop meowing. It hopped around the room and ran away from him. "Come on, you're afraid of me now?" he asked. the kitten looked around. 'I'm scared, where's Saphy?' he just soon gave up and cried. "What's your name little kitten?" Ruta asked the crying kitten. Thank God no one was home. 'Kitomi *sniff* have you seen Saphy? Awe you a kitten Stewalewr?! Did you steawl me fwom Saphy?! Kitten steawla! Kitten steawla! Help Saphy!' the kitten began to wail again. "Dang, we grabbed the wrong kitten. Come here kitty kitty, I'm not gonna hurt you." the kitten lashed out at him then attacked his face. 'Don't touch me kitten steawla!' "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!"

The next day

Saphire was getting tired of holding his ears down and almost cried when he thought about his hat.

What if they remember only the hat?

It's unlikely for them to be alive after eight years. But I'm sure the hat has nothing to do with them finding you.

Yes it does! That hat was the last thing I got from my Mom before I got here! What if they pick me up and can't tell it's me?!

Uh your ears, dude, it's so friggin obvious!

What if I'm not the only person here?! What if I'm not the only one whos... Whos...


Yes... I don't want to be the only one. I just want my parents back. I want My mom, my dad, and I want my sister Jade. I just want everyone back. Is that to much to ask?

You are still 8 on the inside. Jade, if she's alive, might not even remember you.

Please don't say that... Please... Don't say that...

"Uh, Saphire, are you alright?" Saphire's eye's slowly opened. Ruta was looking at him. He was surprised that he remembered the name and that he was still talking to him. "What's wrong?" Saphire didn't say anything, just kept his eye's on Ruta without blinking. Then he closed them again.

Don't go there Saphire.

Why? There's no point in staying.

You've been there twice before, you know what it was like! You didn't wake up for 3 months!

Will you be there?

Of course but-

Then I don't care... As long as you're there...

But what if I'm not?

Then I'll die, I'll make sure no one will wake me up for the whole six months... Is it dumb to say that I'm in love with a voice that doesn't exist?

... I'm real...

That's what my mind tells me, yet I've seen you twice, and you're in my head, maybe I have gone crazy...

You're not crazy, but you're going to be if you do it Saphire.

Nobody will care, no one will.

Once they see the blood.

That's the only time...

Ruta noticed that Saphire's red eyes began to slowly turn gray. "Are you ok? Did you hear me? I said I found your hat for you and your kitten. Saphire?" but he didn't answer. After his eyes turned completely gray, Saphire's eyes closed.

After an hour of class, people started to worry. Satomi and two other girls cautiously walked over to Saphire's desk. "Um I wanted to thank you for um what you said, I uh, found someone like you said... Saphire-Kun?" there was a thin outline of red peeking from beneath Saphire's arms as he blocked his face. "Haru, somethings wrong with Saphire-Kun!" one of the girls noticed red drops falling to the floor next to Saphires desk.

They're starting to notice...


"H-hey Saphire, are you alright man?" Haru put his hand on Saphire's and looked at his confused. "H-he's cold." he shook Saphire's shoulder, and as he did so, Saphire's body fell from the desk and landed on his side. Blood was still flowing from his nose as if his body was pouring it out. "That explains the red that you saw, hurry and go get a nure. Saphire stay with us." Haru said as he put two fingers on Saphire's pulse, it was weak. He checked to see if he was breathing but he wasn't.

Are you sure you wanna do this?

I've already made up my mind... I don't think I can take my mind with me to wherever I go after this so just hold me this last time.

This is a bad idea...

I know but I'm tired of waiting... Like you said yourself, they're dead. No way they could be alive after 8 years.

(sigh, whisper) Oh Saphire...

"What happened, what's going on?" the nurse asked. "I-I don't know, the girls tried to talk to him and when I moved him, he fell and he was bleeding before that.." "Someone call the hospital, he's losing to much blood!"

Kitomi peeked out from Ruta's bag, the other kitten was in there too.

'W-What's going on with Saphy?'

"Sorry kid but he kicked the bucket."


"You know, pushing out daisies."

'I still don't get it.'

"Well, you know, the great litter box in the sky? The white light? Climbing the stairs? Grew some wings? Wasted? Finished? On ice?"

'Oh, I thought he was dead.'

" (face paw) He is!"

'Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Saphy!'

Nobody heard the sorrow full mews coming from the backpack on the teacher's desk, they were to busy trying to get a doctor for Saphire.

It will all be explained at the bottom.

Saphire stared into Cifer's eyes. They were sad as usual yet full of love. "Why are you smiling?" Cifer asked. "Because I've finally found the reason to." Saphire replied. Cifer sighed heavily then turned his hed away from Saphire. He just didn't get it. He doesn't know how much he loves him. Tears welled up in Cifer's eyes. "Saphire, please go back." he begged. Saphire sat up in Cifer's lap then lay his head on his chest since it was to much energy. "Don't you love me?" he asked. "That's just it. I love you so much, I want you to stay here, but you can't die, not like this. You do have a reason to smile. You have Kitomi, I don't mind if you date Ruta, and maybe your parents will come for you. I just don't want you to throw your life away like this. Please Saphire. Just go, please." Saphire looked up at him sadly. "If I do, will you still talk to me?" Cifer shook his head. "I can't. If it made you do this, then I can't."

"I can make you stay. You're just a voice in my head."

"I'm real Saphire, I'm just not near you. Theres something you need to know before you go." Cifer took off his hat, white ears popped up on the top. "You're like me?" "And I love you, I truely do." Cifer tilted Saphire's head up and kissed his, but it was over before it began.

Goodbye Saphire.

When Saphire opened his eyes, a girl with Green hair almost killed him with a death hug. "Saphire you're ok!" she squealed. "Who are you?" he asked. She looked at him with slightly hurt eyes. "Don't you remember me? It's me Jade, your sister.

Ok longest chapter ever but it was taking to long for me to finally think of something good. This is not a beginning chapter it is actually the 4 chapter even though the story hasn't been created. Ruta's family is part of the human army that is trying to kill others like Saphire and his bioligical family. Cifer is the name of the "voice" inside Saphire's head. He is actually a living person who has been in a coma for a long time so he's been stuck in Saphire's head and seems to have fallen in love with him along with Saphire the same. (So tired, stayed up all night), and about Saphire blacking out. When ever he does that, he is separating himself from his body which causes internal bleeding which explains the nosebleed that never ended with a few tissues. Only Saphire's kind can do it, plus they're smarter and super advanced than humans. Saphire doesn't hate his adoptive family but he doesn't like them either. I hope you liked it and other stories of mine because I enjoyed typing some of them, bye, have a beautiful time. PS Sorry for any grammar mistakes.