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Some where in the darkness she watched as the waves hit the surface. And lowered her head as the tears traced her cheeks, her long hair blowing like some wild fire, her brawn eyes glittered her delicate frame shivered as the wind made contact. She tried hard to hold her self but then she collapsed and fell on her knees. Biting her lower lip she dug her nails in the wet sand and looked at the sky as the colony around the moon was on its full glory. Why? She whispered why? She cried hard. Her hair covering her face, her cheeks pink from the tinge of winter.

All my life I looked for you and found you

But all you thought of me was as a friend a companion a girl next door

I still remember how you used to brag about her. She you use to tell me was your love

You made plans to marry her and live a peaceful life ahead

I still remember when you came banging at my door it was 5:00 in the morning

You were all washed up and tired, you told me you were homeless, as I allowed your lost soul enter

Those few weeks we lived together I watched as you told me your story of betrayal

My heart beating fast at every word my gaze locked on your green orbs and before I could stop I placed a kiss on your lips,

You were shocked but you kissed me back -why?

I still remember how I locked my self in the kitchen trying to stay away from you apologizing for what I did,

And then we moved on I never saw you but I still remember-

And I hope you remember me, I loved you and I hope you love me back

It's funny why we never found out what lied beyond us, that life wasent a bed of roses but some thing more

With all those memories blended together I smile to my self as I watch the the moon and I know its time I move on-.

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