This was based off a dream that I had, and I wrote it while listening to Matryoshka by the Vocaloids. The auburn-haired girl is Bella Valentine, the black-haired guy is Kostya Mihaylov. They're the characters that I usually use when writing Vocaloid-inspired stories, just FYI.

Matryoshka : Also known as a Russian nesting doll. Google them if you want to know more. :)

Please note that the matryoshka in this story aren't the actual matryoshka dolls. They're like normal people, except for...bleh. You'll find out later. ;)


The room was rather tiny, with only a single door and no windows at all. The interior of it was painted yellow, and there was an organ in the corner. With a loud creak, the broken organ in the corner of the room started to play a piece of music. Due to the fact that the organ was broken, the music sounded sick, twisted and crazy.

The two matryoshka on the ground stirred to life. Their painted faces smiled, their blank eyes showing just a subtle spark of excitement. The one with auburn hair stood up first, the black-haired one following soon after. The happy smiles never left their faces as they started to dance.

Another creak sounded; this time it was louder, and it sounded like something in the organ had shattered to pieces. The music started to go out of beat, and it kept increasing in speed...increasing...getting louder...getting faster...

The matryoshka froze and tilted their heads, just as if they were adapting to the change of music. The very next second, the tiny spark in their eyes burned into a full-out flame, and their previously-innocent smiles suddenly became crazed and twisted.

In a little seperate room – connected to the yellow room by the only door – a man watched. He watched intently as the girl and the boy fought in time with the music. They clawed at each others' hair, scratching and kicking violently. Little droplets of red flew here and there, splattering the ground as the music continued to play...

...and play...

...and play...

Then, with a loud crack, the organ fell to pieces, and the music stopped, abruptly, on a horrible, clashing note. The two matryoshka dolls froze again, but this time, they both collapsed on the ground, motionless as their now-blank eyes stared up at the plain yellow of the ceiling.

A little click sounded, and the door opened, the man in it entering the yellow room. He looked at the organ, sighed, and started to repair it. When he was finally done, he went over to the matryoshka. Taking a pair of scissors out from his pocket, he slit the two matryoshka open from head to toe. Reaching inside them, he pulled out two exact copies of the previous matryoshka.

Well...they weren't exactly the same.

The new matryoshka were just slightly smaller.

He set the two new matryoshka on the ground, back-to-back, before he gathered the old, broken matryoshka and carried them into the seperate room. He dropped them into a little pile of similar forms in the corner. The pile smelled horrible, just like rotting bodies, and there were black beetles and cockroaches and rats feasting on the remains of the broken matryoshka. Ignoring it all, the man simply turned around and pressed a button.

In the other room, the organ gave out a little groan, before the same music it had previously played blared out again, even more sick and twisted than the first time...


Hehe. ^^

That was fun to write. Hope you guys liked it~ Constructive criticism is always appreciated, flames are not.