Hey, readers! This is a sequel to my poem "Suicidal Lover (Beg)". The original poem was told in the perspective of a man who was planning on killing himself, and was saying goodbye to his lover. This is told in her perspective.

Within My Heart

There is loneliness within my heart

Though it may be broken

Though it may be ripped apart

Still its words have been spoken

Crying empty, hollow tears

Crying for your loss

I loved you for all these years

I paid the ultimate cost

I sing myself a silent lullaby

To try to rid myself of the pain

That I feel on lonely nights

On the nights its pouring rain

The sadness I feel within my heart

Kills me every day

It killed me right from the start

That you've gone away

Though you're in a better place

I still cannot cope

In the end you lost the race

And I lost all my hope