Amorette opened her eyes and groaned. She couldn't move as the space was far too cramped and it was pitch black. The drugs were starting to wear off and her senses were coming back along with her memories of the last few days.

Amorette lived in a home for tearaway teens; it was basically a prison with bars on the windows and barbed wire fences around the tiny exercise yard. Amorette was by no means the worst kid in there; at least she'd never killed anyone. Not on purpose anyway. She had wanted out and had joined two escape attempts but someone had squealed and everything had gone wrong. So Amorette had decided to go it alone, all she needed was a plan. That was when she had met Lorenzo.

Lorenzo was the caretaker, he wasn't allowed any contact with the girls in the home but that didn't stop him. Amorette had spotted him coming out of one of the younger girl's rooms zipping up his jeans and coughing so hard he almost collapsed. She had calmly told him that unless he helped her, she'd report him to the matron. Lorenzo had tried to bully her into silence but when she held a make shift knife to his throat he soon saw it her way. They agreed to meet the next night in the showers on the third floor; there were no cameras in there.

Amorette hadn't expected much from Lorenzo so she was more than a little surprised when he said he had a plan and it had worked at least six times in the past. She had listened with something akin to hope as he told her the plan. Apparently it was simple or as simple as Lorenzo could make it. All they had to do was wait for someone to die; Lorenzo was always put in charge of the burial. Amorette would be drugged and then placed in the coffin with the body and buried, Lorenzo would then wait until after dark and dig her up. Lorenzo had coughed and spluttered through this explanation. Blood dribbled down his chin and Amorette didn't think it would be long before he was in the ground himself. She couldn't help but wonder that, since they were in a teen detention centre, she didn't think anyone was likely to die soon. Lorenzo had just smiled and told her to be patient.

Two days later, one of the Matrons collapsed in the dining hall and went into convulsions. She died a few hours later and Amorette smiled when an envelope was pushed under her door, inside were two pills and a note. She was to take the pills in three hours and then go to the showers and hide in the furthest stall. Amorette changed into jeans and a t shirt and read a book until the time came to take her pills.

They had worked fast, faster than Amorette had been ready for. She had only just made it to the stall before the world went dark and she collapsed to the tiled floor. Everything from there was empty until she woke up in what she assumed was the Matron's coffin. Amorette just about managed to lift her wrist enough to get to her watch, she pressed the button on the side and the digital numbers sprung into life. But her eyes glided past the watch to the face of the corpse she was sharing a coffin with. Amorette gave a gurgled sort of cry and tried to back up but she had nowhere to go.

How had this happened? What was she going to do? That son of a bitch! How could he do this to her?

For the first time in many years, Amorette burst into tears as she stared into the dead face of Lorenzo.