So it was true, he really was cheating on her. Anastasia clenched her jaw and gripped the steering wheel so tight her knuckles were white. She watched the closed door of the little hotel and waited for her husband and best friend to reappear. Anastasia had suspected this for a while but it wasn't until charges from this hotel had appeared on the credit card bill that her suspicions had been confirmed.

"Cheating sack of shit" she muttered. Forbes and Kenya deserved each other, they were both liars and she wished them a horrid and painful death. Anastasia smiled suddenly, she started the engine and drove home as fast as she dared. The house she shared with her no good cheating husband was up in the hills, it was beautiful and far too big for just the two of them. Forbes had one great love, other than Kenya obviously and that was his suits. Forbes had eighty of them, all silk and very expensive. Anastasia had never really been a fan of clothes, she was happy in jogging bottoms and t shirts. What she did have was a very big pair of scissors.

Forbes dropped Kenya off at her house before heading home; he was whistling a tune and drumming his fingers when he pulled into the driveway. He still had to put together an exhibit for the big art show next week and he had no idea what to do. Anastasia's car was nowhere in sight, he smiled and killed the engine. Forbes almost skipped to the front door, he tried to use his key but the door swung open when he pushed it.

"Anna?" he called. The smile dropped from his face as he stepped through the door and into the hallway. On the hall carpet was one of his suits; it was cut into neat strips and laid on the hall floor. He swallowed and moved to the stairs where four more of his suits waited, all were cut into the same neat strips and were laid out on the stairs. Forbes was almost blinded by rage by the time he reached the top of the stairs, more suits lay on the landing and on the bedroom floor. Anastasia was standing beside the bed; she was packing a bag and hadn't heard him come in. Forbes picked up a marble ashtray and dashed across the room, bringing it down as hard as he could on his wife's head. Anastasia didn't make a sound, she just dropped forward onto the bed and laid there, her eyes staring into the distance but not really seeing it.

"Stupid bitch" he muttered. Forbes dropped the ashtray and sat down on the edge of the bed. What was he going to do with her now? His eyes strayed over the cut up suits and he had a sudden idea. Forbes smiled and scooped his dead wife into his arms and carried her downstairs to the basement.

Kenya walked into the art exhibit and turned left, she knew where Forbes had his amazing work and she was heading straight there. He had kept it all under wraps and Kenya had hardly seen anything of him the last few days. Anastasia had walked out too but nobody seemed to know where she had gone, which was fine with Kenya. She turned the last corner just as someone screamed and a gasp went around the assembled crowd. Kenya frowned and pushed her way through the gathered people towards Forbes.

"Honey, what . . .? Holy fucking shit!" This last came out in a breathy rush as she caught sight of Forbes big exhibit. It was mounted in a huge glass case and was still dripping onto the ground underneath it. Kenya stiffened as Forbes wrapped an arm around her shoulders and stared up at Anastasia's body in the glass case. She was cut into neat strips and stared out at the stunned crowd with lifeless eyes.

"Do you like it, honey? I made it for you." Kenya couldn't find her voice; she just nodded as the sound of police sirens filled the air.