The view was amazing and it was only getting better. Crosby looked out over the world from almost 16,000 feet in the air; the only problem was he was almost freezing to death. It had seemed like a good idea at the time but he wasn't so sure now. Tying a few dozen helium balloons to a chair and floating away had seemed like a damn good idea when he was drunk but now that he had sobered up and risen higher, it was starting to seem more like insanity.

"I never should have let those douche bags talk me into this. Closer to Heaven my furry arse" he muttered, gripping the arms of the chair harder as a gust of wind almost threw him off.

"I told you those friends of yours were no good." Crosby's head snapped up, he gasped and almost slipped from the chair again. His wife was standing before him; she almost seemed to be leaning on a cloud. She wore the same yellow sun dress she had worn on their fourth wedding anniversary, her red hair streaming out behind her and her green eyes sparkled as she smiled at him.

"Andrea? What are you doing here?" he cried. Crosby realized the absurdity of this sentence as soon as he said it. Surely Andrea could do whatever she liked, she was dead after all.

"I came to see what kind of insanity you'd gotten yourself talked into this time. Which one of them was it?" she asked. Crosby couldn't take his eyes from the vision of his wife. The last time he had seen her was two years ago on their fourth wedding anniversary. She had worn her yellow sundress to their favourite restaurant; the meal had been amazing as always. They had laughed and joked as they walked to the car but then a shadow had dislodged itself from the bushes and charged them. The shadow had grabbed Andrea's bag and tried to run but Andrea was a fighter and refused to let go, Crosby was knocked to the ground and hit his head on the curb. Everything after that was a blur but he did remember the police telling him that Andrea was dead.

"I thought I'd lost you" said Crosby, tears froze on his cheeks. Andrea smiled again; she held out her arms and twirled.

"You never lost me! I was just waiting for you. Come on, let's go home." Andrea held out her hand and laughed. Crosby smiled his first real smile since Andrea had died; he reached out to his wife and slipped from the chair.