Anemone followed her friends through the hole in the fence and across the cemetery towards the large statue that stood in the centre. Anemone stopped behind Filomena and shivered in the cold night air, Gordon and Kalil were close behind them.

"Who's going first?" whispered Filomena. Gordon shoved them aside and strode across the grass towards the statue. It was huge, at least nine feet tall and showed a woman in a cross legged position with her arms out stretched and her face thrown up to the sky. The story around town was that she had died of a broken heart after her lover had left her for another woman but Anemone knew the truth. The man had tried to strangle her; he left her for dead and then went away with the other woman. Anemone knew this because the man had been her uncle.

A favourite game among the teenagers of the town was to go into the cemetery after dark and sit in the statue's lap. The poor woman had only been dead for a few months but the rumour that the statue would come to life and crush you to death had started almost immediately. The current record was a full five minutes in the statue's lap, it had risen steadily since the statue went up.

"How long has he been sitting there?" Kalil whispered. Filomena checked her watch and rolled her eyes.

"Seven minutes." Gordon appeared around the corner, he looked a little pale but he was grinning like a loon. Filomena told him his time and he punched the air, slapping a high five with Kalil.

"Your turn, mate. Good luck" he said. Kalil dashed around the stone they were hiding behind and hurried towards the statue. It had its back to them so they could only see the top of Kalil's head once he had settled himself into position.

"Are you two doing it too?" asked Gordon. Filomena nodded but kept her eyes on her watch. Anemone shrugged and tried not to look at them, she didn't want to be anywhere near that statue.

"Anemone is gonna do it too. We made a deal" whispered Filomena; she raised her eyebrow at her friend. Before Anemone could reply, Kalil dropped to the ground before them, gasping and trying to look cocky.

"How long?"

"Four minutes."

"What? It felt like hours!" he whispered. Gordon voiced a bark like laugh and clapped him on the back; Filomena handed her watch to Kalil and took off to take her seat on the statue. Anemone swallowed, she didn't want to be here. She wanted to be at home, sitting on her bed and watching TV with a big bowl of popcorn. Anemone didn't want to tell her friends this; they would never speak to her again.

"How long was that?" Anemone jumped as Filomena leaned over the top of the stone and grinned down at them.

"Five minutes. Not even close" said Kalil. Filomena punched his arm and snatched the watch back.

"I beat your time, arse fuck" she spat. They all turned to Anemone and she dragged her feet to the statue. She vanished around the side and then all they could see was the top of her head when she sat on the statue.

"You know she's related to the guy that woman pined to death over?" said Filomena. Gordon and Kalil nodded but they didn't seem to care.

"I was surprised she came with us tonight. I thought she'd think up some excuse and not bother" replied Gordon.

"You know she only came because she knew we'd never speak to her again if she chickened out" added Kalil. Filomena snorted with laughter and peered over the top of the stone, Anemone's head was still visible above the statue's shoulder.

"She's doing well. I didn't think she'd last longer than a minute or two" said Filomena. She looked down at her watch and raised an eyebrow before turning to Gordon.

"She's been over there for eleven minutes!" Gordon gaped at her for a moment and then his face clouded over.

"I'm not having that" he snapped. Filomena and Kalil followed him across the small patch of grass and walked around the statue; he stopped and gave a kind of startled squawk. Filomena shoved him aside and stared at the statue. Anemone was still sitting on its lap but the arms were wrapped around her so tightly that she was crushed against the statue's chest. Her head was thrown back, Anemone's mouth hung open in a silent scream and blood dripped from the corners of her eyes and mouth.

"What the fuck happened to - ?" began Kalil. He stopped when there was a grinding noise, the statue's arms began to pull apart and Anemone slipped to the ground. Filomena screamed and took to her heels with Gordon and Kalil close to behind.