Brian and Poco struggled up the stairs to their dorm room, their arms full of medical books. Brian shifted his share of the books to his right arm and reached into his pocket for his keys, he opened the door and let out a very girly scream when a skeleton dropped from the ceiling. Brian dropped his books and tripped over his feet trying to get away, he fell into Poco and they both hit the floor like a ton of bricks.

"Son of a bitch!" yelped Poco. He shoved Brian aside and struggled to his feet, the skeleton had a little note attached to the front. It had one word scrawled on it: GOTCHA.

"Okay, time to up our game. Let's get these books inside and then I need to pay a visit to the morgue" he snapped. Brian frowned at his friend for a moment before picking up the books and taking them into the room. Poco unhooked the skeleton and dropped it from the open window before pulling on a black jacket and storming from the room.

Anne and Diamond sat at the bar in the student union and toasted their prank. Brian and Poco had scared them half to death with their last prank; a skeleton was more than even. Anne giggled and sipped from her pint glass, they both jumped as the door slammed open and Poco stormed in. He threw the skeleton to the floor at their feet.

"Enjoy your evening ladies" he snapped. Poco spun on his heel and hurried from the room. Anne placed her glass back on the bar and stared at Diamond.

"I get the feeling this isn't going to go well" said Diamond. They drained their glasses, picked up the skeleton and headed back to their room.

Diamond eased open the door and flicked on the light, she poked her head inside and looked around. As far as she could tell, nothing seemed out of place and then she noticed the beds. There were lumps under the covers and smears of something dark on the floor. Diamond pushed the door wider and stepped inside, nothing jumped out at her and nothing dropped on her head.

"What did he do?" asked Anne. She was peering at Diamond through the ribcage of the skeleton. Diamond smiled and took it from her.

"It looks like they just put something in the beds. I'll put this back in the wardrobe" she said. Anne stepped into the room wringing her hands, her eyes darted from side to side like a frightened rabbit. Diamond reached for the handle on the wardrobe just as Anne pulled the cover from her bed, the girl screamed and Diamond spun around. Her legs caught in the skeleton and she fell forward, hitting the floor with a bone rattling thud.

"Oh my God!" screamed Anne. She backed away from the still bleeding body parts that were lying in her bed, Anne slid down the wall and pulled at her hair. Diamond scrambled to her feet, she pushed the skeleton aside and grabbed the handle of the wardrobe to lever herself up. The door swung open and a dead body fell forward and pushed Diamond back to the floor.

"What the fuck?" she yelped. Anne screamed again and started rocking, slamming her head into the wall. Diamond shoved the eyeless body aside and used the bed to pull herself up, she dashed across the room and tried to make Anne look at her but the girl was too far gone. Diamond clenched her fists and screamed in rage. This was way over the line! She sprinted from the room and almost jumped two sets of stairs; she hurried down the corridor of the first floor and kicked open the door to number seven.

"Jesus fucking Christ!" cried Poco. He jumped up from his seat, the look of annoyance on his face turning to one of pleasure when he saw who it was.

"That was way over the fucking line, man! What the Hell is wrong with you? How can you put body parts in Anne's bed?" Brian gasped and almost spat his Coke across the room.

"Body parts? You said it was a mannequin!" he said, his voice trembling. Diamond pulled back her fist and punched Poco in the face; he stumbled backwards and hit the floor. She flicked her hair over her shoulder and stormed from the room. Poco jumped to his feet, pushed a cloth to his streaming nose and followed Diamond upstairs to her room.

"Get away from me, you sick fuck!" she screamed. Diamond tried to slam the door on him but Poco slid his foot into the gap and she couldn't move it away. He shoved her back into the room and Brian followed him inside. Poco's eyes moved from Diamond to a something just behind her, his eyes grew wide and he took a step back. Brian released a small whimper and backed into the wall, his face pale and afraid. Diamond twisted from her position on the floor and gasped.

Anne was sitting on the bed; blood was smeared across her face from the arm she was currently gnawing on. Diamond swallowed the bile that threatened to rise and turned her gaze to Poco.

"So, no more pranks. Truce?" she asked. Poco nodded.

"Truce" he whispered. Brian grabbed the bin and threw up while Anne gnawed, happily, on her new toy.