Another Christmas short, this time with Pandora, Morgan and the unicorn from 'Masquerade'. I don't seem to be updating this as quickly as I'd expected, but oh well.

I was freezing my bloody arse off when I got in. It just had to be snowing, when I just had to be walking home from work. So not fair. And Morgan was sat on the sofa with his feet up, enjoying the warm. Also not fair. "Don't you have to go out and work?" I asked him.

"Nah. It's cold. So I took the day off." he said.

"Well, it's great to know you won't have to freeze." I snarled. What I jerk, taking the day off when I couldn't.

I had to forgive him, though, because when I went into the kitchen it turned out he'd made mince pies. "Well, at least you've been doing something." I called into the living room. "What am I, your housewife?" he snapped. I stuck my head back around the door and replied, "Pretty much." I was stressed and the banter made me feel better. What didn't make me feel better was having the unicorn sneak out from under the table while I was talking to Morgan and snatch the mince pie right out of my hand.

One more reason to send it to the proverbial glue factory. Or a literal one, I'm not sure whether that's real or just an urban myth. "Morgan, your bastard unicorn just stole my damn pie." I shouted into the living room.

"Share." he shouted back. Great, now they were trying to make me get into the holiday spirit. I got another mince pie for myself, and since Morgan had told me to share with the unicorn, I got a bottle of wine out of the fridge. I'd never seen a unicorn drunk before, it might be fun, and it is the season for drunken family and friends, is it not?