She is a beautiful girl,

with no family left,

the wolf knows this,

and says,

"Come on into my den,

we'll chat over tea,

and maybe even some cake."


who is only the slightest bit mad,

accepts and follows him in,

and the huntsman watches them,

with unease,

and draws his bow,

and finds at the end of the trail,

Alice lost her shoe,

when he arrives she's in a deep sleep,

and the wolf is preparing his feast,

He draws and he fires,

and cheers for the wolf is dead,

Alice in her dreams,

is far away,

and when she wakes she is shaking and crying,

she knows,

for she is not foolish any longer,

there are many more wolves waiting,

in the end,

It is not the Hatter's embrace she craves,

but the Huntsman instead,

because the hatter's eyes,

are just like a wolf's,

and the huntsman if needed,

will draw his bow.