This is just a random poem I wrote when I was bored.

Those Bright Blue Eyes

A small cry comes from the door on the left

A baby is born-a little girl

She smiles and giggles

Exploring the room

Her parents are astonished by the sight they see

The little girl

So full of innocence

Has been blessed with bright blue eyes

Two years later,

That same sweet girl

Looks up at the camera and smiles

Her face lights up

A photo is taken

She is so special

With her bright blue eyes

Her first day of kindergarten

She's so shy

Curls frame her face

As she stands alone

A little boy reaches out

And a friendship is born

He smiles and says

"You have very pretty bright blue eyes."

That same little girl

Grew up so fast.

Now she's in high school

She's gorgeous and sweet

And all the guys love her

But at the same time

She's falling in love

With the only one who noticed

Her bright blue eyes

She walks down the aisle

In her dress made of white

Her face covered by a veil

That same little boy

She's known all her life

Stands up at the pew

Ready to make her his wife

He takes her hands

And uncovers her face

Her leans down and whispers

"You have very pretty bright blue eyes."

A small wail erupts

From a cradle so small

A new child is born

She's so tiny

Her mother holds her tight

And whispers her name

The child stares up at her giggling

And her face lights up

The little girl

Has bright blue eyes

A lifetime later,

When her child has grown

The same girl, so loved by many

Lies to rest

In a hospital bed

Her husband holds her hand

And watches her sleep

Tells her everything will be all right

And he whispers

"You have very pretty bright blue eyes."

A year later,

One warm summer night

In a cemetery

Beneath a big oak tree

Lies a woman too young to die.

The cancer had spread

And there was no cure.

Her husband remembers

As he lays a flower down

The thing he loved most about her.

Those bright blue eyes.

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