So back to the pad and pen

Kicked out of the zone,

no longer friends

The night was outta sight

Chillen with Bagi and things were right

Kicken back, exchanging gifts, Then go home to a fright


Check this shit out man there's something you should see, log onto you computer and check out FB

I parked the car and wondered what the hell it could be

an updated status

but what made me the maddest

Was the fact that all my advances were passed


So all this time i was just last in line

didn't know it was a crime to speak whats on my mind

but when you look around the find in about a years time,

I can promise you I'll be doing just fine.

What's the point of having feelings when they just get ripped apart

Whats the point of having a heart when there's no beat to start

Whats the point of making amends when you're just left in the dark

but it's okay i feel that it is my fault

All this shock therapy

I'm sick of all these volts...