Enigma – leather jacket, jaded eyes hidden behind dark glasses


Warm smell, warm hands, arms, smile – hidden behind walls of polished granite,

nails perfect, skin impeccable where not slashed by scars

(you'll never see how the stories make them better)

Untouchable, movement like a cat, like a storm

Mischief, almost evil, in your laugh – a little boy peeking out when you think no one is watching.

The Nerdiest Badass, or The Most Badass Nerd, I never could decide – the bike, the shotgun, the equations, the games, the martial arts – all blend together to create some new genre.

Sine wave, hitting angst at the minima, convivial at the maxima. Smiles, anger, cold wall at the zeroes.

The black hole whose event horizon I edge ever nearer