The phone rang, the sound hollow in my ear.

The phone rang a second time before there was a cough and the breath of static on the other end.


Another steadying breath.

"Justice?" The voice cracks.

"Matt? Is that you?"

"I was on my way to UNC, there was a driver who came around really fast-I didn't see him I crashed."

"Are you hurt? You need to call 911." I told him quickly.

"Bleeding…" He coughed again, the next breath coming out in a hiss of pain.

"I'm calling right now." I told him, "you'll be all right Matt, stay with me."

"Okay." His voice sounded weaker.

I punched in the numbers on my landline putting the phone on speaker so I could continue to hold my cell phone.

"911," the dispatcher said mechanically, "what's your emergency?"

"My friend was in a car accident," I inform the voice on the other end.

"What are their injuries?" The voice asks. "Is he or she conscious?"

"Yes." I answer.

"Injuries?" The voice asks again.

"He's bleeding…and um…" I returned my attention to my cell phone, "Matt," I said gently but firmly, "what happened? Are you hurt anywhere else?"

"My knee…my arm." He croaked.

"He says his knee and his arm." I reported. "He keeps going in and out like he's having trouble breathing or something."

There was tapping on the other end of the line, "Okay, were sending help right now."

I thanked the lady before I hung up the other phone.

"Matt what happened?" I asked again. "I was stopped at a light and someone at the intersection went before I did and… rammed right into…the side…of…the car."

He was silent.

"Come on Matt stay with me… Stay awake."

"What are you wearing?"


"Matt? Matt!" I called frantically.

"Justice…" He moaned. "…um… I-jeans and a UNC sweatshirt." He answered finally.

"What are your brothers' names?"

"Stephen… Peter." He mumbled.

"Come on Matt."

"What's my name?" I asked desperately, "who am I to you?"

Matt was silent for a long time or what seems like a long time. "Justice…" He says slowly, "my best friend… Your great…" His words slur together.

"Come on Matt stay strong for me, I can't do this without you-" the sound of a siren over the phone cuts me off and I can hear rustling in the background and gruff voices muttering questions and the earsplitting sound of crunching metal. Suddenly there is a lot of static and I hear another voice in my ear.

"Are you Justice?" The man's voice asks.

He asked me who I was and what my relation to the victim was I said a close friend, but it was so much more than that.

"Don't worry Justice, we got him, were taking him to the hospital he'll be all right."

I couldn't speak at that moment suddenly I was choked with emotion.

"I'm putting him back on okay."

"Matt, you stay strong okay, you come back to me all right,"

"Okay." Matt whispered. "Bye." The phone went dead.

"… I can't do this without you…" I whisper to be silent phone, "I love you."