Footsteps crunch on gravel driveway,
Voices echo upon the wind;
Children shout out in delight,
Such joy is here on Halloween Night.

Werewolves howl up at the moon,
and Witches cackle from their brooms;
The cold wind whistles down old main street,
Then comes the thud of undead feet.

Here comes the scritch-scratch at the window,
and the spooky creaking of the gate;
Here comes the tapping of the branches,
Moaning spooks are in the Graveyard - Is it too late to escape?

This night is noisy, crowded, full of creeps,
Behind you! Tonight no monsters sleep;
The Vampires swoop down screaching for blood,
Monsters wait with bated breath upon the corner;
Nowhere is safe until morning -
Danger lurks until the dawning.