Your beauty scares me away and I'll

Never know what to say



The fact I want to play

with you


My wicked way with you

Is the literal guarantee

I'll be in-

capable of speech

I can't TALK hypnotic eyes

And tight new thighs

I can't talk that rosebud

Of your lips

Or talk my way into

the narrowness

the harrowing narrowing narrowness




I have no story that equivalents your glory

'Cos I'm a talker, see

It's what I do

But right now I cannot speak

Because you make me feel weak

So my sole talent is denied me too.

Yes, I'm a talker

It's all - I mean - it's what I do

(Although I cannot talk to you)

And I'm clever





Or so they tell me

(but not wise)

and I

Say a lot of clever things

Write a lot of clever things

Think a lot of painful things

But 'money can't buy me love'


Clever can't buy me you.

A smart man never made me feel weak at the knees

A smart man never made me feel he could do as he pleased

You glitter

And I want to glitter

I want to see if that beauty rubs off

Like glitter in the wash

Wit is shit

And ignorance is bliss

And I've give it all up

For just one KISS

All men are created equal but some are more equal than others

Some are more equal than others