Title: Refuse

Summary: She won't let them have control of her. Not this time.

Warning: Mentions of self-harm.


She was tired. No, not because she didn't get enough sleep or that she was bored. She was tired of hearing all of the voices running through her head. Each one said something crueler than the one before. At first, she used to listen to them. She gave into their wants and needs. Scars ran down her arms because of what happened in the past. Well, no more, she decided.

"Go away," she whispered quietly at first. She was in her room making sure to focus on the wall before her. It was a blank, green wall that had done no harm to her. Right now, she pictured looking at herself in a mirror. She thought of what made her life amazing. She had good grades, good friends, and she had a good personality. She continued to stare at the wall as more voices swam through her mine. "You're just my subconscious."

Slit your throat.

"I don't feel like it," she answered out loud.

No one likes you anyway.

"You're wrong," she responded, scowling at the wall. She continued to sit there, her legs already sore. "Many people love me."

Silence followed. For once in her life, her head was completely silent. She grinned happily. She jumped up and stretched out her tired arms and legs before walking out of her room. Thoughts of how proud she was of herself came to mind, but no voices of bad things.

She finally learned how to put the mute on for them.