It was dark and smelled of smoke and fires. Everything was moving so fast as she felt her feet hit solid earth as she weaved in and out of trees and over debris of a flaming forest. She was running and it was faster than she ever thought was possible. Her body felt different, stronger, and moved unlike a human. The feeling she was having was almost like a nightmare and her surroundings were burning.

She looked around, watchful as she looked to the left and a growl rolled from her throat. It tingled her chest. Her eyes caught sight of something moving in the trees coming toward her at an angle. It moved with her but came closer. Yet she was not alarmed, she felt she knew what was coming. She then noted the trees appeared smaller than any trees she'd ever seen.

It was a strange, her surroundings, they felt dreadful and dark. Something bad was happening right now and she was running. The figure coming closer made her heart fill with hope and some feeling of light. The feeling was weird and pulled at her heart and her emotions moved on to near joy but the calm remained in her mind.

The figure growled and plowed through some burning brush she passed by and slid into view at her side, stumbling slightly before running with her. It was a demon, a beast, a dark blue and red dragon creature. Beautiful and handsome, something about it, something, she knew this beast It growled, but she heard a voice mixed with it.

"Hold fast the team is coming. Your plan is working they are falling back." He said.

The voice hidden in the beast, who was it? All she could do was nod and she felt like a smile was curving her lips. She watched this creature, this male for a bit longer before looking forward toward a light and the sound of explosions and battle. She started to feel mild fear and slowed down.

She got a worried feeling and slid to a halt near the edge of the forest and a massive city glowed in the distance under attack. She froze up under the sight of fire and explosions on in the city.

"Don't stop now sexy they know we are coming, if you stop the charge now they'll gain ground." another voice growled out.

"What?" she finally spoke, her voice was her own with a beastly tone overlapping it.

She looked behind her at a second beast. He was almost all white, silver with platinum mane with light red blended color. The red eyes, like rubies, and the soft gaze that he regarded her in made her calm some. The creature lowered his long canine like head slightly with a soft growl and a toothy smile. Her mind was pushed to the other when he snarled ferociously.

"Back off!" the other male snapped.

She shied back slightly when his jaws snapped closed in front of her nearly snapping closed on the ear of the white male. She got a better look at the dark male. His size compared to the white one, his thicker form and wider set muzzle. A blood red mane falling over his face and neck, two sets of wings that fold out in a display of a challenge like a wolf protecting his role as alpha, but the other did not back down.

He snarled in return and it was she the one who growled next as she watched their snarling, snapping showdown until the white dragon lowered its wings and backed off with a chuckle of sorts. She stared the two down until sapphire eyes looked into her own. She was left stunned at his gaze and within those eyes she saw a man.

He came closer and his spoke but his voice was vague and she could no longer understand him. As vague as everything else had been and still was. She realized something else as his eyes narrowed on hers. She saw a reflection and what was looking at her was a pair of aqua eyes with split pupils. But what's more, a creature not unlike a dragon of myth.

Everything was fading away and her mind and everything was still confusing not normal. It wasn't her, she was no animal. Why was she looking at herself now like she was seeing herself in a mirror? Everything around her vanished in smoke; the beautiful white dragon blew away like sand. She was panicking.

She franticly looked around to the larger male, his blue eyes so tender as he too faded away into dust and smoke with the scenery. She reared back and franticly tried to find something to grab onto, something real, but nothing came but a feeling of falling.

"RARLIN!" she screamed.

She finally felt something as she struggled and cried. She felt something warm and strong around her and she opened her eyes. They were clouded by tears and stung when light hit them. She franticly grabbed at the warmth that had her until she was pulled tighter until she couldn't move.

"Shhh, Kaylin! Calm down you're safe, it was a nightmare! Calm down." A man's voice was soothing her.

She closed her eyes tightly and she panted for long moments before she felt the pressure slowly release her. She didn't know what to expect, but when she looked at the man who held her, she half expected to see Cal. She found deep sapphire eyes staring at her with great concern. His eyes made her jump back and shove him away.

"NO!" she screamed as she shoved her back to the headboard.

"Kaylin? What is wrong with you?" he said and moved closer.

She took a few breaths as she looked around, she was in her room and Rarlin was there moving toward her. He reached for her and she watched his hand touch her cheek. He whipped a tear away and her eyes met his. He was distant, and he seemed shaken and worried, confused and greatly concerned and it was directed at her. His hand was slightly shaken on her skin.

"You… you called for me in your sleep. Why?" he asked in a soft, soothing tone.

The silence was long and her heart was finally becoming calmer even as he took his hand from her cheek. He took her arm and guided her forward and she was so tired and her head hurt badly. She felt she didn't have the strength to fight him at all. Vague images of what she now knew to be a dream played off and on in her mind. She couldn't make sense of them at all.

"Did you see something in your nightmare?" he asked gently.

She still couldn't find her voice and she closed her eyes tightly as she tried to regain what was lost of her cool and calm self, all thanks to a dream. She was embarrassed and broken that she fell apart in front of a man she did not know. A man whom held so many secrets that she wanted to know more. He frightened her at the same time he interested her.

"I don't know what I saw. They were like.. dragons. There were fires and a burning city " she managed the words in a quivering whisper.

"Dragons and a city on fire?" he softly responded.

His voice sounded almost understanding as he gently moved her hair from her face and carefully caressed her cheeks with both hands before removing his hands from her. He seemed so out of character from how he had been the last time she had been around him. That was in the cave. He was being an ass. When she first met him, he was gentlemanly and mysterious. He was still a mystery but right now he was rather comforting.

His eyes watched her for anything and she watched him. He was very gentle right now. Her head was spinning and she couldn't remember what happened in that cave. She remembered running for the truck then falling. She argued with him and he, oh no, he tackled her when she pushed for information and then she was somehow knocked out.

"Tell of the dragons and the city." He said as if a father seeking to sooth a child of a nightmare.

Then it hit her, what if he did something to her? He had pinned her and went to try to kiss her, he nearly did. He kissed her neck. She found herself reaching to touch her neck and her eyes started to widen. Why did he do that?

"Kaylin? Are you alright are you in pain?" he asked reaching for her forehead.

She moved fast and slapped his hand away, "Stay away from me. What did you do to me!" she yelled with a stern and shaken tone.

"What? What are you…"

"In the truck! What the hell did you do?" she moved away, never taking her eyes away from him even as she got off the bed on the other side.

He stood slowly and stayed where he was. Her bed separated her from him, the only downfall was that he was close to the bedroom door and she was near the bathroom door. Escape was not going to be an easy option for her. He was a lot bigger and could take her easier then she thought anyone could. She could always hold her own. Even fighting males so long as she was able to move, sure it was harder when she was caught but she could still handle herself.

"I didn't do anything you are thinking of. You seemed to have fainted before I even got far enough to prove my point." He simply said.

"A point? What the hell point would that be!" she snapped.

She wanted to be fearful of him because of what he did, but she couldn't. Her mind was making her careful and she knew she should be scared of him like she was of Josh but her emotions didn't make her fear him .It was the most confusing feeling she'd ever felt. He took a few steps to the end of the bed, closer to her and stopped.

"I did not hurt you. You tried to threaten me about what you found out about me. Do you have any idea what could have happened if I were anyone else? You were trying to push me into a corner to learn about what I am hiding." He stepped closer, "You are to confident in your power, I wanted to prove that you are not invincible. You need to think before you act Miss Nightengale. I do not wish to nor will I ever harm you."

Her eyes widened when she backed into the wall next to her bathroom door. He was right in front of her and moving slowly closer. He stopped only about two feet from her. She took a glance toward the bathroom to her left. Her gaze snapped back to his in wide surprise when his hand slammed into the wall where she'd been looking. He blocked her way to the bathroom before she even thought of running for it.

She shook almost uncontrollable when he moved in closer. Her heart fluttered and she felt a flicker of defiance. She saw something in his eyes that made her glare at him, and he narrowed his eyes at the challenge.

"You are a defiant fool young and stupid.." he hissed.

"If I am so stupid, why not enlighten me. What secrets are you hiding? Why do you claim you'll not hurt me? Every time you speak, it's in riddles and you try to frighten me, I want to know who you are. So why not spill it?" she found her voice and all the cockiness with it.

He stared at her, "See, stupid. You should not ask what you are not ready to understand." He said stepping away.

She finally noticed, he was not wearing a shirt and he was sexier than she'd ever seen a man. He took very good care of his body and clearly made sure to maintain his tone muscular form. Her jaw fell open then and she had to mentally slap herself to look at the back of his head. But not until seeing many scares on his back and torso when he turned to face her again. Her eyes snapped to his. He held a curious look then.

"Why are you blushing?" he suddenly asked.

"What? I'm not!" she snapped, crossed her arms and looked around toward the window.

"You find my body attractive." He said with a smile in his tone, a mocking tone.

"Don't flatter yourself. I just had a weird thought…..uh, I mean…shut up." She groaned.

"Your mind has fallen into a shameful place; it's very unbecoming of a solider." He said.

"Shut up!" she said turning to grab something from the dresser to throw at him she almost didn't care what.

Before she could act on her thought his hand was around her wrist and he shoved her against the wall. Her heart skipped a beat and she looked up at him. He was solid muscle and her free hand was planted on his chest as she tried to shove him away as a first reaction. She froze up mid thought; she couldn't do anything to move him. She remembered that from the truck, she wanted to be terrified at what he could do to her, but she couldn't despite her mind screaming at her.

It felt weird but she almost wanted this mystery man to kiss her and take control. Lord she hadn't had sex in so long and was so lonely anymore it was pitiful. Her thoughts were falling over themselves and she couldn't help but inwardly laugh at her stupid lonely self. She was going to lose her mind. This man was nothing but trouble, but he was hot sexy trouble with a whole lot he was hiding.

She felt his breath on her ear, "As a man I cannot deny the view of a beautiful woman before me. Restraint is difficult, but it is needed." He said in a raspy tone.

His breath and voice sent a chill down her spine, but it was his hand sliding from her side, to her hip, she then realized something very wrong. She was not wearing any pants. His hand lingered and gently gripped just below her hip bone on the bare skin of her thigh. She gasped and looked down. He caught her chin and forced her to look at him. Both her hands firmly pressed against his chest now.

"Best get some proper clothing on" he trail with a devious but lustful gaze.

She was in slight shock. He took her lips on his and pushed tighter against her, tightening his grip on hip. She moaned slightly only to force her body to move in a last effort to get control of not only herself but the whole situation. She growled and shoved him back, this time he moved from her with a smile on his face. He was toying with her. It made her blood boil and it pissed her off.

"You're an ass hole! Get out of my room better yet, get out of my house! Toying with a woman's heart should be a crime!" she regretted her words then.

"Your heart? You feel something?" he questioned in a near blank tone with that annoying accent she couldn't place.

"Hell no! I don't even know you, but you doing shit like that will make a weaker girl likely faint or fall for you because you're a pretty boy. But me, I know you enough to know you're a complete ass and an utter jerk!"

That knocked him down to size, but her anger flared still. She stormed toward him completely forgetting she was in her tee and underwear only. Her steps held purpose and he seemed surprised and intimidated by her reaction. She shoved him and he moved straight for the door.

"Kaylin wait I did not mean to go that far forgive.."

"Save it for some romantic loser who cares! Now OUT!" she yelled and shoved hard then slammed the door. "Leave me the hell alone!"

It was very quiet for a long time. She stood perfectly still, her back to the door and listened for movement, breathing, anything. She was starting to wonder if maybe her straight forward no bullshit ways may have hit a nerve. She started to wonder if maybe she pushed to far and might have just done something bad. There was something about this guy, his energy that reminded her of Cal. But they were clearly completely different people.

She sighed faintly and closed her eyes. Her legs gave out on her and she slid to the floor looking to the ceiling. She didn't know what the hell just happened but her body responded in ways she did not want it to. It was so wrong that it was gross.

"I will not be far if you have need of me. We will be around, watching and protecting you. That is our orders and all I can give away now, but in time, you will learn who we are and find the knowledge you seek. Be patient…. Kaylin Nightengale."

His voice startled her and she stood fast enough to make her head spin. His sudden words and short reveal made her want to seek answers more than ever. She threw the door open and was in the small hall in seconds, but no one was there anymore. Her heart sank and she found in impossible, but she was running down the stairs expecting to see him leaving. There was nothing, not a trace.

She was starting to feel fear, unease and worry. As well as interest, desire to understand, and motivation to find answers. What the hell was going on? Her life was starting to lose all the control she had worked to have.

She stood in the middle of the large living room, the kitchen around the corner. Her eyes drifted around the dark room that held the faint light of day falling through the curtains. She looked to the wall and up the stairs to the loft style bedroom. The room was enclosed but had windows that over looked the living room and the kitchen was under it with a bar that split the two rooms.

She walked to the sofa and pulled off the throw and plopped down. Her hand moved over her heart as she felt it hammer against her chest. Her mind tried to make sense of her dream. The two dragon creatures talked to her and something was going down. She couldn't make sense of it. The eyes on both creatures looked so familiar to her dream self but she didn't know who they were. She couldn't find the meaning behind the dream.

It was only just a dream, albeit a really awesome one until it started to fall apart and the others around her that made her feel calm started to vanish. She felt frantic and scared when those two dragons started to vanish and she was alone. When she woke, he was there.

Then she remembered, "He said I called his name. Why would I do that?"

He had told her she called for him, but it was only now that she realized that she too remembered saying his name in her mind. It seemed she really said it aloud as well. The question was why? Why not Cal or someone she knew? Better yet, why would she call for anyone at all? She was a loner and preferred to keep her insane issues to herself, which included the weird abilities she had ever since she could remember.

Abilities it seemed that did not work on Cal, or Rarlin Eni. Or the girl she met at the ball who was at the farm too, all of them there she could not hear. What the hell was going on? Was she finally growing out of her freakish mind abilities or was something else happening?

"There has to be more to this, I know there is. I can feel it. But what is it?" she said aloud, her heart still beating fast. "Who are you people?"

So many questions were in her mind that she was getting a headache worse than before, she let out a frustrated growl, "What the hell is going on here!"


It was hard and painful to watch and it pissed him off to no extent. It was only a moment or two that he saw the scene from outside the window from his tree perch in the woods behind the building. Kalron couldn't and wouldn't tolerate it, even now he was still frozen, still calming his nerves as he stared at the back of the man who just force a kiss on Kaylin.

The wind was blowing rough but was starting to calm now after the storm. The dark night was slowing being replaced by rays of sunlight falling through the clouds. The beautiful morning was ruined by the sight of Rarlin making his move to the roof. Kalron felt protective of Kaylin and wanted to kill his superior officer.

He closed his eyes tightly and took a breath to cool his raging temper. He wanted to calmly speak his mind to this male without getting into a battle he'd likely not win. Rarlin and he held near equal power, the difference? Rarlin held greater control over his powers where he did not. It made him far more dangerous.

"Do you have your orders?" he question harshly.

Kalron opened his eyes, Rarlin knew he was there watching. He did not look back to find him though, but it was clear. He could only just grind his teeth in order to keep from running his mouth about Kaylin. He was even fighting his mind to get it closed to the male who stood on the roof some twenty feet away. He finally looked his way.

"You saw?" he questioned in a softer tone.

That did it, "It was hard not to. What the hell is wrong with you!?" he growled out as he jumped from the tree to land of the roof near the man.

It was partly cloudy in the morning after the storm that reigned for the last day and a half or so. It only just stopped hours before. He'd heard his orders to help Rarlin protect Kaylin. The commander was surprise to have not received any rejection from him. He had none when it was for Kaylin, even if he'd have to work with Rarlin. But now, after seeing him lay a finger on her in such a way, he did not know if it would work out anymore.

"Well? Why did you do it? What are your intentions with her?" he demanded.

His silver hair blew about in his face when the wind picked up almost in response to the tension. He would not stand for not knowing if he was going to try something with her without her agreeing to it. Kalron was still the closest person to her, or so he thought. He'd protect her whenever he could. The blood red haired male would just be in the way if he had any bad intent.

"It was nothing but an attempt to understand. Now, watch over her." He said.

"Wait! Understand what!"

It was to late. In a fury of wind and power, Rarlin was pretty much gone. However, something was badly off about the show of power he used to change his form and cloak himself. It was unstable and heavy feeling. It felt frenzied and almost as if Rarlin was having a very hard time controlling his power it. This was also to first time he'd ever seen the male use that much power, something felt off, and very wrong considering Rarlin's calm temperament.

When the wind calmed, Kalron felt the sun come out completely. He felt it's warmth on the side of his face and was distracted for the moment by a scent. It was humid after the rain, air with the promise for warmer nicer weather to come. He hoped that these hidden secrets that his people were holding back about Kaylin would soon become clear. He couldn't stand not knowing if she might be in danger or if something was wrong with her.

He slowly pulled his head out of the gutter of pointless thought and found himself standing on her stoop. He was ready to just walk in but he stopped out of respect of her current home. He'd rather knock, but he also was having second thoughts about bothering her now. She might be sleeping or resting after her ordeal in the storm and with Rarlin.

"That asshole! Trying to understand my ass, you're a male and she is a very attractive female. I don't believe it for a moment" he muttered under his breath, accent very thick in his words.

He turned his attention back to the front door and took a few steps toward it. When he lifted his hand to knock, it opened. He stood wide eyed and stunned to see her staring back at him in the same manner. She seemed upset and confused all in one go.

"Cal." She whispered with a shaken tone.

Her eyes then moved past him and to something behind him. She then seemed fumed and shoved by him in raged steps. He turned around to see that midnight blue and black Avalanche. Rarlin left his truck here and Kaylin's Harley that he and she built was strapped in the bed. Kaylin was half way to the truck before he caught up and grabbed her arm.

"Let go Cal! I'm going to give him a piece of my mind." She all but growled her words.

"He's not in the truck he took off on foot." He said.

He felt he had to speak carefully, she seemed as though she wanted to kill someone. Namely Rarlin. He didn't want her to have thoughts like that or to be so angry even though she had every right to be pissed. He wanted to hold her and keep her safe from everything if he could, even though she hated the codling.

"Where is he? I don't know who he thinks he is but you'd have slugged his ass if you saw what he did, then he takes off." She yelled falling into tears.

"I know I saw him." He softly said.

He saw her horror when he told her what he saw. Then she only seemed to get more upset. Both angry and sad, she was starting to cry. She was trying as hard she could to hold them at bay, but he could smell them coming. She was getting even more stressed and upset.

"Are you alright?" he asked softly as she started to break.

She finally looked up from having her eyes fallen to the ground. She looked at him with such hate and anger that it took him aback. He didn't know why but he started to feel very worried and very fearful of her. The feeling was strange and the power he knew she had, it was pulsing with immense amounts of emotional stress with no control. He took a step back without even realizing it.

"You saw hi m and didn't come in to help me…. How could you stand by and not do anything!? I can understand if it was willing but he forced it on me just for the fun off it. He was fucking with me Cal!" she said in a cold calm manner.

He was stunned and felt like a moron. He should have known that would be something to upset her. But he couldn't just tell her the truth and why he didn't either. She had every right to be upset with him now, but it couldn't have been help. He would have stepped in if it was anyone else.

"Kaylin i…. There were certain circumstances that kept me from doing anything. I'm sorry…" he tried.

"Don't! I'm done with this crap. I don't know what is going, or how you two know each other but every since I met the guy weird stuff has been happening and the control I have worked so hard to get in my life feels as though it's falling apart. I want my bike out of his truck in an hour." She said shaken.

"Kaylin please.." he said softly.

"No. I want my bike out of the truck by the time get back outside." She said and turn to walk toward the door. "My ass needs a fucking proper vaction."

Her last words were softer but he clearly heard them. He was unable to come up with anything to say to her to fix this. She was clearly planning to possibly leave. By the reports she was on vacation but was still staying a few miles from base. She might be planning to leave town after all.

He watched her shut the front door and heard it slam. Then he wondered, if she did leave, should he tell the Angles? She'd be safe elsewhere if the threat was here, hpwever, he also did not know why she was under protection either.

It was a hard choice but he felt he could protect her on his own without Rarlin or the Arc Angles.