Hats are Awesome

It was a very crowded day in the Uckpinchrostapp Store. There were little children running around knocking off expensive glass china items off the shelves, their mothers running around to catch the children while getting sweat stains under their arms, and elderly people eating unpaid bags of Cheetos in the restrooms hoping they won't get caught.

In the hats and scarves section, which for some reason is next to the knives, a black and red winter hat and a blue scarf were fighting with each other. "I bet you 100 dollars someone will buy me first before you," said the scarf. "No," said the hat, which by the way is better than the scarf because hats are awesome, "I bet you 1 million dollars I will be bought first." The scarf was like all mad because he knew he was the hottest item in the store, so in all his anger, he turned to the black tie and asked her her opinion.

"None of you," she said. "You guys will just sit there on that shelf till the world ends." The hat and the scarf got very upset with the tie. The tie just started to smile. But then, for some reason, she fell backwards off the shelf and got a severe concussion. And an elderly grandma stepped on her. The scarf tried not to laugh, but he did, and ended up in a coughing fit, which led him to the floor to get trampled by a 3-year-old girl. That left the hat still on the shelf.

Well, that's what hats get for being so awesome.