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It was still dark outside when I heard the door of my room open. Then I felt the comforter—or blanket, whatever you want to call it—taken off of my body. I felt a rush of cold air and began—in my sleepy state of mind—to feel around my bed for the cloth that gave me warmth. Then I heard giggling. That brought me out of my drowsiness. I looked towards the source of the sound and there stood my sister—in all her glory—bending over her folded arms, which are on her stomach, and giggling. I glared at her and got up—remembering that my mother—Diane—Janice and I are going on a trip to the place—country—where Janice and I were born. Italy. Siena to be exact. We had packed the day before so we knew that we had everything that we needed ready. My father? You ask. Well he died in Italy when our house caught on fire. We were young then. Maybe two. Then mother bought a house over there and stayed for a year, but then she became petrified of something and we moved to America with our great Aunt Rose. Twenty-two years since then have passed since we moved to America.

After I had finished getting ready I grabbed my carry-on and my suitcase and went downstairs. There mother was already talking to the limo driver. I stood beside her and placed my suitcase next to me. As soon as she finished she looked at me and smiled. Janice and I had finished college a lot earlier than expected to. I mean when you have a mother and—a deceased—father who are smart, then you'll probably be smart. Depends on the genes I guess. The driver put all of our suitcases and carry-ons into the trunk. Once we were set and ready the driver drove off. On the way to the air port, Janice wouldn't shut up on meeting cute Italian men. So what did I do? I pulled out my iPod touch and listened to music—completely ignoring my younger sister by four minutes. And trust me; she hates to be reminded that she's younger than me.

Mother was looking out the window; also ignoring Janice. Our great Aunt Rose had called Italian men were 'pigs', but Janice and I didn't believe her. I think that all men must have some good in them; if not then they may be 'pigs'—as Aunt Rose always called them. When we got to the airport, mother paid the driver and he drove off. After we arrived to the gate I sat down immediately and closed my eyes; an hour later mother was nudging me saying that it was time to board the plane. I was thankful that I didn't have to sit next to Janice since I was in the row behind mother and her. When the pilot announced that we'll be taking off soon, I buckled the seatbelt. After flying in a plane for hours we finally arrived to Italy. From there we had to take transportation to get to Siena.

When we arrived to Siena we went to our hotel, registered with the front desk worker, unpacked and went to sleep since we arrived at night. We agreed that we would walk around Siena the next day. When I had woken up, I got ready and waited for mother and Janice to get up; once they did we decided to go to a café and get breakfast. We looked around a bit until I read the name of a café—or was it an espresso bar? I don't know—that looked promising.

"Hey why not go to Piazza Postierla? I here that Malèna's Espresso Bar is banging." I said.

"Piazza-who and where?" Janice asked looking around the whole place.

I rolled my eyes at her pronunciation and pointed to the place and they agreed. We entered and was welcomed to a waitress—worker—who told us to call her Malèna. After we had breakfast we began walking again. Then I stood outside a police station, I guess, and stared at it. What had caught my attention was the eagle insignia that was on top. Malèna had told us that all around Siena you had contradas. The top three that we should know are the Aquila (eagle) contrade,—which were the Marescotti family—the Civetta (owl) contrade,—the Tolomei family—and the Salimbeni family, who's contrade wasn't known. Well it's not that t wasn't known—it's that they were banished, but were back. Since they never said for how long they would be banished. She told us that the Tolomeis and the Salimbenis have had a feud since six centuries ago, but that now they are 'friends'. I looked at mother and she looked stiff.

I was about to ask her why she became stiff at the mention of the name 'Tolomei', but didn't get the chance to because a lady said her name and engulfed her into a hug. She was drop-dead gorgeous. Her lipstick and nails matched perfectly and she smelt like coffee and smoke. Weird combo, right? When the lady finally let go she spoke in a thick, Italian accent.

"It has been far to long, Diane." She said kissing her two cheeks. Just so you know: I've been informed that this was how you greet the people close to you. Or people in general I guess.

"Yes, it has Eva Maria. And who might this be?"

That's when I noticed a guy with dark hair standing near Eva Maria. He was tall and easy on the eyes. He gave mother the once over and then looked at Janice. He did the same and then looked at me. When he looked at me it felt as if he was trying to find something within my eyes that would prove something to him. Something important. He looked away from me when Eva Maria spoke.

"This is my god son Alessandro Santini. Alessandro this is Diane and her two daughters. Um…"

"Julie and Janice." She said pointing to me and then to Janice. "Julie is the older one and Janice is the younger."

"I see." Eva Maria said.

Then I heard someone call my name. I turned around and saw my childhood friend, Juliana. She ran to me and engulfed me into a tight hug. Once she let go she kissed my cheeks as Eva Maria did before. Juliana had been my friend since kindergarten. We went through elementary, middle, high school and half way through college together. We've always been inseparable. But then halfway through college her parent's had decided to move to Siena. I had forgotten about it until now. We've kept in touch, but it was difficult and yet we managed to make it work.

"Juliana, how long has it been?"

"Two—three years tops. I think. How've you been Juliet?" she said using the nickname that she gave me back in the first year of high school. Back then she found out just how infatuated I was with Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and when she did she gave me the nickname 'Juliet.'

"Don't start with the name, please. And I've been doing great; how about you?"

"Fine. Man I have to show you around Siena, you'll love it. Especially the eye-candy that they have here." She said biting her bottom lip.

"Juliana. Not here, not now." I said blushing, quickly understanding her meaning.

She pouted and then went back to her normal self. She welcomed my mother to Siena and began chatting with me. Everything between the two of us had fallen back into place as how it was before she moved here. Then she said that she wanted to take me shopping. I had asked mother and she just gave me her credit card—knowing fully well that I won't go over board with shopping. Janice had tagged along saying that she wouldn't want to be in temptations way with Alessandro there. I rolled my eyes and Julia giggled. We know fully well that if my sister was alone with him, then she would have jumped him by now. When we got back to the hotel, Janice and I went to our room.

A week had gone by and I instantly fell in love with Siena. Juliana and I had caught up and the three of us—Janice, Juliana and I—had gotten to know Alessandro well. Alessandro was the Head Security of a Bank and ten years older than me. Janice had gotten over her 'crush' when she found out about his work. She made so many obnoxious comments, but he paid no attention to it. I had reprimanded her, but she just rolled her eyes. That very same week the three of us girls found out that Alessandro was our present time Romeo. We were all shocked at first, but then we got used to the idea. Well they did, but I didn't. I mean what would you do when you find out that a family friend is the famous 'Romeo' of the most famously tragic plays ever? You'll freak out too. Right?

If not then you're good.

Then I had gotten a feeling as if I have a connection to Siena. It, then, all became clear when something happened. I was with Janice, mother, and Julia when it happened. We were heading to the house that mother bought to see how it was fairing when a big burly guy, with a few other men, came and grabbed us suddenly. They threw us into a van of some fort and drove off. When they took us out they took us to a building that looked to be about two hundred years old. Apparently in Siena, it doesn't matter how old the buildings are because they'll be perfectly fine. A hurricane could pass through and they wouldn't have a scratch on them

The guys had left us all alone while they went to do who—in God—knows what. Then mother took a deep breath and spoke up for the first time.

"Girls, sorry." We were about to ask why, but she stopped us. "Let me explain. My last name is Tolomei. Your father was professor Tolomei, but he wasn't your biological father. That's Luciano Salimbeni. I met Luciano when I first began to work with your father. We fell in love and then I conceived you two. When he told me about his past, I cut him out of our lives and married your father. I knew that by doing that your destinies were sealed. Your real names are Giulietta and Giannozza Tolomei. Julie you're Giulietta and Janice you're Giannozza. Jules, you're a descendent of Giulietta Tolomei from six hundred years ago. Or better known as Shakespeare's Juliet Capulet. And yes, the curse does exist and right now I'm guessing that these lovelymen" she said sarcastically "are Luciano's 'friends' and are here for Juliet's eyes."

We stared at her and she explained that Juliet's eyes are the four jewels that are buried somewhere in Siena. They are the eyes of Juliet and Romeo. Blue and green. She also explained everything about Giulietta's—my—past. Then the brutes came back in and threatened mother to help them find Juliet's grave, which she did. When they had found the grave they began to get the jewels. Once they got their grubby hands on them, the underground cave began shaking. Then gunshots were heard. The four of us ducked and then I heard the familiar voice of Alessandro. He and the other police officers came to our aid, but before they could reach me since I was all the way in the back of mother, Janice and Julia—since we had begun walking towards them—the ground below me caved.

I fell for about twenty-something feet, I guess, and then hit the famous river: Diana. Alessandro had come after me with all of his gear still on him. He struggled to get above water, but when he did he pulled out a flashlight and looked around until his eyes landed on me. I was perched on a rock unconscious. He swam my way and called for help. When they had gotten us back up he began CPR. Mother, Julia, Janice and the other police knew something that Alessandro didn't accept. I was dead. He gave up on resuscitating me and just kneeled there, holding me. Then Janice spoke—more like screamed.

"Virgin Mary, make her live! We know you can do it!" Since that was how mother told us would help break the curse on the Tolomeis, Marescottis and Salimbenis. When she got no response she kneeled and cried.

Then Alessandro felt something. It was a small palpitation, but it was good enough for him. Even though he didn't know if it came from me, but it gave him a little bit of hope.

"Look at me!" he said. "Look at me Giulietta!"

With that I opened my eyes. I didn't couch, gasp or anything. I just opened my eyes and looked at him. Then I said something that made everyone laugh. "Shakespeare wouldn't have liked this."

All of this was told to me later on by Julia. I didn't remember any of it. The only thing that I did remember was looking into Alessandro's eyes; after that Alessandro and I had gotten married. And yes, I know that I've only known him for about a week, but like I said before I felt a connection between me and Siena. And that connection was the love of Romeo and Giulietta from six hundred years ago and our love-at-first-sight. During the reception I had asked him how he knew that I was Giulietta.

"Simple. I knew when I first laid my eyes on you when your mother introduced you to my god mother and me. I felt that special bond from six hundred years ago. And trust me waiting for six hundred years can be a hassle."

I laughed at that. He smiled at me and leaned down. We kissed for the nth time today. The first time was a few minutes after I had 'woken' up; we heard cheers around us, but ignored them. We were in our own little world and nothing, let alone no one was going to interrupt our moment, but that wasn't meant to be because Janice sure knows what to say to ruin the mood.

"Get a room you two!" she yelled. "No one wants to see you guys get intimate."

With that I broke the kiss and went to stand next to Janice. She had a piece of cake in her perfectly manicured hands. With my index finger I swiped some frosting onto it. Janice didn't worry about it though and that was the perfect moment to strike. With my index finger I placed some frosting onto her face. She gaped, but then regained her composure. She swiped some onto her index finger and put some onto my face. That stared the whole frosting fight. We put some on each other's faces until we were laughing. When Alessandro was sure enough that we stopped our little 'fight', he stood beside me and placed his arm around my waist. I looked up at him and we kissed once again. Janice was beside me with another piece of cake in her hands. I swiped some frosting and then swiped it on his face. He stopped abruptly and broke the kiss. He looked at me with this glint in his eyes; he smiled a wicked smile and leaned forward once again. Then he claimed my lips into a passionate kiss, but it wasn't a soft one. It was fiercer and more needy than all of our other kisses. And with his kiss I know that I'll be loved and safe. So I guess I got my happy ending and the love of my life when my ancestor couldn't. Who knew destiny could be so unpredictable?

Then I received a rolled up letter. The person who delivered it told me that it was sent by someone who is close to me and then he left. With that I opened it and read it out loud.

To Diane and my two little principessas,

I know that I haven't done great things in the past, but I hope that you girls will now live a normal life like you were supposed to. To my little Giannozza: live a happy life. Don't waste it prancing around like sheep without a shepherd. Be obedient to your mother and courteous to your older sister. Cherish everything that life gives you and you will have your 'happy ending.' To Diane: I know that I lied to you when we first began, but that didn't matter. When I first laid my eyes on you I fell in love. Guess our 'love' was only used to bring something to this world that would harm them. But I didn't lie about my feelings for you. Hope you can forget my past, forgive me and move on. To Giulietta: there's nothing that I can say. Just that I want you to live a normal life like everyone else. I truly and indefinitely love you. I wish you a happy life with your husband. And lastly to Alessandro: I know that we haven't met, but I just ask of one thing from you and that is to protect Giulietta with all you have. Thank you. Live well my treasures and be happy.


When Alessandro finished reading it—since I wasn't able to finish it halfway through because I had begun to tear up—mother, Janice and I were crying waterfalls. Not really, but you get what I mean. Even though Janice and I didn't know 'father', I guess he really did love us; all of us and he hoped us a happy life. I looked at mother and she was looking at nothing, but I knew she was remembering him.

"I forgive you." She said.

"And thank you. We will try to live a normal life." Janice added staring at the place mother was staring at.

"I'll live a happy marriage." I said looking to where they were staring at.

"And lastly, I'll protect her no matter what, Luciano. You don't have to tell me twice." Alessandro said beside me, his arm wrapped around my waist protectively and possessively.

I let it go because I will have a talk with him about being possessive. This wasn't the first time he did a motion without it being possessive.

"We love you too, Luciano." We finished—except Alessandro.

With that we heard a shuffling in the bushes from afar and saw a shadow running in the opposite direction from where we were at. We didn't know if it was 'father' or not, but we figured that it was him. We're not quite sure. With that everyone sent Alessandro and I to our honeymoon with smiling faces. Since then mother, Janice, Alessandro and I had gotten few letters from him. Wishing us all well.

A year later Alessandro and I had gotten goods news. We were going to have kids. When mother found out she was ecstatic. She was with me through out the nine months. And Alessandro made sure that I wouldn't do anything to her that I would regret. Hey! She became unbearable at times.

Janice had found the right guys. They've been dating since a few days after my marriage with Alessandro. They've been going strong since. He had proposed to her eight months after they had begun dating. I was worried that they were taking in it too fast, but then I remembered that I took it too fast too. but that wasn't what changed my mind. They way he held her, looked at her, talked to her and every other little thing showed me that he loved her.

After they had gotten married, Alessandro and my baby was born. We named her Jeannine since we knew that our past wasn't going to come and get us anymore.

As I walked through our garden—since after our honeymoon Alessandro and I bought a home—as I remembered everything that has happened. I heard shuffling and found a note. It was from 'father.' It read:


This will be my last letter. Do not worry for I'm leaving Italy for good. I stayed so I could watch you guys gain the happiness that I wanted for you. Your mother and sister are going to be receiving the same letter. I don not wish for you to cry over someone who has done wrong in the past. I just want you to be happy. If your baby girl ever asks about his grandfather, tell her about Patrizo—your father. I'm not worthy to be recognized as your father. I know that you would think differently, but this is what I want.

Tell Alessandro that he has kept his promise so far. And that I hope he'll continue to keep it.

I love you my piccino pricncipessa.



I read the note again to Alessandro and he told me not to worry. That sooner or later I would meet him again. And I believed him. I left a note in that same place and the next day it was replaced with a red rose that symbolized love.

The note read:


I thank you for your wishes and I wish you the same. I will not worry for I know that you'll be safe. And I will tell my daughter about my father, Patrizo. And about you. But you'll be known as a guys who loved mother, Janice and I from afar.

Alessandro said that he'll keep the promise no matter what. Mother and Janice had phoned me later, after I received your note, and told me that they received the same thing. They wish for me to tell you in this note that they wish the same for you too.

We love you too. Mother, Janice and I.


Giulietta and family

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