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I darted past an excited Jade and down the stairs. I found the four guys in the kitchen, trying to clean up the endless mess of red cups and empty liquor bottles. I ran smack into Ian who felt as if I had just ran into a concrete wall. The dude was ripped! He caught me by my hips to stop me from falling.

"Alex what's wrong?" he asked me with honest worry on his face. I was hyperventilating to a point where I couldn't even talk anymore. Instead I pointed to my phone's screen. He took it in his hands to check it out. I leaned against the counter and weakly reached for the drawer where kept the paper bags. I grabbed one of them and started breathing in and out of it. It helped me to calm down, but just slightly. I was still in an utter state of panic.

Then it hit me. My mum and dad… they must have found out. At least my mum knew for sure. No Fashion designer was unaware of what was happening to celebrities. She probably also told my dad. "Oh God no!" I darted upstairs once more, almost knocking Jade down on my way.

"Alex, calm down!" I ignored her voice that trailed behind me. I grabbed my Mac and instantly shut it down. I made my way to the kitchen to do the same to my iPhone. Anybody who knew me knew that the chances of finding me unreachable through the net were as thin as that of a zombie attack wiping out all of New York. But I just couldn't deal with their words.

The ugly truth was that I barely knew my parents anymore. I didn't know what they would say. They probably didn't even know I continued playing the guitar after the incident, as they had called it. I swore to myself I would never think about it again. I came pretty close when Ben confronted me at the concert. He reminded me so much of him. My mind retaliated against my thoughts. After all, that's what my therapist had taught me to do. To forget, as if it didn't happen. He was just another memory of a man who had hurt me, nothing more, nothing less.

When I looked up after I was lost in thought, I found every single person in the room looking worriedly at me.

"Are you alright?" Zach asked me. I wiped the beads of sweat that had formed on my hairline with the back of my hand and nodded slowly. "Just turn off the phone." I said, my voice sounding weak in my own ears.

"Why?" Seth asked me innocently. I looked up at him and the rest of the guys in front of me. "Why? You ask me why? Because of that little stunt you pulled out by dragging me on stage last night you have basically ruined my life. I can't live knowing that I'm being followed or that every foul move I do will end up on the front page of a magazine just because I played with Chasing Shadows. I won't give up my privacy for it but it appears as if I have no choice. You saw my inbox spammed with messages from fakes who up until yesterday avoided the girl with the granny glasses like the plague cause she was too uncool for them" I almost yelled at them. Everyone remained speechless. I was a very friendly person usually. I never got angry enough to actually yell at people. But this had crossed the line and unleashed the bottled up rage inside of me. Seth's thumb moved to the lock button and he pressed it long enough for the mobile to turn off.

"I'm sorry Alex, we honestly didn't mean to hurt you." Ian said softly. I looked up at him – a big mistake on my behalf because it was impossible for me to not forgive such a cute face.

"I guess it's okay though." I finally said, "I'll probably become yesterday's news if I lay low like I usually do. Once the guys leave today I'd burn any evidence of their stay and forget that everything had happened. I would pretend it was all a nice, crazy dream. I was good at that, pretending.

"Or maybe you can just become a member of Chasing Shadows and screw what people say about you, even if it's on the front page of every tabloid." Seth suggested. I was about to retort that that was the most stupid idea I'd heard since P.E was made obligatory at my school, but he cut me off.

"They've called me hot-headed, short-tempered, violent and indifferent and probably many more names that I hadn't cared enough to read. Do you seriously think that the words of some hormonal woman sitting behind her monitor as she perversely snoops on the internet to find juicy stuff about an eighteen year-old guy affects me? No, it doesn't, and neither should it affect you. You said you won't be judged again, that's why you didn't want to perform. Do you think that my life's been some kind of magical ride on a fucking unicorn?" My eyes turned into slits at his words.

"No, I took you more for a pony kind of guy." I said, sarcasm dripping down my every word. The ghost of a smile tugged at his lips. We kept eyeballing each other till Zach's voice cracked everybody up.

"My life's been an adventurous ride on the back of a T-Rex if anyone cares." He said in a small voice to lighten the mood.

"No shit. My life's been a magical ride on the back of a narwhal through the Arctic." Brandon added.

"What the hell is a 'Narwhal'?" Jade asked him as she repeated the strange word as if it was foreign.

Brandon looked at her in utter astonishment. "My dear lady, you don't know what a Narwhal is!? It's a dolphin like whale with a horn. Science tries to pass it off as a legit, normal animal, but I have my suspicions that it's the result of a dolphin and a unicorn having sex." He said with a mad twinkle in his eyes.

"Wait, no! Better yet, my life's been an erotic ride on my bitch of a stripper." Zach insisted. All other five pairs of eyes turned to question him.

He notoriously turned to look at Brandon. "Her name's Brandy and she's one bad bitch. But I tamed her, alright, made her kiss my-" Brandon's fist collided with Zach's jaw, cutting off mid sentence. Before the two started arguing, everybody else in the room was laughing his head of.

"You guys want to know what my life is going to be like today. Easy. It's going to be a hectic ride on the back of four bitches as they clean the kitchen after the mess they left behind yesterday." I said, nodding towards the kitchen isle that was covered in red cups and liquor stains.

"Wait. I put forward a formal protest." Zach said cleverly. I leaned on the counter. "Denied." I said, smirking big time.

"Informal protest." Ian pleaded, as he looked up at me in an adorable look. "Well for you Ian, guess what," he looked hopeful for a second. "Denied." I crushed his dreams without second thoughts. He bowed his head in defeat.

"You know Brandon, I have a good mind to make a run for it. Your cousin is getting on my nerves." Seth whispered to Brandon.

"Seth," I said his name disapprovingly. "You want to leave already! That breaks my heart."

"Look, Alex. You can't expect a guy to just clean up without getting anything back. It's not like you and Jade gave us the lap dance you promised. We want something back for our work." Brandon said stubbornly.

I smiled at the hopeless fool. Jade put her hands on her hips. "Brandon, we never remember promising anybody a lap dance. The most you'll get is a free meal." The guys looked at each other in contempt for only a second.

"Deal." they said in union.

"Sell outs." I coughed out. Seth who was already piling up the red cups looked at me as if I was missing a part of my brain. "Hey, one does not simply refuse free good food."

"Way to rip off Lord or the Rings." I teased. He grinned at me. Looking at the guys as they cleaned up like any regular people would do gave me hope. Maybe being a member of Chasing Shadows wouldn't be so bad.


After a good two hours and a half of cleaning for the guys and cooking for Jade ad me, we were sat down to eat. The more I got to know the guys the more I realised that they were normal people actually. They weren't the airhead rock stars that I pictured them to be. To be honest, they were pretty decent.

Completely and utterly crazy; but decent nonetheless.

We spent the rest of the day watching the Avengers as we lazily loitered around the living room. Needless to say, the movie was awesome. But after over two hours of awesomeness, my mind needed to rest. Zach shook me up to wake me so that we could play one of my several videogames. The excited looks on their faces as they picked a game told me that they didn't have much time to just relax or allow themselves a lazy day like this. When Brandon reminded them of my pool, they abandoned the videogames. I wondered what could have made them change their mind so quickly but then Jade illuminated me. The pool would involve Jade and me in a bikini. Boys will be boys.

After much consideration, we decided it wouldn't be such a bad idea to swim in the pool. In under half an hour, the boys got their swimsuits delivered, needless to say, the power of money can do mesmerising things. We all changed one by one using my room and Brandon's. I gave Jade the bikini she left at my house in case we ever decided to swim and put on my vintage, cute polka dotted swimsuit. I grabbed six towels from the bathroom and all six of us made our way downstairs.

"Let's sacrifice the virgins." Zach said in a cave man's voice as he and Seth grabbed me, and Brandon and Ian took a hold of Jade.

"Who the hell told you that I'm a virgin?" Jade asked. "It's just an expression!" Zach told her, but she didn't hear him as Brandon and Ian had already thrown her into the water.

I remained silent. Unfortunately this didn't go unnoticed by Seth. "Hold on, Zach. Oh my… you really are a virgin, aren't you?!" Seth asked me mystified. They let me down as Zach went over to help Brandon and Ian get a hold of the struggling Jade in the water.

"What do you care?" I asked him snappily. "I'll take that as a yes." he said under his breath.

"Look, I just haven't found the right guy yet, okay." I said calmly. It annoyed me that people acted surprised. "Now don't act surprised, it's irritating."

"I'm not surprised. It's just a pleasant thing to see that not all girls loose their virginity when they're young and stupid. It's nice to know that some girls are backboned enough to know not to spread their legs for the firs guy who tells them "I love you".

I smiled nervously. "Well, it's not like any guys have tried to." He steps so close to me that only he and I can hear his words.

"Believe me, they don't know what they're missing." he whispered in my ear. Before the annoying blush could give me away, he pushed me in the pool. As my skin made contact with the freezing water, I gasped, letting out the last bit of air I had in my lunges. I bobbed to the surface and when I managed to get on land I tried to tackle him in the water. I did manage after a good five minutes, but the bastard was quick and managed to make me fall with him.

The first thing I heard when my head bobbed to the surface was an infuriated voice calling.

"Alexis Evers! Come here this instant, you're in big trouble young lady."