I miss you darling

I wish you knew by how much

How I try to make excuses just to talk to you

How my heart breaks when I see you smile and laugh

I want to be in your arms right now

Bury my face in your shoulder

And for you to whisper that you love me still

But I know you don't

Why would you?

You called me immature

You said I don't understand

What is there to understand?

I love you should be enough

You brought love into the equation

And you're the one who took it out

I can't picture myself with another

There's a mental block

And I see your face

Your smiling face

You made me feel special

You wrote me poems

And listened to my problems

You can't listen now though

Because you are the problem

You're the reason I can't sleep

Can't be with my friends

Because I'm ashamed to show any weakness

I let you in

I shared everything with you down to my core

But now I know not to share

Not to care

Because I'll just be crushed again

I can't help it

Can't you see?

I love you

But you don't obviously love me

I gave you the singular thing one woman can give

And I don't even get a sorry from your lips

I may put a smile on my face

And pretend all is fine

But inside I'm hurting

And want to take your hand

I'm a good actor

Don't you think?

Who could guess it with the way I carry on?

The way I bat my eyes at other men?

That I want you?

I want you with me

Or away from me

So I can make sense of things

Stay away!

Don't talk to me

Or touch me!

I need some space to mourn you

When you're near

I want your hand

Inside mine

Where I thought it fit perfectly

So if you read this

Which I know you won't

Please just know you meant the world to me