Even with the sedatives that the doctors pumped in him, Adam Clarke was still in agonizing pain. This kind of thing was unbelievably humiliating for someone of his kind. He was a time traveler and he had memorized everything that was supposed to happen in the next five years. However, there had been nothing on Frederic Braun's betrayal.

How could they have left that out? Oh right, he had to remember who wrote the histories and that man was nothing if not secretive.

He looked down at his legs. If he was lucky to survive infection and/or amputation, it'd be awhile before he could walk again. However he wouldn't let this little setback stop him from getting home. He'd already called his next of command and put out an all-points bulletin on Braun. He knew that that nutcase wouldn't go near the Facility, Frederic wasn't completely suicidal. But he couldn't guarantee as much for Joseph and his little band of misfits. It didn't help that Joseph already knew how to get in thanks to Lisa and David's assistance; it was only going to be a matter of time before he went in to retrieve his sister. If Frederic aligned with them then it'd be sooner rather than later and he really needed to get everyone prepared.

He should never have let everyone go over Frederic's head. Clarke knew that none of this had anything to do with Naomi. It was all about Frederic and the power that was being taken from him.

Something crashed outside and he looked up, startled. Something heavy fell through the wooden door of the backwoods clinic that his rescuer, a hunter who had heard the shots, had brought him to.

Joseph Braun with nary a scratch stood over the unconscious body of the guard that Clarke had employed to protect him. Clarke immediately reached for the gun on the bed stand. It was hard to shoot a teleporter but he didn't have a choice. Joseph was a hothead and he'd kill Clarke if the wrong button was pushed.

Clarke pulled the trigger, but Joseph had teleported out of the way. The clone they'd stolen walked in behind him and took the bullet to the abdomen. She stumbled back a little, but other than that, shook it off and continued in the room.

Joseph appeared right next to him, grabbed him by the lapel of his gown and twisted his hand so that Clarke dropped the gun.

"Jane? You alright?"

Clarke scoffed; he treated it like it was human? Really?

"I've had worse," Jane said.

"Hiya Clarke," he pulled the man closer, "I'm Joseph Braun, I know this will probably be a stupid question, but do you know who I am?"

"Yes," he choked.

"Good, because then I don't have to waste time telling you that I'm the one that escaped your facility, made your facility look like idiots multiple times and personally made you look like a moron 24 hours ago. The list could go on, but since you know who I am, I don't see the point other than making me feel good about myself." Joseph gave a faux smile "I think it's time we have a little talk."