Naomi paced back and forth in her cell and fiddled with the edges of her robe. Everything was quiet; the cell was completely soundproof like when she was first brought in. Even when she walked, the padded floor kept her from making noise.

Other than being a bit unsettling, it wasn't so bad. In fact, she'd even welcome it under normal circumstances. However, her sudden transfer to this cell combined with Starkson's visit indicated that something big was about to happen. They'd put her down in the worst part of the prison ward to break her. She hadn't been broken yet…or at least as far as she knew. SO unless something big was gong to go down, why the sudden change?

Was Starkson telling the truth? Was Joseph really coming for her? Or was this some kind of trick to further break her spirit? Give her hope and then savagely rip it away?

Wasn't she broken enough?

The door opened and she jumped slightly, at least with the other cell she could tell when someone was coming.

Her eyes widened when she saw the prison doctor, the one that'd hit her during one of her escape attempts. Her father had threatened him before and saved her from the experimentation but now that her dad wasn't there…

Oh, she was in trouble….

"Your father and your brother have been a pain in my neck for a long time," he told her calmly, "And as they're not here right now...I suppose you'll do."

"Where's Starkson?" she demanded, "He came in here, he-"

"Starkson left two hours ago and he's not going to account for you," he nodded to the guards, "Bring her."

"No," she backed up, "No, my brother is going to come for me."

"Denial. That's so cute."

"And when he does you're the first one I'm coming for."

"IT's adorable how you still hold on to your fantasy that your brother cares for you."

"Starkson said he was."

The doctor stopped, a worried look clouded his face and his guards whispered among themselves.

"She's lying," the doctor said, but even he didn't look like he believed it, "She has to be. Joseph wouldn't come back here. We made sure of that. Bring her to the labs."

Frederic looked between Lisa and Able as they laid out the SWAT uniforms on the table. How did it all come to this? When exactly had he reached a point where he could sit with people such as these and be alright with it? Under normal circumstances he would love to turn these people in. A part of him worked on a way that he could do it too but he knew that if even he looked like he was considering it then Joseph would kill him, "So, which of you talked him into seeing me?"

"What makes you think that anyone of us told him anything?" Lisa asked while loading a gun.

"Well, other than the obvious? I've narrowed it down to two people who talked him into it, the both of them being right in front of me. This would be ironic if he listened to you Lisa, I'll bet he spent the better part of the year you were all together hating you."

Lisa scoffed, "Oh, hate is such a strong word; I prefer 'dislike with great intensity' which is more accurate. Now you're a different story, he hates you."

Frederic glared at her, and she immediately looked sorry for what she said.

"Well good," he finally said, "If there was anyone that I'd trust in the Facility to help Joseph, then it'd be you."

For a second, Lisa looked touched by the gesture but she immediately shook it off, "We have work to do."

"You know what's interesting?" he continued.

"Oh," Able muttered, "Doesn't he ever shut up?"

"No one's asked how Naomi is," he sat back, "Now why is that? Maybe you wouldn't like the answer, perhaps? Well, I'll go ahead and tell you, it's been rough. She won't eat or sleep and she'll probably be mentally scarred for life, but she has everything intact…at least last time I checked."

Able walked forward and punched him hard in the face.

Frederic sat up from the floor, shook it off and at sat back in the chair, "I imagine that I deserve that."

"You think?" he retorted and swaggered back toward Lisa, "Did you see that? I just nearly knocked his head clean off."

Lisa rolled her eyes, "Your family would be proud."

"I don't get to go hand to hand much; I savor what little victories I can."

"Hey," Joseph said, they both turned around and realized that he was standing right in the corner of the room, "Stop beating up my father, okay? We can't use him if he has a concussion."

Frederic looked at Jane; she was standing next to Clarke who they'd placed in a wheelchair. His wrists were already raw and bleeding from the handcuffs and Jane kept a gun

Almost immediately everyone grew quiet when they saw Clarke. He stared back at them in a haze of painkillers, but he was still coherent enough to look angry, confused, and in pain.


"Everything alright?" Lisa asked.

"Yes," Joseph said. For the first time since his sister was kidnapped...or maybe the first time since they'd all teamed up he looked incredibly excited, "You all are aware of what this could cost you?"

"Yeah," Jane said, "You've told us six or seven times now."

"Right, then if you're ready to risk it, then let's go save my sister."

To be continued…..