So, here's the story behind this little one-shot: We had to write a Halloween story for Language Arts class. I started to write one, which I had many plans for. But, the timer rang and I had to cut it short. So I decided to post it here, the way I wanted to finish it. Take that, you stupid timer! Hahahahahaha! So, I will write now. But, I will warn you. The first line or so is kinda stupid. I had to pick from one of the two my LA teacher gave us. But, other than that, it's all mine! So, I'll let you read now. Read On!

I took of my Halloween costume, washed the paint off my face, put on my pajamas, brushed my teeth, and went to bed. I was almost asleep when I first heard the sound. The stairs groaned. My eyes flashed open. Who could be on the stairs? My parents had long since gone to bed. My little sister, Susan, was asleep. I decided it was my imagination and had gone back to sleep when the door slid open. A girl stood on the threshold.

"Invite me in!" she hissed. When she opened her mouth, inhumanly long canines shone in the moonlight. I stuttered an invitation and she strode gracefully through the door, her footfalls making no sound. She lifted her head and took a haughty stance before speaking.

"I am Lenora, Changeling heir to the city's vampire clan. What is your name human? What business do you have in my ancestral home?" I gulped.

"My name is Luke. I live here with my family." She cocked her head and the moonlight shone on her black hair and her violet eyes flashed with curiosity.

"Family?" She laughed a dry, humorless laugh. "I lived here a hundred years ago with my own. That was when I was human." I gulped. This girl looked no more than me, fourteen. She laughed.

"Human. Such weakness! Listen, Luke, puny human. I have decided to hunt elsewhere this evening. I'll let you live." She leapt from my window, a blur. Then, she disappeared into the night.


Lenora ran home. She felt ravenous but she cared not. She wanted the safety, the familiarity of her underground home. She didn't know what had happened in there, but she knew she couldn't kill him. She soon found the sewer cap that led down. She chuckled to herself. Humans had no idea what lied beneath their very feet. For as she traveled down and made a couple turns, she found her city. Merumyn. The ancient vampire city of New York.

As she walked toward her house (more like castle) in the center of the city, people, bowed and said their praises of her.

"Our wonderful Princess returns! The ground where she walks rejoices!" She smiled and nodded and walked home, emotions churning in her belly.

"Welcome home, Princess Lenora," her lady in waiting, Lilith, said. She followed her to her bedroom but Lenora waved her off.

"That is all, Lilith. Take my coat, please." The servant nodded and walked off. As Lenora was about to turn into her room, an overpowering presence stopped her. "Papa Lucian." The man smiled. He was twenty-four, physically. He was her sire.

"Hello, Lenora. Home so soon? Good hunting tonight? The humans celebrate Halloween tonight, letting their children run wild!" He laughed, delighted. Lenora shook her head.

"It was late when I laughed, almost everyone was inside." Lucian shook his head, disappointed.

"What a shame. Well, I'll let you rest now." He kissed her forehead, orange eyes closing. Lenora nodded and slipped inside her room, eyes immediately adjusting to the darkness. Her room was painted a sapphire blue with no lights. Vampire eyes adjusted easily to both light and dark. Against the window sat an oak wood coffin with red velvet inside. She laid inside it, flipped the lock, and looked at picture painted inside. It was of her little brother and sister. Her human ones. Next to their portrait was one of her birth parents. She touched each member of her human family.

"Mama. Papa. Robert." Her voice cracked. "Elaine." She touched her chest, where her heart used to beat. Then, she simply cried, blood-tinted pink tears that left streaks down her pale face.


My dreams that night were fitful, perturbed by images of Lenora. When I woke, I was almost convinced she had been just a dream. I went to school, laughed with my friends, but that "dream" haunted me. It was like a ghost, following me, always over my shoulder. In my dreams heard her voice.

"Puny, human," she'd say. "How dare you think of me? You are weak! I am strong!" I glimpsed her fangs, her raven hair and violet eyes. I saw her head tilted in confusion. This continued for three days, until she ran in my room and sat on my bed.

"Luke!" she whispered. My eyes fluttered open. It took me a moment to realize who was there.

"Lenora?" I whispered back. "What're you doing here at-" I glanced at the alarm clock on my nightstand, "-three a.m.?" She rubbed her temples, as though confused.

"I-I don't know." For the first time, she seemed distraught, unsure. I wanted to hold her. I laid my hand on her shoulder but she flinched a way, hissing.

"Don't touch me!" she shouted. I nodded. She slowly sat back down next to me and I became suddenly aware I wore nothing but my boxers. I shrugged off the thought. What did it matter? Her face had taken on that horribly distressed look again. "I shouldn't be here," she whispered, more to herself than me.

"Then, why are you?" She simply shook her head. Her eyes darted around the room, almost animalistic in their swiftness. They flicked to me and she said:

"This was my room." She pointed through the still open door, across the hall at my sister's room. "That was my brother, Robert's. My parents slept where yours do now and the room where your parents keep a computer and your sister her toys? My own sister, Elaine rested her head on her pillow." I looked at her, shocked.

"Lenora." Her head jerked at the use of her name without title. "What happened to them? To you?" She looked at me, her gaze suddenly steady.

"You want to know, Luke, human child living in my old bedroom? I will tell you." She looked away. "I lived here, happily, with my family. Papa owned the ranch down the street and we got by on that. Mama stayed home and cooked and cleaned and the three of us went to school. One night, Papa and Mama and Elaine and Robert were asleep, as was I. Papa Lucian, my sire, came in my bedroom as I did three nights ago. I saw his face and screamed for my papa.

"He laughed at me and told me 'Your parents won't answer you.' Then he laughed at me. I began to cry and he laughed harder. He told me he had a daughter when he was human, my age. When he tried to change her, her body couldn't take it and she died. He said I looked like her. I asked for my family and he laughed and told me to go to them. Elaine laid, bled out and pale on her bed. Robert he had been sloppier with, his sheets were bloody, his face frozen in terror. Mama had what looked like the last syllable of Papa's name on her lips and Papa looked as if he had died sleeping. Each was drained of blood. All of them dead. Robert was only ten! Elaine only seven!

"I ran crying back to my room, calling for my parents, knowing full well they couldn't answer. I called to Elaine and Robert, but all that was my answer was Papa Lucian's laugh. He told me this- 'Child, you have lost everyone tonight. But, I will give you more than they could. You will be my heir, my daughter, my princess.' Then he bit me and when I awoke my eyes were the color you see today. They used to be green. My whole family had green eyes. When I decided I would go to live with Papa Lucian, I painted their portrait on the inside of my coffin. Their faces are the last thing I see before I rest my eyes." Her body was now wracked in sobs and when I put my hand on her shoulder, she placed her own over it. It was cold.

"When I came here three nights ago, I expected to see ruins. I expected to at the most find an empty house, still stinking with the death of my family. Instead, I found a new family in place of my own, the house smelling of flowers. It infuriated me. I wanted to kill you all. This was my house! Until I saw you. Then, I don't know what happened. I left." I looked at her. Lenora had been through such a hard time. I did the last thing I'd ever thought I'd do: I hugged her. She fought weakly, but eventually just cried into my chest. The sun began to rise and she went home. I faked a fever and stayed home and slept.

She returned for nights after that, we talked back and forth. She started smiling and laughing, really laughing. She talked about her family, human and vampire. She talked about her vampire city of Merumyn. I talked about school and about my own family. We exchanged our own despairs at being older siblings. She told me of life back when she was human and how odd it was watching the world change before her eyes. Then, she disappeared one night after this had been a repetitive thing for around two months. I didn't see her for almost a month. I was concerned and wanted to look for her. But, I had no clue where to start. I was immensely relieved when she showed up after so long.

"Lenora! Where have you been?" She looked at me and said nothing. "Len-" I was cut off when she leaned in and kissed me. I kissed her back. I had wanted to for weeks now. She looked at me. She grabbed my face, sharp nails digging into his face.

"Listen to me, Luke. Papa Robert noticed around the time I disappeared that I had been going out every night but always coming home hungry. He questioned me but I avoided it. I was reckless. I escaped here tonight, but he'll be watching. Luke, I can't come here anymore. I-I-I-" She broke off, her eyes tearing. She ended in a whisper. "I came to say goodbye."

"But you just kissed me." I touched her face.

"I love you!" she blurted. She shut her mouth. I opened mine.

"I love you too," I whispered.

"There is a way we won't have to say goodbye tonight," she whispered, obviously regretting it as soon as she said it.

"How?" I answered eagerly.

"If Papa Lucian finds us like this, he'll kill you. But, if I change you and claim you as my mate, he won't be able to."

"I'd have to leave my family."


"Would I have to-to kill people?"

"No. Not every feeding results in killing."

"I'll do it." She seemed taken aback but I held my ground.

"But-but Luke, your family!"

"I know." I walked across the hall, kissed Susan on her forehead and said goodbye. I walked to parents' room, repeated the process but left a note.

"I'm leaving. Don't look for me, don't ask why. Call me in two weeks at this number: 230-629-1157. Goodbye.

Love, Luke"

I walked back to my bedroom, closed to door and tried not to scream as Lenora bit me. It burned as though someone pressed a flame to my neck. When I felt as if I would faint, the pain left. She then trickled her own blood into my mouth. It tasted bitter and burned my mouth. I drank it and then, the world faded to black and her face was the last thing I saw…


"What have I done?" Lenora whispered aloud. Her tears streaked down as she whispered over and over again. "What have I done? What have I done?" Her emotions churned. She wanted to kill herself. But, she had to make Luke safe. She waited patiently until he woke. She hid them under the bushes and listened to his parents' cries. She listened to little Susan ask over and over where her big brother was. The sun rose and fell. Then, when the moon rose and the sky turned the darkest shade of blue, Luke's eyes flashed open.

"Lenora?" he asked. She kissed him. His eyes had changed, they were red as the evening sun instead of their normal blue, and he was pale. But his face was his own, his blonde hair still his.

"Luke! You're alright!" She giggled with joy but soon sobered. "Papa Lucian can still kill you." His new red eyes opened wide.

"But, you said-" She ended the sentence.

"That he couldn't as long as I claimed you as my mate. Vampires mate for life. There will be no way. But, I haven't claimed you yet. Cut your palm."

"With what?" She gestured at his newly-grown claws. He looked down, then slowly sliced his palm, blood seeping out. She did the same.

"Press you hand to mine," she commanded. He did as she asked. "Repeat after me. I claim you as mine for eternity. Mine, mine, mine." He did so and a symbol appeared in black, as though charred there. "It is the symbol that marks you as mine. The Covenant prevents it. You as mine." She paused. "Now, come. We must be on our way." She turned abruptly but watched as he looked longingly at the house that had once been each of theirs. Then, he turned, grabbed her hand, and followed.

She led him through the streets and alleyways. Guilt burned in her chest. She had no right to do this, none at all. They reached Merumyn and she navigated him to the castle. Papa Lucian was angry.

"Who is this?" he boomed. "He should not be one of us! I have not permitted it. I will kill this invader!" Lenora almost smiled.

"Papa Lucian, I fear you cannot. You may not harm me, nor my mate. The Covenant shields us." She held up her palm, as did Luke. Lucian's anger raged.

"Imbeciles! I am Lord! I dictate." He turned to Lenora. "Is this where you disappeared to? He had to have been human. That is against the Covenant."

"The Covenant does not take past offenses into account in the Law of Bonds." Lenora was smug.

"Very well." Lucian sighed. There was no way out of it. It was done. He dismissed them from the room and they went to Lenora's. They sat on the coffin.

"I love you so much," Luke whispered. He kissed her, long and hard and heated. She kissed him back, putting all her love and longing into it.

"I love you too," she whispered against his lips. He gripped her waist and pulled her hard against him, holding her there and kissing her like she'd wanted for almost a month and a half now. She felt the muscles in his back and just kissed him, translating all her love into the kiss. The kiss deepened and got less heated. Lenora remembered the words that had started all this.

"I'll let you live," she whispered, laying in his arms. He smiled at her.

"And I'm glad you did," he whispered back. Then they kissed again and were perfectly happy in that first, small piece of their forever.

Two weeks later, Luke's family called. He kept contact with them all their lives. When they died, Lenora and him stood in the trees. Susan's kids knew him as did their kids and their kids. They knew it was strange, but he was family. Lucian eventually died and Lenora took over his throne, being a much better ruler than her predecessor. Luke was always there, was her forever. They eventually changed an orphan and took him as their child. Their love never faded and Lenora never forgot the words she had told him that made all this possible.

"I'll let you live."

So, the original story from school cut off at the end of the section before we go into Lenora's POV for the first time. I started this back before Halloween. I got too caught up in everything else I have going on, and completely forgot about. So, less than a week until Christmas I'm finally posting it. I hope you all like it. I don't think it's entirely too cliché but if that's your opinion, tell me. Also, if this has stupid grammar or spelling errors, I'm sorry. It's just too long to edit on FP at past 11:30 at night. So, I will let you all review. I heat you all. Happy Halloween/Merry Chistmas and/or Happy Hanukkah (Halloween and winter holidays don't belong together in one sentence :P), StevieBumpkin2011, signing off!