She knew it would never last. His living in America made it impossible so - particularly because she lived in England. When they had lived in the same country, gone to the same school, every moment shared was special. They were young still, just fifteen, but somehow they knew that it was love, and that that was what they had. She so desperately wanted him back, with all her mind, but despite her longing, he had moved on. Lukas was no longer hers, but anothers. She remembered seeing him smile. She remembered him telling her, telling her everything. She missed the mindless chatting that went on for hours at a time. How he would stare at her from across the room in music, and at assembly if they were lucky, a silent promise to remain faithful despite their secret relationship. She missed how, when their two families got together, they would move the furniture around and shoot each other mercilessly with Nerf Guns, or sit on the trampoline and talk, or build a fort together and sit in there together for hours, eating junk food and playing PSP or nintendo, often sharing a secret kiss while concealed from the world. But most of all, she missed how he would hug her. Slowly and carefully, as if she were fragile- yet so tightly like he was afraid to let her go. He never hugged anyone else, especially like that. He wasn't the hugging type, but he held on tight because he knew she loved it. Yes it was true, he no longer loved her. The knowledge killed her, to know that what should have been her, what used to be her was replaced as easily as an unwanted letter or word on a computer. Backspace. She envied him. How could he have moved on? Why was it so easily done for him, yet so incredibly impossible for her to even comprehend not loving him? She hated him. She loved him. She hated loving him, yet she loved hating him. She remembered looking into his deep blue eyes, a warm ocean of kindness, yet as cool and refreshing as ice on a hot summers day. His laugh, his smile, were permanently engraved into her mind. Ever-present, they made her heart ache with loneliness. He was gone, and he wasn't coming back. Ever. The tears stopped flowing, and she uttered one last word to him. "Goodbye."