"The Cat's Christmas"


I open my eyes on another beautiful day, sun streaming through my favorite window. I notice some white stuff has accumulated on the ground during the night and see and it is sunny I figure I will go outside today and check it out.

No such luck.

My roommate is currently talking to the little window she likes to talk to I hear the same three names over and over again, Kevin, Nick, and Joe and another name Justice. The nice lady that comes in the morning has long since left and I yowl piteously hoping for some attention and jump in her lap only to be dumped unceremoniously on the floor again.

"Not now, Starlight," she scolds, "I have to write this next chapter."

Suddenly she pauses and turns her head towards the door she is listening. Then the door opens and there is the nice lady (one of them) that gives me so much attention who I only know as "mom". I yowl plaintively at her ankles. She is holding two large boxes which will require investigation sooner or later.

"Hi cat." She says.

I mew in greeting hoping for at least a scratch but in the ears, which I acquire briefly before she begins digging around in the boxes again. The objects coming out of the boxes smell like dust and outside. She pulls sparkly, glittering baubles from boxes lined with crinkly paper which makes my ears prick. This could be interesting.

The sound of ringing bells makes me lift my head as "mom" lays out a string of tiny bells not unlike the one that is on my collar. Finally she sits down with a sigh.

"I don't feel like hanging these today Tori my feet are killing me I'll do it later, I'll take you shopping, but that's it."

My roommate looks disappointed but after a few minutes she nods. "Okay, just make sure Starlight can't get into them."

"I'll put them back here;" she puts them behind the table on a chair "she can't get into them."

Ha! That's what she thinks!

They leave the house (after I have been outmaneuvered so I don't go with them) talking excitedly and I am left alone once again.

I turned my attention back to the boxes and the string of bells that are left out on the table.

I bat at them curiously enjoying the jingling sound they make. When this gets boring I turn my attention to the bigger boxes. I stand on top of the one I now occupied chair and begin nosing out the top box and after a few minutes it falls to the floor with a crash and a clatter so much for that. What fun are the sparkly little balls if they are in these boxes.

My roommate and "mom" return a few hours later.

"Starlight, what are you doing?" She asks, but I know she can't be that mad because she isn't yelling at me. I am immediately distracted by the bags of food she has brought that are sitting just inside the door another item that requires investigation.

As the food is put away I investigate the bags which make a crinkling sound as my paws step across them.

"Goofy cat." "Mom" scolds affectionately as she lifts me from the bag to which I protest loudly, not that anybody cares.

Finally the big box is opened and the little glass balls and little red socks. As soon as the box is empty I see is my opportunity and climb inside and there is more than enough room for me to curl up comfortably. Meanwhile at the same time I am still investigating one of the bags which I have succeeded in getting tangled in, but who says I can't do two things at once? Apparently not me so I have been otherwise proven.

"Starlight!" "Mom" reprimands and I hear a hint of annoyance in her voice. What? Why have you disrupted my investigations of all these bright new shiny things?

By now "mom" has discovered the box of little shiny balls I knocked on the floor. She looks disappointed.

"Did she break any?" My roommate asks.

"Two." "Mom" replies.

"Darn cat." My roommate mutters.

I continue watching from my vantage point in the box I am occupying, I am in the center of things, which is just the way I like it. I watch as "mom" hangs the little balls which are silver along with the string of bells as soon as she has accomplished this task I run over to investigate.

Reflected in the shiny surface I see another blue-eyed cat staring back at me I paw at the image curiously, touching my black nose to the smooth surface, whiskers quivering.

"Starlight!" My roommate says sharply, "don't even think about it!"

I slink away and resume my post on the top of the table and begin cleaning my ruff with a wet pink tongue. Starlight, Starlight, Starlight, that's my name, don't wear it out although I do quite like it. I remember the people that found me wandering the streets after I ran away from the old lady's house and her noisy family that is what they called me. They said they named me after the lights in the sky. Like the lights that twinkled from my window every night that never failed to catch my eye.