Furfaidz: I used my AP Psychology references for this last chapter. I'm a BIG fan of archangels!

"What?" I asked, adrenaline pumping through my veins. Maybe he is crazy after all.

"The dreams and visions you've been having are real." He continued. "The League of Seven is after you. They're the ones who ordered the pharmacist to give you the deadly pills." Michael looked away and whispered the last part. " Well, they ordered me to do it for them."

"Who're 'they'?" I asked.

"The Seven Deadly Sins… and Sammael. They are powerful demons. Devils. Fallen angels. Call it whatever you like, they're real." He said.

My lips started to twitch, "What do they want with me? I didn't do anything bad!" I pondered whether or not he was crazy.

"Exactly." Michael said. "Regina –you're Ambriel. The Purist of Them All- Them meaning angels."

"So?" I said, realizing that this all makes sense.

"As an archangel, I can see what you really look like on the inside. Who you really are." He said.

"You're an angel!" my voice rose.

"Regina, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met." Michael continued. "If I kill you and eat your soul, I will be the most powerful demon in history."

"You're an angel!" I shouted.

"Sammael is coming and he wants you for himself, Regina." Michael shouted. "If he eats your soul, he will be unstoppable. He wants to kill God, Regina-"

"You're an angel!" I screamed, pushing him away. "The angel of Death!"

Michael shouted louder than me, "Listen, will you! I'm not the angel of Death! Satan wants to kill God and become God using you! You have to run. Wear a hat, stay behind thick objects; he can't see your beauty –your purity –if you hide it! You must run!"

"Let go of me!" I shouted. "I knew you could never fall in love with me."

He let go, breathing heavily. I felt like rubber, my eyes tearing up again.

"I can never fall in love with you?" he asked. "I could have killed you!"

"Why didn't you?" I asked, reminding him of the time I was almost hit by a car. "Why did you save my life?"

"Partly because as a law that God forced upon us: we can only kill with the permission of the victim." He admitted. "We can only come inside a home that is not protected by God and with the given permission of the home owner whether current or previous owner doesn't matter. We can see humans in their true form. Some people don't even know they're angels, like you. Our vision isn't perfect, though, for we can't see the person's true form is they wear a hat, sunglasses, or are behind thick objects such as opaque glass, tinted windows, and walls. We can, however, read minds. Our energy level and power depends on how much we read. Cassiel, Asmodel, Gluttony, Vain, Rage, Envy, Greed, Sloth, Lust, and I are the most powerful. The seven sins feed off of sin, all the other demons feed off of fear. No one is as powerful as Sammael who feeds off of all the powers except hope, fearlessness, and love. If he catches you, God will die."

"God can't die." I said.

"Not unless he's killed by another God." Michael explained.

"But… what about Gabriel, Uriel, Michael, and Raphael?" I asked of the four archangels.

Michael smiled, "Only one of them can kill Sammael but he would need the purest soul."

Then it hit me. Michael, he's an angel. Undercover angel pretending to be a demon. He needs to kill me himself in order to defeat Sammael.

"What about Satan? You know, Lucifer?" I asked. "Where is he?"

"Oh, you mean Mr. Seltreah." Michael said. "He's on his way."

"Seltreah is Satan?" I asked.

'What's Seltreah backwards?" asked Michael.

Thinking in my head, I spelled out "heartless". It was missing an S but I think that went to his first name, Sammael.

"Yes, Mr. Seltreah is Samu-" before Michael could finish, my cat jumped off the couch and hissed as wild as she could. Michael looked over to the cat, who was hissing at the door and then turned to me.

"Run." He whispered, sliding something inside my pants pocket.

I grabbed my baseball cap and bolted from the back. Once I left, I heard knocking on the door. I threw on my base ball cap and jumped over my fence. I ran toward the house of my neighbor in the back. I turned around to see a black car on the street in front of my house and men in black suits and sunglasses walking back to their car with Michael carelessly thrown in the back seat. He passed me a glance and the car door slammed shut. I kept running.

I ran until I reached a small motel off the side of the highway. I walked in and asked for a room. I fished through my pockets and saw what Michael put in there. It counted up to 500 dollars. Definitely enough for a room.

The 31st of July, I snuck back home to grab my cat and some fresh clothes, bathroom stuff, and the litter box. I snuck it back to the motel in a suit case and a cat carrier unnoticed. I stayed inside with my cap on and watched TV, petting Peacenet after feeding her. I tried to think about Michael once but something told me not to or else They'll find me.


Friday, August 1st.

Michael woke up, tied to a chair. A man cloaked in the shadows stood in front of him. Michael knew who it was.

"You disappointed me, Michael." The shadow said. "I work hard for these powers. Tell me where she is or I'll practice them on you."

Michael knew He could read his mind, so Michael stayed blank. "No."

Three claw slashes burned on his chest, whereas the shadowed man never moved, Michael knew his chest was bleeding.

"Tell me what you told her." The man said.

Michael spat blood on the ground, "Burn in-"

Three more slash marks surfaced on his chest going the other way. It burned just as bad. The cloaked man didn't even flinch.

Michael screamed in pain and hung his head.

'Is Michael alright?' her voice crept into his mind. The cloaked man gave a croaked smile.

'Don't think about me or else they'll find you!' he shot back. He tried to think about something else as quickly as possible.

The cloaked man gripped Michael's chin to force him to face the cloaked man's face. When Michael saw the face he jumped and tried to get out of the chair with all his strength but the cloaked man, doing nothing, somehow forced Michael limp.

"You cannot kill me, Michael." The demon smiled. "I am your God now."

"No, you aren't." Michael said. It was hard to talk under the nail piercing grip.

"You think you can stop me?" the cloaked demon laughed. "I used you to find her. You thought that going undercover as a demon would fool me. Ha! You led me right to what I wanted. If you don't eat her soul then you cannot defeat me. I knew you wouldn't even think about eating her soul anyway. I can tell by the way you look at her."

"You've been spying on my thoughts!" he growled, trying to force strength to get out of the chair again. "I don't love her! I can't! And you know that."

Michael hoped his protest would work and that this horrific shadow would target someone else besides Regina.

The demon smiled a crooked smile, "Silly boy, souls are for real demons."


2:45 am.

I didn't feel well. I didn't want to think about Michael but something worried me, like he was in trouble. I rolled around in the bed trying to find a cool and comforting position to sleep in but it wasn't good enough. After a while, I exhaled in frustration. Peacenet's head shot up and her glowing eyes glared at the motel's door. I knew to pull on a shade of sunglasses and a hat to protect myself just as Michael –oh Michael –told me to. Just to be even more protected, I bought a wig the day before –seeing as how it was August 2 –and slipped that on under the hat. It looked as real as my head of hair, now all I had to do was play the part.

Knock, knock, knock.

"Coming." I said, adding some mascara, lip balm, eyeliner, and eye shadow. I have to look nice for the most powerful demon.

"Regina Dickens?" the strong voice, muffled by an overuse of alcohol, called out.

"In a minute, I have to find something to put over my –erm, outfit." I called out, hoping to sound convincing. I put my real hair up and into the wig and put on jeans and a long thin brown sweater. I know, fashion isn't in my dictionary.

I opened the door and just as I expected, seeing my raging reaction from my feline friend, that there would be one or two men in shades and suits.

"You guys mean business." I smiled, trying to seem light.

"Regina Dickens, by the consideration of the Dark Lord, himself, you are permitted to come with us to his suite." One of the straight-faced men said.

I smiled even wider, "Can I decline?"

Not seeing through my joke, the other serious man in shades blatantly replied, "If you do not come, we will make you in any means possible."


I closed the door behind me, "Sure thing, gents."

They led me to a small limo which I willingly got in. One of them took the drivers seat as the other sat in the front passenger's seat.

"I wish my car was this nice." I said, feeling the leather under my skin. "So this is what it's like to be evil. My cat will be okay, right?"

"Miss, we need you to refrain from saying, thinking, or doing anything in means that will jeopardize your future." Said one man in the front.

"Can I breathe?" I asked. "Or is that unlawful, too?"

The other man, the driver, understood that I didn't take this seriously, "You are aloud the access to breathe but please do not get cocky or else you will lose that freedom."

"Touchy." I whispered.

"Buckle up, ma'am." The kinder one said. I followed his order not only because it was permitted but because it was safe.

All I wanted to do was stay in a light mood, where nothing can scare me. That way, they can't feed off my fear like Mike said.

The passenger seat man talked through an earpiece in Latin, which I was getting used to. The other one looked a bit angry and I didn't really feel safe with him. The ride was complicated because it was late at night and the windows were tinted except the driver's. But they rolled up a tinted window separating me form them. I slouched into the leather seat and huffed when they did. When it comes to fighting demons I'm a poor excuse for an adult.

What seemed like an hour had passed when the car stopped. Where, I don't know, but the men got out and my door was opened. I unbuckled my seatbelt and got out as quickly as possible. There was about twenty men all dressed the same: shades, suit, and earpieces. One of them said "We're at the 9th. All levels cleared." The place was shrouded in trees.

I was directed to follow two more men with their body doubles following close behind. We walked and walked until I could tell where we were going –inside some kind of palace. Not the scary Medieval, gray stoned castle, but an elegant white palace.

Hall after hall, we passed. Paintings and plants on every wall, complimented with a long and expensive red rug underneath us. After about six halls passed, turn after turn, the suited men in shades opened two huge, brown metallic doors and ushered me in.

A man in a suit was at the end of a long office table, mostly used for meetings, smirked at me before turning his old, wrinkly face to the suited men in black.

"I want her alone, gentlemen." He said, hoarse in voice. The shaded bodyguards nodded and left the room, closing the door and leaving me in the same room as this old man. He signaled me to sit down and without a moment's hesitation, I did.

"So… I'm Regina…" I started

He cut me off, "I know who you are. Do you know who I am?"

"Sammael –er… Satan?" I asked.

He laughed, "Yes. 'Satan.'" He became serious all of a sudden, "Actually mine name is Samuel. Is 'Satan' what my patient told you?"

I raised an eyebrow, "Patient?"

" Michael is a mentally ill patient of mine. He believes this silly world of angels and demons. He went missing for a while and of course, we found him just yesterday. However, we want to know exactly what he told you. You know, to er… well… help me and the other psychiatrists better understand him. So?" He said, waiting for my summary.

" Well, he told me that I was Ambriel and that you were Satan." I laughed. "Now that I think about it, it is kind of funny."

" It is, isn't it?" he smiled.

" I'd like to talk to him, if you don't mind." I asked.

" That cannot me done, he is going through some tests now." He said.

"Like what kind?" I asked

The old man, Samuel, shrugged and leaned back on his throne, " PET scans, EEGs, the psycho-analyst research of the twenty first century, of course."

I looked around, " Well, then, Mr. Samuel, I'm sorry I caused so much of a problem." I smiled, "Nice décor."

The man nodded, "Thank you, Regina."

I stood up to leave and walked to the door. I turned to his direction and wasn't surprised to see Samuel still staring at me.

" By the way, Mr. Samuel, I have I small question." I stated.

He smiled, "Answer away, darling. I am as honest as they come."

I tilted a brow, "How do you know who I am?"

"Uh… because… Michael, our patient, told us so much about you." He stuttered.

" How can you believe what he says about me when he is clinically defined mentally incapable of living in reality?" I asked.

Samuel shrugged, "It seemed that such a person was believable."

"So you'll believe in my silly existence but not in any of his other… stories?" I asked.

"Look, Regina-"he said, agitated.

I cut him off, "Only the Devil himself is smart enough to lie enough to where it's the truth but so slanted that it might as well be a lie. Sir, to no offence, do you think God believes you're the devil?"

He turned red, "No. He believes I'm an angel."

I smiled, "Who do you believe is God?"

He paused, "Uh… the rightful God, of course."

I sighed, "Do believe God is God or Satan is God? You can only pick one."

He gritted his teeth, "I believe whatever I want to believe is the truth."

"Funny." I said. He asked what was so funny. I crooked another smile, "That's exactly what the devil said."

Samuel slammed the table with his shaking fist and the room light bulbs exploded till the room went black. The middle of the room shined one faint, white light emitting from the floor of where a table once was but now Michael's tattered body laid, moving ever so slowly.

"Michael!" I cried, rushing to his side, careful to no harm any of his deep gashes.

"Stop." He whispered, forcing himself to his knees. I didn't listen to him.

" Michael! Michael, listen! I made up my mind! I know who I want to give my soul to!" I said

Michael forced himself to speak, "No. Don't say it. Please. I don't want you to… I… I…"

"I want you to take my life!" I cried.

He met my eyes with his and clearly told me what I've always wanted to hear, "I… love you, Regina."

My body started glowing with a soft, white glow, brighter than anything I've ever seen. Wings sprouted from behind me. I felt lighter, freer, rising into the sky like gravity failed to exist.

Michael looked up at me and smiled, "Beautiful."

I smiled back down at him and kissed him on the lips. When I did, I could feel my life draining. I knew what was going on, Michael was taking my life. He was going to fight Satan for me and repeat history except this time for good. I closed my eyes and hugged Michael tight, still kissing him. He returned the favor.

I whispered, "I love you, too."

He nodded a bit, "I know."


I lied her down gently on the floor and met the fiery dark glare of Satan, who stood there and could do nothing for I was protected by Regina's glowing purity.

"I guess I'll have to kill you instead." He snarled. "Good, two for the price of one."

I stood up and we met eye to eye. "You can't kill me now, Satan. You know that too well. I have the power of Ambriel."

I pulled out the sword that killed Satan before. This sword is made of Regina's innocence and will defeat Satan.

"You don't understand," Satan said, "I was doing you a favor. You like the taste of the dark side, right?"

"That was simply a mission. Nothing of your disgusting kind fascinates me." I said.

He smiled, "You were able to kill the one you love. Does that not count as a sin of murder?"

"It is the biggest sacrifice I can offer to humanity to protect them; the one I love. Now, with the help of the Lord, I will vanquish you once again, Light Bearer. As said by God in Genesis, 'Let… there… be… Light!" I shouted, and drove my sword into him when I had the chance.

Shoving the sword a bit more in, I whispered to Lucifer, "And there was light." His face was of complete bewilderment.

Light poured out of the wound and his screams deafened me for a while. His eyes glowed white and then he exploded into shimmering ashes.

Regina –last document.

"Regina!" I heard "Regina! Wake up!"

I opened my eyes and stared back at a tearful and happy man that happened to not only be God's strongest archangel, but also the one that I love.

" I'm supposed to be dead." I said, sitting straight up from the floor, accompanied with the help of Michael.

" Good morning, Sunshine." He smiled, "I just killed Satan using the power of love. How will you start the day?"

"I can't top that." I said.

"What do you mean? The sword I drove into him was made out of your soul." He said

I cringed, "Oh, thanks. It's nice to know what you were doing with my soul while I was dead."

He laughed, "I'll explain later. Let's go home. You like Checkers?"

I nodded, "Yeah. But uh, what about the bodyguards?"

"They were hypnotized but okay now. Don't worry; they went back to their homes. We should go back to ours." He said.

"Ours. Yes." I smiled. My expression went back to curiosity with one more puzzling question, "Wait. Something doesn't make sense. Why am I still alive?"

"I don't know." He half smiled, lifting me to standing position then lovingly gazed into my eyes, "It was either a scientific miracle or… God was on our side."

I chose the latter.