They were trying to be quiet but the high pitched giggles were loud enough to wake the dead. Anoushka leaned against the wall and clapped a hand over her mouth to stifle the laughter but it made little different. Frances swatted her arm before bursting into a fit of giggles; they slid down the wall and hit the concrete with a thump.

"Shut up! They'll hear you" hissed Brent. He grinned and hauled the two girls to their feet, they all followed Kumar around the corner of the glue factory to a slightly open window.

"I'll go first, the vat is near the back. They sacked the security guard last month so we can just walk across the factory floor" he said. Kumar lifted the window, swung his legs over the edge and stepped into the factory. He blinked in an effort to clear his alcohol fuddled brain and peered through the gloom. The vat of glue was huge, there was a steel staircase running up the side and around half the edge of the vat. Face masks and goggles lined the walls, safety notices were everywhere but Kumar ignored these and stumbled across the room.

"Mate, hang on a minute! Franny's stuck in the window!" yelled Brent. Frances and Anoushka burst into fits of giggles and fell through the opening to the ground. Kumar ignored them and pulled himself up the stairs towards the top. This was gonna be the ultimate high! Glue sniffing taken to a whole new level! Kumar giggled as he reached the top of the stairs, there was a little control panel attached to the railing. He leaned over the edge, closed his eyes and breathed as deeply as he could.

Kumar fainted. He toppled forward and caught a lever on the panel with the back of his hand as he fell, the vat tipped and the three remaining friends on the floor screamed as a tidal wave of glue swept towards them.

Anoushka opened her eyes, she tried to move but found she couldn't. She turned her eyes as far as she could to the right and spotted Frances, her head was inches from Anoushka's. Her eyes were wide open, glue still dripped from her nose. Anoushka sobbed and turned her eyes the other way, Brent was laying against the wall. His limbs were twisted at such an unnatural angle they had to be broken, Anoushka couldn't tell if he was breathing or not. Kumar was just visible up on the walkway, he was hanging by his shoelaces from the little platform. Anoushka tried to frown at how the Hell that had happened but she couldn't move her face. She tried to scream but, again, nothing moved. Not only was she glued to the floor, but her lips were sealed shut too.