The baby was crying. That was all Anthea knew, the baby was crying and nobody seemed to be doing anything about it. She opened her eyes and groaned, her head ached but a bolt of searing pain flew down her arm when she tried to move. Anthea was suddenly awake, she looked from side to side and started to cry as everything came flooding back. The crash, two lorries colliding with their family car between them. The front of the car was gone and so were her parents. Anthea screamed and the baby cried harder.

"Nathan" she whispered. The baby had been in the back with her, Anthea gritted her teeth against the pain in her arm and the growing fire in her chest. She turned towards the sound of the crying and spotted the baby carrier perched, precariously, near the window. It must have been thrown free when they crashed. Anthea shrieked with pain when she rolled onto her front, she coughed and a huge glob of bright blood splattered across the ground. The world was starting to go dark around the edges of her vision. Anthea clenched her jaw and began dragging herself towards Nathan.

"It's okay, baby. I'm coming. Big Sister's on her way." The car, or what was left of it, suddenly jerked sideways. The baby seat tipped forward and slipped from the window. Anthea propelled herself forward with her good arm and just managed to snag to falling seat before it could hit the ground. She placed the seat next to her and cooed to Nathan until he calmed down and stopped crying. She leaned her head against the seat and smiled down at her brother. Nathan gurgled and smiled back. He reached out a tiny hand and touched her cheek.

"Bye bye baby" she whispered. Light suddenly flowed into the dark space as the rescuers finally found them. Anthea smiled again and closed her eyes, Nathan seemed to stroke her cheek and then the darkness closed in.