by Josiah Schwartz

It's really all about perspective
And that's the battle we face
Which viewpoint we'll buy into
Where we'll turn our focus
Which voice we'll listen to

Because we all have our detractors
The ones who see us
In a less than flattering light
Who would like nothing more
Than to see our spirits dampened
And our dreams discouraged

We all have our limitations
May they be physical or intellectual
The barriers we believe
That somehow negate us from a higher calling

we all have insecurities
About the way we look, sound or act
And we let those fears take hold of us
Because we are so afraid
That the way we are
Will stop others from loving us

The weaknesses and failures we carry
Seem too great to overcome

And so very often we side with the cynics
We embrace the idea
That our limitations equal disqualification

We choose a perspective
That is contrary to the King's

Don't you know?
Have you not heard?
In a world that craves for you
To fold into conformity
You have a champion
A Savior who is beyond mighty and great
Who in a world of chaos and pain
Is a lovely voice for you

You see, He is your biggest fan
Your advocate
Who wants nothing more
Than to see your joy made complete
For you to remain in Him
So your spirits may be brightened
Your dreams made beyond alive and well

And yes
You have limitations
We all do
But they are not barriers
Rather gateways for His strength
His beauty
His love
To shine through your imperfection

The insecurities you have
The way you look at yourself
Couldn't be further from how He sees you
When He looks at you
He doesn't see a failed experiment or mistake
He doesn't see baldness or the ugliness you perceive in yourself

He sees His beloved daughters and sons
Heirs to His kingdom
Ones who make His heart burst with love
Ones He cared so deeply for
He humbled himself to death on a cross
One who are just adoringly loved by Him

Please understand
Just as you are in this moment
He sees you in the most flattering light

And yes
You have a past
That has it's fair share of failure
Disappointment you feel you must shoulder
But His grace looks right past it
Giving you forgiveness after forgiveness
The chances you don't deserve
Because He hasn't given up on you
And He never will

It's all about perspective
because where you land on this
changes everything
it dictates how you lead your life
how you see others
how you see yourself
how you see Him

the sides are drawn
it's time pick a side
it's time to answer the questions

which viewpoint will you buy into?
where will you turn your focus?
which voice will you listen to?
who has your allegiance?