The Mountain Man – Chapter 1

A mountain man finds a young woman in the wilderness in trouble and helps her. Strong sexual content!

The air was crystal clear, the sky a deep dark blue, which you only see in high altitudes, and it was hot, at least hot for being mid morning at 9,500 feet. The smell of horse sweat, dust, crushed sage and occasional mint, and smoke from my brain-tanned breachclout, and moccasins surrounded me. I'd been traveling for the past fortnight in the mountains by horseback, avoiding the well used hiking trails, partly to avoid people, but also to see untracked territory. However, I'd been following the Highline Trail for an hour or two that morning when I saw her.

The young brunette was sitting on a rock, her backpack beside her, and both boots off. She was cursing and crying at the same time. I stopped about 50 yards down the trail waiting for her to see me before riding up to her.

I was only wearing a leather breachclout, or also called a clout, which is essentially a strip of leather 8 inches wide and 3 - 4 feet long, draped front and back over a narrow belt, and a pair of moccasins. My skin is well browned by the intense mountain sun and my hair, light brown, shot through with silver, bleached by the sun, reaches nearly to my waist. I'm big and lean, running 6 foot 3 inches tall, and weighing in around 180 pounds, mostly muscle and bone.

I sat there for a few minutes when Lightning, my horse, blew, as he was getting a bit bored standing there. The girl looked up when she heard the noise, and quickly began to try and compose herself.

I walked Lightning, trailed by Red, my pack horse, towards her.

"Hi." I said stopping about 10 feet from her and leaning my forearms on the tall horn of my saddle.

"Hi." She replied somewhat shyly.

"You ok?" I asked noticing the blood on her socks.

"Yes, I guess." She said.

"You have bandages and stuff to fix your feet?" I asked.

"No, my asshole boyfriend has the first-aid kit and he left me here." She blurted out, tears gathering in her cornflower blue eyes.

I slipped off Lightning, dug my first-aid kit, a small towel, and some soft cotton cloth from my saddle bags, grabbed my canteen from the saddle horn, ground-tied Lightning and came over and knelt at the girl's feet.

"May I take a look?" I asked reaching for her foot.

She extended her left foot to me and I held it gently, noting the broken, bloody blisters on her heel, big toe, and on the outside of her foot. "Looks sore; are both feet this bad?"

"Yes. In fact this foot's even worse." She said showing me her right foot.

"I guess I don't need to tell you that you should be wearing well broken in boots."

"No shit! That's what I told Mark, but he insisted that I wear the new boots he bought me. I wanted to wear my old boots, but he said I had to wear the boots he bought me. They don't even fit!" She said angrily and started crying. Continuing in a rush, in between sobs, she said, "Then he left me, when I couldn't keep up. I kept telling him I needed to stop and fix my feet, but he kept calling me a ''fuckin' pussy' and said we had to get to the camp site. He screamed at me and when I told him to 'shut the fuck up', he slapped me and stormed off. That was over an hour ago."

I was bathing her feet with the cool water from my canteen, stopped and pulled her against my chest. She sobbed all the harder. "I didn't know what to do. He has the food, the water, the tent, the first aid kit, and most of the other stuff. I don't know what I'm going to do."

"You're going to be fine." I said. "I'm here." I stated firmly. "By-the-way, you can call me JR." I said brushing my lips over her hair. She smelled wonderful, of pine and flowers, and something uniquely her.

She hugged me hard, sniffled, and pulled away slightly. She looked up and said, "I'm sorry, I don't usually fall apart like that. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't walk any further with my feet hurting as badly as they do."

"You'll be fine. We'll get your feet all fixed up, then I'll take you back to the trailhead and you can head home."

"I can't. Mark brought me. I don't have any way home without him."

"How long were you and Mark going to be backpacking?"

"Two weeks. We've been dating about a month, and we both like to backpack, so we thought that spending two weeks together would be the perfect way to really get to know each other. I didn't know what an asshole he was until now. I should have known though, because he's been trying to control me ever since we started dating. He'd ask me where I'd been, who I'd talked to, and stuff like that. It was beginning to get on my nerves. It's not like we were engaged or anything, but he started getting really possessive of me and my time."

"Here." I said handing her a piece of the soft cotton cloth. "Blow your nose, I'll be right back." I stepped over to lightning, dug into my saddle bag and pulled out a small bottle.

I pulled the cork and handed her the bottle, "Here, take a drink, this will make you feel better." She looked up at me, took the bottle, sniffed it, and took a healthy swig.

"Whew, that tastes good." She grinned and handed me the bottle. I took a swig and handed it back. She took another, even bigger swig, and smiled up at me. "Thanks, I needed that."

I took another sip, set the bottle beside her and said, "Lets get your feet fixed up and then you tell me what you want to do."

"I'd love to kick Mark in the balls, that's what I'd like to do. He left me. He fuckin' left me." She was angry now, not feeling sorry for herself or scared anymore.

As I washed and bandaged her feet, she took another healthy swallow of the whiskey and said. "When I first saw you, I thought you were naked." She grinned, flushing a bit.

"What would you have done, if I had been naked?"

"Looked." She said grinning again. She took another swallow of whiskey.

I took the bottle and said, "That's probably enough for now."

"Yep, you're probably right, I haven't had anything to eat yet today and I'm gettin' kinda tipsy." She smiled.

"Didn't it scare you, when you thought I was naked?"

"No, not after I looked in your eyes, I could tell you were kind. And, you're pretty." She grinned a silly grin at me.

"Pretty?" I asked looking down at her, with a mock intense look.

"Not pretty, handsome! You look good, really good. All brown and muscley." She said smiling at me.

"Thanks." I said smiling at her. "You're very pretty yourself!"

She blushed, and then blurted out, "God, I'm sorry, I haven't told you my name, it's Sue."

"Hi Sue." I said as I finished bandaging her feet. "I'll grab a pair of my moccasins for you to wear, then you tell me where you want to go and we'll go."

I dug one of my pairs of soft, brain-tanned moccasins out of the saddlebags and tossed them to her.

"Can we catch up to Mark? I want to give him a piece of my mind, and then decide where to go?"

"Sure, if that's what you really want to do."

I was really starting to notice Sue's body. She was wearing a pair of light blue cotton shorts and a pale yellow tank top. When she stood up, and stepped into the sun, I could see the outline of her nipples against the thin cotton of her top. Obviously, she wasn't wearing a bra. I felt my crotch start to tingle as blood began filling my cock. "Down boy, down. She's way too young for you, old man." I mumbled to myself shaking my head and grinning a bit.

She had well muscled, long legs, a narrow waist and very nice hips. Her breasts were small, slightly less than a handful, but then I have big hands, and her nipples stood out beautifully.

"I'm sorry; what did you say?" She looked at me with a bit of a sly smile.

"Nothing, I was just mumbling to myself." I said with a grin.

I put the first-aid kit and other stuff away, and dug out a handful of jerky. I handed it to her, along with the canteen.

"Thank you. I am hungry." She said as she walked gingerly around in the oversized moccasins.

I tied her backpack on Red, along with her boots, and covered them with canvas.

I took a big swig of whiskey and stuck the bottle back in the saddlebag.

I stepped up into the saddle, took my foot out of the stirrup, reached my hand down to Sue. She reached up and took my hand, put her foot in the stirrup, and swung up behind me. She wrapped a hand around my waist, handed me the canteen and we moved off up the trail with her munching on jerky.

"Where's that whiskey?" She asked.

"In the saddlebag on your right."

"Thanks." I heard her pull the cork and take a snort. "Whew, that's tasty stuff. You want some?"

"Sure." I took a swig and slipped it back in the saddle bag, my hand brushing the inside of her right thigh.

"Mmmm, that feels good."

"What's that? The whiskey?"

"No, your touch." She purred.

I reached down and stroked the inside of her thigh again, sliding my fingers from her knee to the hem of her shorts and I heard the sharp intake of her breath. I rested my hand there on her thigh. She put her hand on mine and pressed it against her.

She wrapped both hands around my waist and began playing with the hairs on my lower belly. "You know, you're not too old for me." She said running her finger along the skin at the top edge of my clout. My cock was getting hard and was very uncomfortable stuffed in the tight leather.

"So, you heard what I said to myself."

"Yes, and I think you're beautiful. You're kind, and strong, and handsome, and hung." She squeezed my cock in my clout.

"Careful, you'll have me growing out of the clout."

"Really? Oh my." She pressed her breasts against my back and I could feel her hard nipples.

I had to readjust my cock, so I stood in the stirrups, reached into my clout, and pulled my cock up against my belly and sat back down. Sue ran her fingers back across the skin at the upper edge of my clout and encountered the head and end of my cock extending out of the top of my clout. "Holy shit, your cock reaches all the way to your bellybutton!" She wrapped her hand around my cock, and the head extended out from her fist. "My god, you feel good." She said against my back, stroking my cock. "So soft, but so hard too."

"My god, woman that feels good." I laughed, reaching back and squeezing her butt.

"Mmmmm." She rubbed the tip of my cock with her thumb, lubricated with pre-cum.

I took hold of her hand and asked, "Is this the whiskey talking?"

"No, well maybe a little, but I really like you."

"God girl, I like you too." I slid my hand into the apex of her thighs and she pressed down against my hand. I could feel the heat of her and found the hard little nub of her clitoris with the tip of my finger and swirled around it.

"Oh my, that feels good." She arched against me and continued to stroke my cock, then slid her other hand down and into my clout and cupped my balls.

I guided Lightning towards a little meadow just off the trail. Slipping my leg over the saddle horn I dropped to the ground. I turned and reached up for Sue and she leaned toward me and I helped her down, letting her body slide down the front of me. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pressed her pussy against my hard cock. I dry humped her for a minute or so, as I ravaged her mouth with mine. She kissed me back hard, sucking on my tongue and pushing her tongue as far into my mouth as she could. She dropped to the ground and I reached down and unbuckled my belt and slipped off my clout and draped it and my belt over the saddle. Turning, I grabbed the rolled sheet of canvas, I often used as a shelter, I had hanging over the front of the saddle, walked a few feet away from the horses, and spread it on the ground. I turned to Sue, reached out my hand and she came and joined me. I pulled her down beside me on the canvas and lay back, her head nestled on my shoulder.

"You don't wear clothes much, do you? You're tan all over."

"As little as I can get away with." I said with a grin.

She kissed her way down my chest to my belly, reached out with the tip of her tongue, and touched the drop of precum oozing out of the head of my cock. "Mmmm, you taste good, just a touch sweet, and very clean tasting." Her lips enveloped the head of my cock and I groaned and involuntarily thrust my hips towards her mouth.

"You don't think this is perverted, do you?"

"What, you mean oral sex? Hell no girl, that's what one person does for another they care for to give them pleasure."

She smiled up at me and said, "I think so too. Mark said it was perverted and only 'homos' did that."

"He couldn't be more wrong!"

She took a lot of my cock in her mouth and gagged slightly, took me again, taking a little more, then a little more, until she had almost all of my cock in her mouth and the head down her throat. She slid off me and smiled, then knelt beside me and peeled her tank top over her head. I reached out and took her breast in my hand and tweaked the nipple, she moaned and arched against my hand. She stood and slipped her shorts and thong down her long shapely legs and tossed them on her tank top. She stretched, arching her back, clearly showing me her beautiful, shaved pussy, glazed with the evidence of her arousal.

"Oh my, you are very beautiful!" I said.

"Thank you, kind sir." She said as she straddled my hips, reached between us and guided my cock to the opening of her pussy. "It's bigger than any I've ever had. It looks beautiful, but a little scary."

"It's nothing to worry about. I've never hurt anyone before." She lowered herself down and the head disappeared between her nether lips.

Her eyes were closed and her head thrown back, as she slowly impaled herself on my cock, with lots of groans and moans. When my cock bottomed against her cervix, she opened her eyes and smiled at me. "That feels so good!"

"Hot, wet silk. You feel so amazing!" I stroked up into her, pushing my cock even a bit deeper into her.

She rose up and looked down. "Look what you've done, made me so wet." Her nectar had glazed my cock and I could feel it flowing over my balls.

I reached up for her and pulled her down on me so that I could kiss her and we began to move together in the dance of sex. I rolled her over and stroked into her. I stroked long and slow, short and fast, long and fast, then short, deep strokes, grinding my pelvis against hers, stimulating her clitoris. She wrapped her legs around me, pressing her heels in the small of my back as I continued to press the head of my cock against her cervix and rotate my pelvic bone against her clitoris. She humped up against me hard, rotating her hips against me.

I could feel myself heading for a climax, so I slowly slid out of her and kissed my way down her body, suckling on her hard nipples, then dipping my tongue in her navel. I lightly kissed her nether lips, then laved the junction of her leg and pelvis, then kissed her pussy as I slid across to the other side and laved the junction of her other leg. I kissed her pussy and parted her lips with my tongue, sliding it up and circling her clitoris.

"Oh my god!" she exclaimed as she thrust up against my face. "That feels amazing. I've fantasized about someone doing this to me."

I slid my tongue deep into her pussy, and then laved her clitoris; she groaned, grabbing my hair and pulling my face against her. I sucked her clit between my lips and flicked the tip of my tongue against it. I sucked on her clit grazing it with my teeth and she erupted in climax, crying out and arching against me. I slid up her body and as I buried my cock in her in one thrust, she grabbed my beard and kissed me hard, sucking my tongue into her mouth and greedily kissing my lips, mustache, and beard.

She rolled me over, and astride me, frantically humped me, grinding against me and when I exploded into her, she cried out again. I could feel the waves of contractions as her pussy milked my cock dry as I continued to thrust up into her. She slumped against me breathing heavily, quietly saying, "Oh my god, oh my god. I never knew it could be like this. Oh my god!" I slowly continued to slide my still hard cock in and out of her as she pressed herself against me.

I crossed my legs and sat up with Sue against me, my cock still in her pussy. She wrapped her legs around me, crossing them behind me and we sat there, me pulsing my cock in her and her squeezing me with her pussy. She looked up at me and smiled.

"You're amazing." She said looking into my eyes.

"Not amazing, just experienced and open to feeling and experiencing things."

"How did you learn to do what you've done to me?"

"I've had a lot of experience and I've also had some great teachers, been open to trying things, and I get tremendous pleasure from pleasing my partner."

We sat that way for several minutes, just enjoying the feel of each other. Sue pushed me down and kissed her way down my body, slowly taking my cock in her mouth. "We taste good together." She said, taking my entire cock into her mouth, the head sliding down her throat. "I've always wanted to do that, or at least see if I could. It makes me so turned on." She began fucking my cock with her mouth.

"Sue, you're going to make me cum if you keep that up." She just looked at me and grinned and then spun around and straddled my face. I pulled her down and began to suck on her pussy, licking and sucking on her clit. I couldn't believe it but she was going to make me cum again and soon. I redoubled my effort teasing her clit, and slipped two fingers into her pussy. She came quickly and hard and I followed her almost immediately, trying hard not to, but still thrusting up into her mouth. She gently nursed on my cock, draining it dry.

"Oh god girl; I didn't think I'd be able to come again, especially that quickly."

"Oh JR; I've wanted to do that for so long. Make a man come in my mouth and suck him dry. You taste so good." She kissed my balls and nuzzled her cheek up against my cock and balls.

We both heard the cussing and swearing coming from up the trail a ways.

"Oh fuck, that's Mark!" She was obviously scared and angry.

"Grab your clothes and hide over there in the bushes. Don't come out for any reason, ok?" I said pointing to some thick pines across the meadow.

"Alright, but be careful, he's a mean bastard." She said slipping off into the trees.