I stood and slipped on my breachclout and draped the canvas over Lightning's neck in front of my saddle.

"Hey, you! You seen a cunt around here?" He yelled walking towards me aggressively. He stood around my height, maybe an inch or so shorter, but he had huge shoulders and heavily muscled arms and he probably outweighed me by a good 20 or more pounds. He was wearing a pair of shorts and hiking boots. Lightning's head popped up out of the grass and he started towards him, ears forward, stepping up to protect me and his herd.

"Excuse me. Have I seen what?" I was walking quickly to intercept Lightning. I picked up Lightning's lead rope when he was about 10 feet from Mark, and he stopped, waiting for me to walk past him.

"A fuckin' pussy cunt with brown hair, about so tall." He held his hand about mid chest high.

"Are you asking about a woman?" I asked, looking him in the eye.

"Isn't that what I just said?"

"No. You didn't!" I said walking right up to him. I could smell alcohol on his breath, he was quite drunk. "There was a very nice young woman on the side of the trail a mile or so back, that had terrible blisters on her feet from ill fitting boots. Some thoughtless ass-hole left her there. I stopped and helped her out. Is that who you're referring to?"

"Yeah, ya dumb fuck. Where the fuck is she now?"

"Excuse me! What did you just call me?" I asked dropping Lightning's lead rope and walking towards him.

"I called you a dumb fuck, you fuckin' weirdo. What the hell are you wearing anyway, some fuckin' injun outfit?"

"I'll only tell you once to speak with respect to me and about the young lady."

"What the fuck you gonna do, hit me, you fucking old man." He stepped forward and swung a wild haymaker at me. I sidestepped his punch and as he went past me I tripped him and he fell flat on his face. He jumped up and charged me swinging his fists wildly. I ducked under his punches and flipped him over my shoulder. He landed heavily on his back, the wind knocked out of him.

He was lying on his back gasping for breath and I stood over him, reached down and just tapped his throat with my fist and quietly said, "Dead! Now if you'd like to try again I can make it so. In the future you should be careful who you are dealing with before you try something like. If I wasn't such a nice guy, this could easily have been the last thing you ever did.

Now, I'm not exactly sure where the young lady is presently, but I am sure she'll have nothing to do with you in the future."

I turned and looped Lightning's lead rope around the saddle horn so that it wasn't hanging down and dragging on the ground, then turned back to Mark.

He'd gained his breath and slowly got to his feet. He was boiling mad, his face red and the veins in his forehead were distended. He started to say something, but I interrupted him saying, "I think you'd better get on back to your camp, for your own good. Just to make sure you keep moving I'm sending my horse after you to keep you moving." I motioned Lightning forward and he pinned his ears and reached out to bite Mark. Mark jerked out of his way, then turned and began to run. Lightning reached out and bit him hard on the butt, ripping a big chunk of cloth from his shorts, and I'm sure a huge bruise on his ass. Mark screamed and bolted towards the trail with Lightning right on his tail. Just as Mark was going out of sight up the trail, I heard him scream again. I whistled and a moment later Lightning came prancing back down the trail towards me, his tail in the air, acting very proud of himself.

Sue stepped out of the trees and ran up to me, throwing her arms around me and hugging me tightly. "I thought he was going to kill you. I never saw anything so cool in my life. You put him down like he was nothing."

"He was drunk and very stupid. It was no big thing. If he'd have hit me, Lightning would have taken him out easily. He's a very protective horse.

I was thinking; how about we visit Mark's camp tonight when he's sleeping and take all his clothes and boots and whatever else we can get from him and leave him stranded?" I said grinning at Sue.

"Do you think we could? That would be so fucking cool! Oh yes, let's do it."

I stepped into the saddle, reached down and lifted Sue up behind me and we rode off down the trail, as Red trundled after us. We hadn't gotten 50 feet up the trail before Sue unbuckled my belt and slid it off. I stood in the stirrups and she slid my breachclout off and stuffed them both into my saddle bag. She dug out the whiskey flask and handed it to me. I took a slug, and handed it back to her. She took a sip and stuffed it back in the saddle bag, then reached around me and began to fondle my hard cock.

"I like how you think, girl." I squeezed her thigh.

I had a good idea where Mark had camped and when we got to a junction of trails I knew for sure. His tracks headed off downhill towards a small lake. We stayed on the main trail for another 100 yards or so, and then cut off through the trees trail towards a small knoll overlooking the lake. When we reached a flat area a little back from the point of the knoll, Sue slipped off Lightning; I stripped the saddle off him and the pack saddle off Red and turned them loose to roll.

I had our camp set up in a few minutes and soon after had a fire the size of my hat burning with a pot of water on for tea. Sue snuggled up against me and began fondling my cock again. I lay back against a log and she kissed her way down my chest and took me in her mouth. She sucked on me fondling my balls, then slid her fingers back and began stroking my perineum, and then my anus. I moaned as she circled my asshole. I stood up and pulled her up to me. I quickly relieved her of her clothes and laid her down on the blankets under our lean-to. I knelt between her thighs and slid my cock into her wet pussy in one long stroke and began to fuck her hard. The slap of wet skin against wet skin filled the air. She moaned and began to arch up against me meeting every thrust. She cried out as she came and I followed her quickly, filling her with my essence.

I rolled over, pulling her on top of me, my cock still buried in her. She laid her head on my shoulder and promptly fell asleep. I carefully rolled her to my side, snuggled up against her, pulled a blanket over us and fell asleep myself.