(A/N: I did feel this way for a time- thankfully, not anymore.)

Too detached to love

Too narcissistic to believe

There's anything above

I could only touch you if I was wearing a glove

I fear

There's nothing you could tell me

That I would want to hear

My dear

Who wouldn't want to fuck those pretty

Hips and arms and legs?

Honeybun, I'd rather

Fuck around inside

Your head

Corrupt you with my outlook

Slip inside

Your mind

Farewell to Mr Hyde

Now I'm Doctor Frankenstein

Could you nurse me? Could you love

The hand that puts a chain

Around your neck?

Could you worship me?

Kneel before me?

Could you love a wreck?

You don't have applause enough for this one-(wo)man show

Instinctively I know