"Wow! Look at him, he doesn't jump or bark any more!"

Jae smiles at the couple and their now behaving Newfoundland dog. The man of the couple looks up at her and takes out his check, ready to give payment for her work.

"Now, that should be a thousand exact right?" Jae's face frowned a bit as she folded her arms.

"I'm very sorry sir, but it's actually two hundred extra." Both adults' eyes widen at her. The man snaps his check book shut and looks at her up and down.

"Extra? You only took care of our dog for five days. Your form said it's a hundred a day and doubled if training because of his size, that's a thousand." Jae challenged his look, not backing down even with his stern voice.

"You told me you would leave your dog with me for seven days, but you suddenly the date to five on the forth day. I had to cram training all on that one day, that's extra. I have other customers that want me to help with their dog but I had to focus all on yours." The wife walks up to her husband and puts a hand on his shoulder, trying to bring down the man's temper.

"Honey, look how much our pet has approved, lets just give her the extra."

He pressed his lips to a fine line, but reluctantly took out his checkbook and wrote down the price for Jae's services. He then rips the paper with a grumble and handed it to the girl. Jae smiles triumphantly and takes the paper with confidence. She then waves at the two as they exit with their now behaved dog. Once the couple was well out of her pet shop, Jae sighs and a slight frown comes on. From the back of the store comes her friend and employee, she comes out carrying a box and walks up to Jae with a slight smirk.

"What's with that face? I thought you were glad to be done with them." Jae lets out another puff of air and folds her arms.

"They'll be back, in five months tops."

The dog was a mess before Jae trained him. Usually such large dogs are mellow without any training, but this was the complete opposite. He would bark at any person that passed by, and jump at anyone for a lick on the face. This wasn't an issue of just a bad dog but bad owners, and they insist only for her to train the dog? The couple probably spoils him at home. Jae swears dog owners are getting worse and worse by the years.

"Jae, where do these new dog biscuits go?" Jae turns her head and calls out to her friend.

"Replace them with the old brand we have, Willow."

Willow was first just a new worker when she applied last year, but the two then realized they were going to the same college and started to get closer after that. Jae dropped out seven months ago because she realized she couldn't keep up with studies and the pet store she owns, but Willow still attends her studies and strives to be a vet. Willow had short glossy, black hair, probably dyed, and brown eyes. She's stick skinny, pale, and wears heavy eye make-up. The girl is fun and has a great way of attracting customers, but most would usually just come in to view Willow as some eye-candy.

Willow soon comes back to Jae with a smile and jumps over to the girl, she then frowns seeing a strained look on her face. Willow leans forward to inspect Jae's face more, she in turn blinks at her friend in confusion.

"What?" She leans back, giving her space again and lets out a frown.

"Don't worry so much over the dog, the owners aren't abusing him or anything." Jae frowns a bit and runs a hand through her thick, black hair.

"They're spoiling him too much and not disciplining, it doesn't only effect the dog but other people around him." Willow still has a frown, she sighs to herself at Jae's worry. She swears that Jae mistakes animals for real human beings, not saying that she doesn't care about animals but there's a boundary you must put between the two.

A bell rings from the entrance of the shop, signaling that a customer has arrived. Willow was the first to react by turning to the person with a smile, while Jay stood in her same place stuck in her thoughts.

"Welcome to PupPupPop! If there's anything you need just ask!"

But Willow's face then drops when she sees the customer and jumps to Jae, hiding behind her taller friend.

"J-Jae! Look at how weird he's dressed!" The girl whispers. Jae snaps from her thoughts at Willow's sudden clutch on her arms, she looks up to the man that just walked in to see what her friend meant by 'weird'. She raises an eyebrow at him, well his clothes were interesting. Shaggy red hair was held in a bandana, he wore a colorful sparkly jacket along with pants, and black boots and shirt. But, Jae then glances at Willow's short denim skirt, high black heels, and black fishnet arms.

". . . You don't have room to talk." Willow frowns and starts pushing Jay towards the strange customer.

"Hey! I actually look sexy! Now hurry and get rid of him!"

Jae rolls her eyes at Willow's frightened behavior and pulls away from her to walk up to the new customer. Jae smiles lightly at him, the man was looking at different dog collars with a slight smile.

"Is there anything you need?"

His attention is pulled away from the collars, he then looks at Jay and a smile comes on to his face.

"Ah, yes! I'm looking for Jayne Hughes." Jae blinks at him and folds her arms.

"That's me." The man's face then brightens to a grin, he then takes Jae's hand and begins to shake it excitedly.

"Great! My name is Hopper, nice to meet you Jayne!" Jae had to stop herself from falling over. Wait, his name is Hopper? The girl shakes her head and passes of the weird name the man had and returns the handshake.

"Call me Jae. Is there something you need from me?" Hopper nodded and continues to smile, now with arms folded at the back of his head.

"I heard you're a pretty good trainer." He then puts his arms down and settles his smile to a slight grin. "My partners and I have a pretty misbehaving pet, and we heard that you can tame any animal. We would like it if you could tame ours." Jae nods slowly and takes out a notepad from her apron.

"Alright just tell me what kind of pet you have and what time you can drop him or her off."

"Oh, that wont be necessary." Jae raises an eyebrow and lowers her pad a bit with confusion.

"Sir, I need to know so I can charge you accordingly to the pet's size and how long I must be with the animal." Hopper merely laughs and takes out a checkbook and starts writing out a check.

"Seriously, it's fine! My colleges and I already know how much to pay you for just complying, here." Jae takes the check but still holds a slight frown on her face.

"No, I'm serious, it wont be fair if you pay too much or little for my services and-, why are paying me this much? !"

Her eyes bug out at the price he marks down on the piece of paper, even her hands began to tremble in disbelief. Ten-thousand? ! For only just saying yes? This must be a joke, she thought in her head. Why would anyone give out this much money to train a pet! Also, not to be mean to the man in front of her, but for his appearance how could he possibly just throw out this much cash!

Hopper laughs at her reaction and starts to exit the store, but not before waving to her in a good-bye.

"He'll be at your place around half-past seven! Thanks a lot Jae!"
The ringing from the bell tells Jae that the man has exited her shop. Willow peeks out from the counter and lets out a breath of relief at the disappearance of the strange person. She then stands up straight and walks next to Jay, who's still frozen in place from the sight of the check.

"Glad that guy's gone, right Jae?"

No response.

"H-Hey, Jae? Are you okay?"

Still no response.

"Jae? Jae? . . . Oh my God! Jae, breath!"


"I'm leaving Willow, call if you need anything."

"Alright! Good luck with the new pet today!"

Jae closes the door and begins to walk home. She then reaches into her pocket and feels the check. She can't believe that this is actually happening, with this kind of money she could get more employees or better supplies. But at the same time she was still weary, Willow was right that the man was strange, and for him to carry such money. Jae pulls out the check again and checks the name, she then raises an eyebrow.

'All From Heaven'

Is this a company that's paying for the check? And what kind of name is this? Okay, now things are getting suspicious, she should of asked for his phone number. Jae sighs to herself, looks like she'll have to wait until he comes to her place.

She then stops in place. Wait, did she tell him her address? Jae lets out a groan and rubs her face, well wont this be troublesome. At the same time it could be good, this way she can decline the money and training. With the check and Hopper things are getting too sketchy.

Jae finally returns to her house and heads up to her room to change, get comfortable, and start making dinner. It was now later in the afternoon and Jae was looking up other clients that needed her service on the laptop. She sighs and checks the clock in the living room, seven twenty-five. Would he actually be here, no. There's no way, he doesn't know where she lives. Jae shakes her head and continues to look through her computer.

The door bell then rings, making Jae freeze up. No way, she stands up from her couch and walks to her house's entrance. Jae stops in front of the door and takes a gulp before looking through the door's peephole. She then lets out a breath of relief once she sees it's just the mailman. Jae opens the door and greets the man with a smile.


"Good evening, please sign this." She nods and takes the pad to sign and hands it back to the mailman, still holding a slight smile. He also returns the smile and turns around.

"Okay! Bring it in!"

Jae raises an eyebrow. 'Bring it in'? Bring what? She doesn't remember ordering anything huge, and her parents told her they weren't going to support her when she gets a pet shop. The mailman then turns back to Jae.

"You might want to back-up."

"W-Wait, what is it?" He shrugs at her and pushes Jae a little into the house. She looks behind the man to see what they're bringing in, her mouth drops at the item. She then points at the it with eyes bugged out.

"W-What is that? !"

The mailmen continue to bring in the box, but it wasn't just an ordinary box. The box was a pretty large size and barely managed to fit through her door. It was also strangely taped down and for some reason was secured down by numerous chains and locks. Jae continues to stutter and look at the box with shock. What kind of package is this? ! Heck, is it even legal to package items like this? !

Jae then realizes the mailmen were leaving and exiting out of her home. She began to panic and pulled on one of their arms.

"W-Wait! This has to be some mistake! I did not order anything like this and I'm pretty sure no one would send me something like this!" He blinked at her and took out the script that showed the details of the package he then looked back up at her and shrugged.

"If your name is Jayne Hughes, this is for you. Oh, almost forgot." He pulled out from his back pocket a book and settled it into Jae's hands. "This also comes with the package."

He then starts to walk out at the house, and left closing the door.

Jae just stood there in the middle of her hallway, with the huge package in front of her. She then slowly looked down to the book in her hands, her eyes grew big at the title of the book.

'All From Heaven:Amadeus Owner's Guide'? !

Jae let out a steady laugh at the book. No way, this has to be one whole joke. Maybe Willow did all of this for a prank. Yeah, that must be it, it's all a joke! Jae let out a louder laugh at herself while putting a hand to her forehead.

"Man, she sure got me. This all seems so real! Hahaha-!"


She stops her laughter, her head slowly creaks towards the box. Did the box just . . . 'thump'? It can't be, that there's something actually in the box! Jae takes a gulp and slowly walks up to the object, she kneels next to it and puts a ear to the box. Jae lets out a yelp and jumps back. No way! There's actually something breathing in there!

Jae's sudden instinct to help any animal in need kicks in and she quickly looks around the box to see how to unlock it. Thankfully, she finds a key on the top and quickly grabs it and begins to unlock all the chains. She removes all of it and begins to rip at the tape at the top. Sudden anger begins to boil in Jae's body, as she realizes the company must have done this to the animal. What kind of people would treat animals like this? ! She is suing this company once she lets out the poor thing! A smile comes on her face once she finally gets off all the tape and rips it open. Jae smiles inside the box ready to take out the animal, but instead she sees a very different sight.

The smile falls slowly form her mouth, Jae was now gaping open. That was definitely not an animal. Inside, sitting in the box was a male, he held a glare and had his hand holding his chin. The male's body was a huge build and he had very glossy, black hair that was a short cut. He also had very stunning eyes that were sharp, almost glowed green. Also, for some reason he wore black slacks and a beige shirt with a stripped tie. Jae's face blushed at the attractive man, that was until he got a gun out and pointed it at her face.


" . . . Eh?"

Jae then snapped back into reality. Everything then processed into her head. This attractive guy was sent to her in a box, and he was currently pointing a weapon at her. Well, hasn't this situation changed drastically.

She lets out a scream and backs away just in time as he pulls the trigger and a bullet fly's out from the weapon. Jae immediately gets on her feet and runs up the stairs to the safety of her room. The mysterious man stands up from the box and cocks his gun again and stalks after her.

Jae was panting and keeping her back to her door. This can't be happening, this all has to be some horrible dream! But, hearing the person's footsteps coming up the stairs confirmed that all of this is a living nightmare. Jae, still shaking, stood up and grabbed her phone ready to dial 911.

"Whoa, you shouldn't have ran from him. Now he's lost all respect for you." Jae lets out a scream and drops the phone. From her window, was Hopper greeting her with a wide smile. He then jumps down from it and waves at the girl.

"That's good he got here-!"

Jae didn't waste any time and took her phone to throw it at Hopper's head.

"What the hell is going on? ! And how did you get in my house? !" Hopper pouted and rubbed the spot where the phone left a bump. He then stood up and sent her a smile and folded his arms behind his head.

"What else, that's the pet you're training."

Jae continued to stare at him with a dead-pan expression.

"You think this is funny?" She whispered out, Hopper looked at her and blinked, not understanding at all what she was talking about.

"Funny?" Jae runs up to him and grabs his collar, now completely ticked off.

"He takes out a gun and almost kills me! And here you are all smiling like this is normal!"

"What are you talking about, Amadeus always has his gun, it's perfectly normal." Jae stares at him with no emotion, Hopper begins to fidget under the uncomfortable stare. He then begins to panic as the girl picks the phone up from the ground again.

"W-Wait! I swear this isn't a joke! He's an actual pet!" Hopper then takes from his back-pocket a flyer and hands it to Jae, she glares at him and swipes the piece of paper and scans over it.

On the cover was the guy that almost shot her, holding the same glare on his face. But there were also three other people on it, one with a huge sneer bearing sharp teeth, another one had a maniacal grin, and the last one was actually pretty normal in fact he looked bored. Almost all of them looked very deadly, but the positive was that they were all good-looking. Her eyes then lifted to the words that were printed at the top. 'All From Heaven: Danger Addition'.

Her eyes raise up to Hopper, he had a bright smile on and points to the paper.

"All From Heaven is a pet company! These are the new ones we found and breed."

Jae snaps.

"What kind of people are you! ? This isn't pet selling! It's practically human trafficking!" Hopper frowns at her accusation.

"Excuse me! I work there! And we are not a human trafficking, I swear this is a pet company!"

"Then how come I never heard of it?"

"Well duh, it's for rich people."

" . . ."

That was a smack to her pride. Jae opens her mouth ready to argue with him, but then from her door came the sound of a gun going off, and from that door came a bullet that flew right past her head. No! He's here! Jae immediately latches back on to Hopper again with eyes now having tears in the corners.

"Help me!" Hopper at first blinks but then waves his finger at the girl and pulls her off of him.

"Tsk, tsk, don't you remember. He's your pet from here on, train him!"

"That's a lunatic not a pet!" Hopper smiles lightly at her, understanding on how she is frightened of the situation.

"He is a pet, he's been breed and domesticated to be one . . . sort of. Just treat him like any other animal."

Jae still looks at him with wide eyes. Treat him like an animal? ! How is she suppose to treat a person that is almost a foot taller than her like a pet? ! But, she has to somehow stop that manic. Jae looks up to Hopper and saw he still had a bright smile on. She reluctantly sighs and puts her head down. Great looks like she will have to save the day. Jae looks around her room. Alright, he is armed, so she can just think of him like an anger dog. Her eyes then landed on a spray bottle that was sitting on her desk. That's it! Hopper watched with curiosity as Jae goes and takes the object and walks to her door. The girl takes in a deep breath, trying to calm down her nerves. You can do this Jae, just remember, he's a pet. She finally opens the door and was met with the barrel of his gun, Jae immediately takes up the spray bottle and sprays the man's face.


Hopper groans as Jae stutters out the insult, that wont end good.

Jae looks up to his face and sees that he's giving her a look that plainly screamed out, 'What the hell was that?'

She blinked at him, did it work? Just as that thought ran through her head she was slammed to the wall and was raised from the ground by her shirt.

She'll take that as a no.

Her hands immediately fly up to his that were grabbing her shirt, the male was sending her dead glares, she's surprised she hasn't melted from the intensity. Jae begins to panic as she felt his grip increase on her clothes. She reacted on reflex and lifted up her hand to flick him on the nose. His glare turned back to the expression he gave her earlier. Jae tries not to shake so much in his grip as she tried to discipline the man.

"No! Bad!" He glares at her again but this time he let his grip go, letting Jae fall to the ground. She lets out a yelp as she hits the floor, but even with the pain she's grateful to be out of his menacing clutches. Jae then looks up to see what he's doing. The male was going down the stairs, but before disappearing he turns to sneer at her one last time.


Her face falls at his insult as he just walks off downstairs. Scum? ! What part of her was a scum! Jae let out a groan and puts her head in her hands, she still can't even believes this is all real.

"Wow~." Jae looks up to see Hopper now out of her room. He has his eyes widened and a hand holding his chin, the man looked like he was in awe. Wait, is he maybe in awe of her abilities as a trainer? Jae could feel her pride start to swell at the thought that he might actually see her like that.

"You acted in such a strange way that you freaked him out and that made him spare you." He then closed his eyes in thought. "Why didn't we think of that."

And there goes her pride . . .


After that Hopper offered to explain everything that was going on and both of them walked down to the living room. Jae was surprised to just see Amadeus laying down on the couch with his eyes closed and hands behind his head. Oh, and she finally learned what his name was. But, she was then told by Hopper that Amadeus is probably hungry and that she should make him something.

So, that lead to now. Jae just quickly microwaved yesterday's casserole and took it to him. Jae stood in front of him, waiting for the 'pet' to open his eyes. She then looked to Hopper for help, but the man merely waves his hand for her to continue. She takes in a breath and reluctantly spoke.

"Um, Amadeus. Here's some food."

The male opened his eyes to look at Jae, he then looks at the food. She became more nervous as he sat up and literally sniffed at the food, Amadeus backed up again and Jae thought he might actually eat it.

Until the 'pet' took his hand and hit the food up making it slam into Jae's face.


Her face immediately darkens at the man. There is more than one way to say, 'this food is shitty'. But to throw the food in her face and say 'scum' is just asking to be slapped along the head! If he didn't have a weapon she would have taught him some respect!

Hopper was now laughing in his seat, not helping the situation at all.

"That's right! I should of told you Amadeus had picky taste, he only likes meat and wine."

She glared at him while the he continues to laugh. He couldn't have told her this before she made him something? !

Jae just takes in a breath, trying to calm her nerves, and goes to wash her face. When she came back to the room Amadeus looked like he was completely sleeping and Hopper was just happily sitting on one of the chairs. Jae goes and sits across from him and gives the man a dead, serious stare.

"Alright, explain to me how your company is legal and how it works." Hopper smiled with his head tilted and sat up.

"Of course. As I said we sell pets, but as you can see we sell exotic ones." He then pulls out the same flyer and lays it out on the table. "We've sold devoted, kind, quiet, and many other types of pets. So, our company came up with a dangerous type." He then folded his arms and closed his eyes. "We traveled to a far away island where we found four new types of pets that perfectly fit the title dangerous, so we captured them and took them to our base to train them!"

For some reason Jae still thought all of this sounded illegal . . .

Hopper let out a nervous laugh. "But the problem is they're too dangerous. Every trainer we've given to the breeds they've killed them."

Jae freezes up at that and turns to look at the sleeping Amadeus, she then points to the 'pet' with a shaking finger.

"D-Don't tell me he's killed before." Hopper then let out a laugh.

"Yup! Four previous trainers!"

She's going to die! Jae stands up from her chair and points to the male again.

"I can't take care of him!" Hopper's eyes widen at her and he immediately stands and grabs her shoulders.

"Y-You can't! Look how much you've done with him! A-And without any weapons!"

"I don't care! I could-! Wait, weapons?" The fire in Jae's eyes calms down as she now looks at him with wide eyes. Hopper nods and backs away from her now rubbing one of his arms.

"They think he's so untrainable they've started to use things like tazers." He then looks up to her with eyes filled with sadness and plead. "So, that's why I came to find you! I asked the company that if I could find a person that can tame each dangerous type they would stop using weapons to train them!"

Jae now had her eyes wide open in disbelief. She looked towards Amadeus with concern. Was he actually abused? Jae took a hand to her head and rubbed her face. She can't believe this, people were now so heartless they were abusing pets that look like them.

She then started to remember that one moment when she was little. Jae was only seven, and her parents owned a farm. She loved her life there, but one day the police raided their house. She was scared as they cuffed her parents and started to demand where the 'puppy mill' was. The word was foreign to her that age. But, she did know what puppies were, and that her parents would always talk about puppies in the barn on the other side of the farm. Jae was naive, she didn't find it suspicious at all that her parents forbid her to go into the barn. So, she told the police about the barn and the puppies in them, she didn't see the horror on her parents' faces. They all turned to each-other and some ran out of the house towards the barn, Jae happily followed them, thinking this was her chance to see what was in the mysterious barn. But, she always regret what she saw.

Right when Jae ran into the barn, the stench made her want to run out. That wasn't the only thing that made her eyes water. All around her were dirty dogs, a lot of them were also missing different limbs, some couldn't even bark, the worst was when she saw a dead one. Jae immediately starts to cry at the scene around her, thankfully there was a cop near by that picked the girl up and took her out.

That event scarred her and ruined her life. She was sent to a foster home, but was adopted by a good family. She almost forgot the most important part of that moment, while the cops where taking in the puppies there was one that was completely healthy, a cute yorkie. Jae asked the cop if she could take care of it, they all looked at each-other and told her she could come visit the puppy at the pound after its been taken care of. Even though she wouldn't get the dog right away, a smile came on her face at the thought of visiting the dog.

Jae visited the thing everyday, but there was a problem. It was a troublesome dog, and would bit any person that came within it's distance. At one point the owner of the pound wouldn't let her visit the dog. But that didn't stop her, everyday she came and still visited it. There was one day where she got bit by the yorkie and started to bleed, the worker's began to get flushed and worried that they could get sued if Jae told her parents about the bite. Instead, Jae reaches toward the dog and flicks its nose, making it back away and whimper. The worker's were then shocked to see her still come by, and day by day the dog became more tamed.

After that Jae dedicated herself to help animals. Which lead her to own a pet shop and help owner's with their pets.

She looks from between her hands back to Hopper who still held puppy-eyes.

"I'll do it, just, how many do I have to train." The smile came back and he clapped his hands together.

"Really! That's great! Don't worry, after Amadeus you just have to train Severus, Prince, and Fido. And we'll pay for all the expenses since you obviously don't have any cash!"

"Oh, thanks." He then puts a checkbook in her hands and exited her house, but not before waving to her with his same bright smile.

She sighs and looks towards Amadeus with stress. But that look soon changes to one of determination. She'll train him to be an obedient pet and help him to have a good life! Jae smiles at him and folds her arms, that's a promise she'll make for all the dangerous types!