There were many thoughts running through Jae's mind. A lot consisted of her worry about the condition of her home. Also about the safety of Hopper. Having one 'pet' was dangerous, but all four of them was suicidal. They would always complain about each other and throw insults about the other 'pet'. How did Hopper even manage to get all boxes to her house?

But, that's not the number one thought in her mind. Jae was genuinely excited to see them. There was no denying the sounds before the line went dead, the four were home and Hopper was currently at their mercy. A smile was on her face, but then it was wiped off as she realized the situation. Is her house even in one piece right now?!

Jae's feet carried themselves a little faster at the thought. Once at her doorstep Jae pauses a bit with her hand near the doorknob. She closes her eyes and takes a breath before opening the door. She feels her heart swell at the sight, but at the same time her face twitches in irritation.

Inside Hopper was tied upside and had tears streaming down his face with sniffles. Prince was laughing at the side of Hopper, kicking the male every now and then making Hopper cry out more. On the side Severus was yelling at Amadeus. The bigger 'pet' was laying down on the couch, throwing a vase whenever Severus got too loud. While Fido was . . .

Still in his box, tumbling around and singing 'The Wheels On The Bus'.

She stares at them with her mouth dropped in shock.

Did all those months of training go for nothing?!


The chaos around her continues. Only getting worse as Prince decided is would be fun throwing glass at Severus along with Amadeus.

"Noisy scum."




"Ke ke ke ke. You're senses are dazing, shitty-dog. Bark as much as you want, it doesn't effect your bite."

". . . I dare you to fuckin' say that again."

The wheels on the bus go round 'n round, round 'n round

All the glass are thrown to Fido's box.

"Hey! Is this how I trained you guys to act?!"

All the commotion in the room stop as everyone falls silent. The five males turn their heads to Jae with wide eyes. Hopper looks like he was saved from being killed, which he probably almost was. While the rest of them had guilt on their faces, like they were kids being caught trying to sneak some cookies from the jar.

Well, expect for Fido. For some reason he was still in his box.

"Prince, let Hopper down."

His mouth forms to a small pout. The 'pet' unwillingly takes out a knife and cuts the side of the rope, making Hopper fall to the ground face first. The red-head quickly gets up from the ground and rushes to the side of Jae, clinging on to her with tears still going down his face.

"I thought I was going to die! Jae, thank you so much I could, -Ack!"

Hopper suddenly feels the intense glares being pierced into his back. Hopper jumps off of Jae and looks to the others with his hands up.

"I-I'm not interested! She's all yours!"

Jae still had a glare on her face. Yes, she was happy they were here. But, after seeing how the 'pets' were acting she wasn't in a good mood. She also didn't know why they were here. Jae turns to Hopper with her eyes furrowed.

"I thought, you said they were going to be sent off to other owners."

Hopper quickly straightens himself up. Getting his suit back into balance.

"T-They were. But, let's just say they haven't been cooperating as much as the other pets. Even after editing their guide books."

She looks around the room at them. They were all having their usual expressions. Amadeus was zoning out with his eyes closed and head resting against his palm. Severus was directing a slight glare towards Jae and Hopper. Prince had boredom on his face as he looked to the ceiling. Fido was actually outside his box now, but still sitting in the cardboard while giving her his usual dead eyes.

"Hopper, I can barely afford one. How do you expect me to-."

"Think of them as a thank you gift."

Her eyes widen as she looks back to Hopper. His face had a gentle smile. The man walks up next to her and turns them away from the four for a while, keeping their heads close so the 'pets' wouldn't hear them.

"I noticed the way Amadeus and even you acted the first time we took him back." His voice dropped to a whisper, and Jae's face flushed a bit. "I ignored it at first. Thinking it was a one time thing, but then it happened over and over again. You sure have some bewitching charms, Jayne."

She turns her face to the side trying to hide her embarrassment.

"Get to the point," Jae mumbles.

Hopper chuckles a bit as he moves away this time.

"When you dig up a hole in someone's heart and put a piece of you inside. You can't expect them to dig up that hole again to remove something that became so precious."

She blinks at Hopper for a while.

"That's really out of character. I didn't expect someone like you to think of something so deep."

"I don't know whether or not to take that as a compliment."

Hopper coughs and gets back into his more serious attitude.

"Jae, the company's giving you ownership of them four. But, that doesn't mean the company will help with any insurance issues. If your house becomes damaged because of the 'pets', we wont support you by giving money. You trained them it's all up to you now."

She couldn't believe this. He's handing them over to her? Just like that?

Hopper laughs a little.

"Well, good luck! Our company doesn't want anything to do with the four! Don't call unless you want to chat! And, good luck when they get in heat!"

In a split second he is out the door and speeding out of her driveway with his car.

. . .

For some reason she feels like he didn't give them to her out of the kindness of his heart.

In that instant she felt arms wrap around her waist. Jae's face falls as she realizes who makes the first move to greet her.

"Prince, get off."

She hears him chuckle from behind her. "I'm glad you remember me," His mouth closes next to her ear, "Master."


Prince turns around to glare at the male while still keeping his arms around Jae.

"Shut it, shitty-dog. I'm busy here."

Busy molesting. Owner, you're skin must be crawling. His breath must stink too. Trust me, my cage was next to his.

Prince's smirk twitches as his laugh comes out slowly.

"Sounds like the brat wants to get the same treatment as the gaudy ginger."

You're trying to hurt my face because I'm cuter.

Prince lets go of Jae, but that gives Severus the moment to grab Prince and throw him to the wall. This makes portraits fall from their places and shatter onto the ground. Severus immediately latches on her shoulders looking Jae up and down.

"Jae! Just tell me when, I'll cut him inside-out."

She wasn't paying attention to Severus' words of protection for her. Jae's eyes were glued to the shattered pictures that were all over the floor. This seriously could not be that bad.

"If you can even touch me." Prince said, he was on the side holding Fido by the collar.


Before the two could even touch each-other, suddenly snow appeared out of thin air and landed on the males. Both panic for a moment before turning around to glare at Fido, realizing who was the one to make that happen.

The blond had a candy-cane in his hand and lifted it up to the two.

Dashing through the snow, in a one-.

Prince and Severus crack their knuckles at the fifteen year-old. The two were going to jump, but a shot rang through the air and hit the wall, going through it and into the kitchen. Amadeus stands up from his couch and sneers at the three.


There was silence.

Jae stares around her house. The broken portraits, the holes in the walls, and the broken glass on the floor.

Oh, hell no!

"Alright! Stop this!"

They all freeze in their spots, having that guilty look on their face again. She glares at all of them and walks up to the four. Jae takes the gun from Amadeus hands, the claws from Severus, and the pointy objects from Prince.

Fido, she will have to work on him.

Jae looks at all of them again before talking.

"Listen here. Like Hopper said, they wont provide money when you guys mess up my house. So, I can see you guys can't get along. But you will have to stand each-other if you want to share a home with me. Also-!"

Jae suddenly lets out a yelp as she is lifted off the ground and is hauled onto Amadeus' shoulder. The other three growl at him for taking away their reason for being at the home.

Amadeus turns around to give them his hardest glare. This shuts all of them up, but at the same time it doesn't stop the jealous and killer stares to pierce his back.

"A-Amadeus! Put me down! I still have to talk to all of you! Bad! Bad!"

Her commands fall on deaf ears as Amadeus continues his ascent up the stairs. He kicks open the door to her bed room and throws Jae onto the bed. Jae gets back up to scold Amadeus' again, but he also gets on the bed and crawls on top of her. Her face falls at his actions.

Was he suddenly the only one in heat?!

Amadeus kept his stare on her face, making Jae flush a little. His head slowly comes down and Jae's eyes widen at the action. She puts her hand up and covers his mouth before anything else could happen.

"I don't think we should do that right now."

Confusion was in his eyes, but then they turn back to a glare. He takes her hand off his mouth and leans in close again, this time not for contact but to intimidate her.

"Why the hell not?"

She groans and turns her head to look to the other side.

"I don't think it's fair. Since the others are here."

There was silence between the two for a moment.

"I don't give a damn about those scum."

Amadeus pulls her hands down to the bed and starts to lean to her face. Jae's eyes widen and she resorts to her last option out of this situation.

"Severus! Prince! Fido!"

Less than a second the door is kicked down by the three.

"Ke, didn't know you were such a pervert."

Takes one to know one.


"What did I say about treating my house right?!"

No, Owner talked about getting along. Not about damaging the house.

She feels she will have to do training all over again.


"Why does royalty like me get the sofa?"

"Scum, you better give a reason why I have to share a room with this sadist."


I'm the only one who gets a bed~. I'm the only one who gets a bed~.

Jae sighs and gives all of them a serious face.

"Prince, you constantly invaded my personal space. Amadeus, you went past invading personal space. Severus, there's no other room. Fido is still a growing teen so he needs the better sleep."

All of them let out a growl of annoyance expect for Fido.

"One more thing though. There is a prize for the one who behaves the best."

The four look up to give her a look of disbelief. Not thinking she could offer anything to the violent 'pets'.

"Anyone who behaves the best gets to share the room with me."

Their eyes all light up at the challenge.


It was in the middle of the night when Jae was sleeping soundly in her bed. That was until a hand came out of nowhere and clamped on her mouth. Her first reaction was to scream and flail. Was Amadeus trying to jump her again?!

"Jae! Ssh, calm down."

She blinks at the low and gravelly voice. Jae looks up and blinks at the person who woke her up. Seeing that she was calm he removed his hand from her lips.


He looks down guilty while scratching his head.

"Sorry, I wanted to ask you about something." He said in a low whisper.

Jae was staring at him up and down. She had to shake away the shock at him being able to be so quiet.

"What do you need?"

At this Severus seemed to get a little more nervous. He stutters a bit and looks around the room. Finally taking in a deep breath he lifts up a hair strand and twists it between his fingers.

"Could you cut my hair."

Jae and Severus were in the bathroom with Severus sitting on the bathtub edge. She held the scissors in her hands and nervously looks at his hair. Jae picks a few hair strands and moves his hair around. Damn, he had long hair. How is it he doesn't have any split ends?! His hair should be ruined but it was perfect! Jae sighs but steps back from him looking nervous.

"You sure you want me to do this? Why don't we go to a salon tomorrow-."

Severus immediately cuts her off.

"No. I want it off, now."

His voice was cold and demanding. Jae sighs to herself. Looks like he wants to change tonight. She nervously takes his hair in between her fingers and brings the scissors up to his hair. She starts out cutting it from his shoulder and snips the strand. Jae looks as the platinum hair falls to the ground. Severus had his eyes shut tight but opens them and looks at the hair that got cut off. A small smile, but a weak one, comes onto his face. He closes his eyes again, as if telling her to go on. Jae takes in another breath before continuing.

At the end Jae steps back to view her work. She wasn't really trained in cutting hair, but she had a lot of experience in cutting pet's fur. Severus had his hair cut up short on his head, with the sides shorter than the rest on top. He stands up from the bathtub and walks to the mirror. He turns his head side-to-side and moves his hand through his new short hair. Jae walks behind him and smiles lightly.

"Do you like it?"

Severus smiles lightly.


There was an awkward silence between the two. Severus finally speaks up.

"When we were all on the island and meet each-other, it was hell," He chuckles a little at the memory. "We were such opposites we didn't get along. We would only stay with our breed." He runs his hand through his new hair. "My breed made a promise. We wouldn't cut our hair until we got rid of the other breeds. We did that so whenever we looked in the mirror, or our hair got in the way, we would remember that oath."

He turns around to face Jae with a smile that's on the borderline of a smirk.

"Don't really need to keep that promise now. Since my life's going to be around you."

Jae's face flushes a bit at the comment. Though a smile comes on, she steps forward and wraps her arms around him. Jae feels Severus stiffen at the contact but gradually returns the action while putting his head in the nook of her neck.

"My life will revolve around all of you too."

She feels him smile into her shoulder. A genuine one. Jae wants to pull back a bit so she could see it. The two stay in the embrace, Jae happily smiling since she's back with the loud 'pet'.

But, that smile comes off as she feels a slight nibble on her neck. Her eyes widen and she pushes him back, quickly putting her hand to her neck.

"D-Did you just bite me?!"


With the way his eyes were downcasted and his bright face, that was obviously a lie.

"You just bit me! Oh my god, I'm bleeding! What is wrong with you, Severus?!"


If having all of them in the house was a pain, think about having all of them in a car. Amadeus was the one to climb into the passenger side up front. He was actually quiet and was trying to sleep, though with the way his lips would twitch to a frown she could tell that wasn't going to happen. In the back was Severus, Prince, and Fido. The three weren't cooperating at all. It took nearly fifteen minutes for them to put on the seat belts. Then they started to fight on who would get the middle seat. Also about who would have to sit next to 'the brat'.

Now, they were fighting about . . . Something. Jae was trying to zone them out and focus on the road. Though that was proving hard.

"Well, why don't you look at that. The dog got a haircut. Now I don't feel like I'm arguing with a girl any more." He said this all with a smirk on his face. Trying to tick off the other 'pet'.


That was when she suddenly felt the car move to the right a bit. Her eyes widen at the sudden tip.

Owner, let them fight. Maybe they'll kill eachother.

Jae couldn't take it. She slams her foot on the break, thankfully the road was clear. Fido was the only one who had his seat-belt on in the back. So, this made Severus and Prince lunge forward at the sudden loss of momentum. The 'pets' both hit Amadeus' seat making him wake up from his nap. That's when Jae's mouth drop.

An Amadeus woken up from his nap, is not a happy Amadeus.


Jae immediately unbuckles herself and grabs both of Amadeus' arms to stop the male from killing the other two.

"Stop this, right now!"

After a few seconds of struggling, Amadeus lets out a growl of frustration and pulls himself from Jae. He then proceeds to open the door and stomp out from the car. Jae sighs and turns to the other three, they were all sitting in the back looking any where else but her.

"Get out of the car."

They all willingly act and get out from the vehicle. Once outside Jae sighs and gets out of the car as well. She stands in front of the four and runs a hand through her hair.

"Listen, you guys aren't four. You need to stop taunting each-other. Especially Prince and Fido. Severus and Amadeus, you guys just need to work on your temper."

The four don't respond but glare at each other.

"You guys are all punished. All of you have to run back to my house while I lead you with the car."


Jae will admit this was considered Spartan training, but it's for the best. With four people at her home that means she will have to provide four times more food, water, and especially clothes. The more disciplined they are the faster she can get back to work and provide more cash. Maybe she should cut Willow's hours more. The girl wont be happy but it'll be for the best.

She was waiting at the house. After the four started to trip each other trying to win she decided to just leave them and give the four a time limit. Whoever doesn't come back by the time will get a small portion of food.

While leaning against her car she feels a sudden killer aura and a hand clamp down on her shoulder. She turns around slowly and flinches as she sees the 'pets' with glares on their faces. Amadeus was the one who had his hand on her shoulder.

"You better have a good reason for making us do that, Jae."

She lets out an uneasy laugh.

"W-Well, you guys always sit around so exercise-. Wait, where's Fido?"

All of them look at the back to see the blond was gone. Severus was the first to speak by scoffing.

"Che, brat must have passed out because he couldn't catch up."



Now Jae was the one running around out of breath. How could they do that?! Just leave him without any worry?! She stops for a while to catch her breath and wipe off the sweat on her forehead. Ever though it's February she didn't take off her heavy clothes, so Jae was burning up right now. Hopefully he really didn't pass out, especially in this cold weather!

It was then that she heard a commotion. Jae looks behind herself and sees a crowd of people circling around something.

"Is he dead mommy?"

"What a poor boy!"

"Hey, he's actually pretty cute."

Dead? Dead!

Jae rushes forward and fights through the crowd. In the middle she finds a passed out (?) Fido with his face to the ground.


Jae crouches down and turns the boy over. He had his eyes closed and mouth slightly opened. Was he-?!

Owner, I'm tired. Tell the loud people to shut up.

-He was trying to sleep . . .

Jae rubs her forehead and turns to the other people who are still surrounding him. She sweat drops a bit and puts Fido's arm around her shoulder lifting the boy up. She then turns to the ground with a slight smile.

"N-Nothing to see here. He's mine so you don't have to worry."

The crowd disperses slowly while murmuring to each-other. Once they were gone Jae sighs and adjusts her hold on the blond so she is giving him a piggyback ride. For a while he stays silent on her back before moving around a bit and rubbing his eyes. Jae smiles as she realizes he's awake.

"You okay?"

Owner's a spartan.

She blushes a bit out of embarrassment.

"Sorry, I just really wanted you guys to stop fighting quick. I still can't believe they left you like that."

He shrugs while on her back.

They never really cared. Since I'm the weakest breed.

Jae stops a little to purse her lips in frustration.

"Would you guys stop talking about which breed you are from and how much you hated each-other. Things are different now that you're out from that company and whatever island you came from."

Fido stays silent on her back, which surprises Jae. She was expecting some sort of smartass reply from the boy. But he kept his mouth (thoughts?) to himself this time.

Fido then starts to wriggle a bit on her back. Jae gets the message and lets the teen slide down from her. He walks to stand next to Jae and stretches his arms while also letting out a yawn. A small smirk then comes on his face.

It's hard for Owner to understand. But, if I want to get along better with Owner, I'll try not to fight with the shitty-dog and fake-prince.

"What about Amadeus?"

I like living.

Jae laughs a little at the remark and pets the top of Fido's head with smile.

"Let's start getting home, I'll bet the others are hungry."

Fido then steps over so he gets in front of Jae. She raises an eyebrow at his action. The teen then suddenly moves forward to hug Jae, but also bury his face in her chest. Her face blushes a dark red and she starts to try to pry him off.

"Fido! Get off!"

"I'm cold, it feels warmer here." He says this while pressing further into her chest.

"Seriously, this isn't funny-! Did you just bite me?! Why do you guys always bite?!"

It was then the next day Jae set up a 'No Biting' rule.


Jae was just happy that the four didn't waste water. With Severus now having short hair his bathing time has been cut more than half. Fido still needed to be stopped sometimes though for going over the five minute time limit. Amadeus wasn't dumb at showering anymore as he knew the difference between shampoo and conditioner. He try to force Jae to bathe him, but she would cut him off hoping the others wouldn't find out she cleaned Amadeus sometimes.

It was at night that all of them were asleep and Jae decided to go and take a shower. She first came up and knock on the door. She then presses her ear on it for safety reasons before confirming there was no one there. Jae opens it, but finds out she's not alone.

In all his glory, Prince was drying his hair with a towel while standing in the middle of the bathroom. There was a towel though around his waist not revealing all of his glory. Jae's face reddens at the sight as she looks his tanned, toned body up and-.

-No! Bad Jae! Bad!
A smirk comes on Prince's face as he sees her at the doorway.

"Like what you see, Master?" His hand then travels to the towel covering the bottom half. "I could show you more~."

Jae immediately turns around to run out the door but Prince's hand slams it shut before she could make her escape. Jae's mouth was open in shock as her hand was right where the knob should have been. Dammit, so close!

Jae feels him lean on behind her with his face a little too close to her face.

"Master, I missed you so much."

"S-So did I, but I really need to get out to sleep Prince."

A low chuckle comes from him and he snuggles his face into her cheek. Making Jae tense up at the contact.

"It annoys me I have to share you with those other plebeians."

Jae's face was burning now. Out of all the 'pets' to run into in the bathroom, it just had to be Prince!

It was then that they both heard a knocking on the door, this time Jae felt Prince tense up.

Fake-prince, I need to go.


From the other side of the door Fido raised an eyebrow at the sound of Jae's voice. There was silence as Prince and Jae both wait to see what the teen would do next.


Jae made shower times for all the 'pets' after that day, and had to look for a new bathroom door.


Willow laughs at Jae as she just told her on how training the 'pets' went. After a week off she was able to have all them trained. Sort of, they would still yell at each other and Jae was still working on Amadeus' bad habit of throwing glass at the others. Maybe she should just give him back his gun?

Great, now she's going crazy. A gun over glass, the stress must be getting to her.

Though, even though it has been stress. She was able to bond more with them and make better memories. Jae will still have to work hard to be able to earn enough cash for all of them, but she's willing to work for them. They were precious to her, even with their strange quirks. Willow keeps on insisting Jae should give her one of the 'pets' to take care of sometimes. She said no though to the offer, for some reason she feels the four would get molested in some way.

"Griffin alert, no flowers this time."

Jae turns to see that the man was walking towards her store. She groans and rubs her forehead at the sight of the man.

"He still comes here?"

Willow nods while looking through a magazine on the counter.

"Told him you were training some new dogs, that's why you weren't here."

Griffin walks in through the door, his eyes lighting up as he sees Jae this time at the store.

"Been a while, how was training that dog? I can't believe you actually took it home with you, how bad was the pet?"

Oh, nothing much. Just four homicidal 'pets' that wanted to kill each other and could never keep it in their pants.

"Just a chihuahua that couldn't stay quiet. I got it all trained now."

Griffin blinks at Jae as she looks to the other side. He had a small feeling she was lying but pushes the thought away.

The two continue their talk, discussing other topics such as the politics or how each others works. It was times like this that Jae enjoyed talking to the man. He was a friend, and that was unfortunately all Jae could think of him as. Her thoughts soon drifted to the four back her home. Were they okay home alone? Would Fido be bullied with her not there? Will everything in the house be in one piece?

She looks up past Griffin who was chatting away about some subject. Jae sees Amadeus outside the door looking in with a hard glare. Huh, she's thinking about them so much she's seeing things.

It was when he walked through the door and the bell chimed that Jae realizes Amadeus is actually there and heading straight at Griffin.


Jae yells out, shocking both Griffin and Willow. Griffin raises an eyebrow and turns around to see the man stalking towards them. His eyes widen as he realizes Amadeus looks like the other one that hit Jae.


Amadeus steps towards Griffin and grabs the man by his collar and bring him up to his face. Amadeus snarls at the man.

"Fuck off, scum."

What was he doing here?! She told them to stay in the house until she got off work! Could they not listen to her for one day?!

Amadeus releases Griffin and turns his attention to Jae. There was still a present glare on his face, not happy at all to see another man around Jae. It was worse enough to have the other three at the house, but now he has to worry about her at the pet store.

He steps forward and this time takes Jae by her wrist and starts to drag her out of the store. Jae begins to struggle on his grip and tries to pull away.

"Amadeus! Let go! I can't leave the store!"

From behind them that Jae heard Griffin's voice.


This time she feels Griffin pull her away from Amadeus. What was she, a rag doll?!

The look on Amadeus face was murderous. At first he couldn't believe the man tried to pull Jae away from him. Now, the person actually was laying his hands on her? Dammit! If only he had his gun with him!

Amadeus growls again. Glaring at the hand Griffin had on Jae's shoulder.

She feels him tighten his grip on her.

"Don't worry, I'm right here." Griffin returns the glare Amadeus is directing towards him. "I don't know who you are, but assaulting then kidnapping isn't something I'll stand by for."

Amadeus' eyes set ablaze at Griffin's comment. He now starts to stomp forward towards the two.

She had to stop this, or else Griffin wont be breathing in the next two minutes.

Jae pulls away from Griffin's grip and steps forward to try and stop Amadeus from coming any closer. She then lifts her hand up and flicks Amadeus' nose, making the male stop and frown at Jae. Griffin was blinking from the side, not believing what Jae just did. She keeps the glare on her face as she continues to stare him down.

"Bad! I told you to stay at the house!"

Amadeus frowns at Jae and folds his arms.

"Didn't know you were going to go off flirting."

"I wasn't flirting! We were just talking!"


"What kind of response is that?!"

Griffin watches the bickering from the side. Wait, did he just hear Jae say for the man to stay at her house? Were they living together? Griffin frowns and walks up to the two, he coughs getting both of their attentions. And Amadeus' glare again.

"Jae, is this your boyfriend?"

Her face brightens up at the comment. She begins to stutter.

"W-Why do you say that?"

"Well, you commented saying he was staying at your home."

Damn, she did, didn't she. Jae sighs and scratches her head. She should say that, it's better than explaining he's actually a 'pet' from a company. A 'pet' that is violent and almost chocked her to death the first time they met.

"Y-Yeah, he is."

There was silence between all there of them. It was currently killing Jae, would he believe her? She just really didn't want to explain the 'pet' position. It was after a while that Griffin finally sighed.

"So, that's why you would always turn me down." He laughs a little and smiles up at Jae. "You should have told me."

Her face blushes in embarrassment.

"I-I'm sorry."

"Do you love him?"

Her eyes snap open at the question as her face darkens more. Jae looks up to see he was really excepting an answer.

Did she love him?

Jae thought to her time when there were no 'pets'. She did miss all of them. They all were able to make a place in her heart. But, during that time she was lonely. Her thoughts would always turn back to Amadeus. She would compare him to Griffin whenever the man would flirt with her. Her face only reddens more at the thought. She slowly looks up to Griffin with a smile on his face.

"I really do."

A weak smile comes on Griffin's face, he then turns back to Amadeus who still had a glare.

"How about you?"

"Don't fucking touch my woman again, scum."

Well, he guesses that's an adequate answer.

Griffin sighs and rolls his eyes at the response. He then turns back to Jae with a smile.

"Jae, I really wish you the best. That's why I'll give up for now. But, if you ever have any trouble I'll always be waiting."

Jae smiles back at him, but she wraps her hand around Amadeus' and leans on the male. Shocking the pet a little.

"Sorry, but I think I'll stick to him for the rest of my life."

Griffin smiles, this time a little more genuinely and says one last 'goodbye' to Jae before walking away.

Jae lets out the breath she was holding in. That was nerve wrecking. She laughs a little and turns around to face Amadeus. What she wasn't expecting was for him to lean down and wrap his hand on the back of her neck, pressing their lips in a kiss. Jae smiles at the action and responds immediately, also wrapping herself around Amadeus to deepen the kiss. Amadeus pulls her head back a bit so he can press his tongue into her mouth. Jae also fights with him back, ignoring any bystanders that would stop and stare at the two.

It wasn't until the two needed to breath that they pull away from each other. Only to stare into one another's eyes. Amadeus still had that stern look on his face, but even though he wasn't smiling Jae saw the small love in them. It was then that something occurs to her while in Amadeus' embrace.

"Wait, you didn't say if you loved me!"

He blinks at her first in confusion. Amadeus then looks to the side and scoffs a little, angering Jae.

"I confessed! It's right that you do too!"

Amadeus continues to stare off to the side, ignoring her outburst. Jae huffs at his silence and begins to pull away from him.

"Fine! Be like that, I can just run back to-."

Amadeus grabs Jae again, stopping her from speaking. This time he bites her lips to make sure she would just shut up for a moment. Once he pulls away Jae had a frown on her face, she was going to yell at him again. But, Amadeus beat her to the punch.

"I love you."

Jae blinks a few times, not believing that he just said that.

"C-Could you repeat that?"

Amadeus growls, making Jae laugh and this time pull up to peck him on the lips. She pulls away to still see a frown on his face, and an actual small blush. Jae had to bit her tongue to keep the laugh in. She then pulls Amadeus into a hug and buries herself into his chest. Amadeus smiles a little and also returns the gesture.

"So, how do you want to break it to the others?"

"Make the scum cry."

Her lip twitches a bit in irritation.

"Not that bad."

"Fine, put them up for adoption."

"Never mind, I'll think of something myself."

Amadeus scoffs a little and tightens his grip on Jae, knowing now that she will only be his from now on.

Jae thinks back to the moments she first met all four of them. It's been almost like a fairytale. In the end, she didn't get the stereotypical prince, but she would have chosen Amadeus over any gentlemen out from a story book.

"I love you, Amadeus."

"I'll kill anyone that touches you."

Looks like the next training lesson will be to say those three words more.


. .

. . .

. . . .

. . . . .

. . . . . .