I was home sick the first day. See, I was orphaned long before I can remember. About a year ago I was kicked out of the orphanage for letting my short temper get the best of me. About a day later, I met Iya. Iya's parents owned a whole block of old, unused houses. They gave me one of the smaller ones when Iya told them about me.

Iya Grey was my best- no. Iya Grey was my only friend. I was very antisocial, and she's the one that walked up to me that day. She could talk nonstop for hours on end. I, for one, like to get to the point quick and be done with the topic so I can resume being antisocial. Which is why I loved her so much.

She talked nonstop and I didn't like to talk. So she filled in the blanks where a second person would go. She talks, and I sit there, pretending to listen. And she knows I'm not really listening because she can see the dazed look I get whenever I go off into a daydream. But that doesn't stop her. She just keeps going.

So our town had become something of a mystery. People would go missing and they would be found a week later. Dead. But nobody ever saw the victim disappear, nor did they ever see the captor. So no one in town knew what was going on. And naturally, it scared them. I wasn't really worried though. I knew tae kwon do and karate.

Anyways, I spent the whole day doing whatever I felt like and since I had no electronics, I went to the library. Well, I went to the library after being questioned by the librarian. She's a sweet old lady, but she has developed Alzheimer's disease and often forgets faces. Not a very good witness in court if she can't remember anything.

After that I went to a nearby pay phone to call up Iya to get the homework. Her mother answered.

"Hello?" came her voice from the other line. She sounded hopeful, nervous, and sad all at once

"Mrs. Grey? It's Mizina. Is Iya home?" I asked, unsure of why she sounded the way she did.

"Oh. Mizina. No. She isn't home."

"Where is she then?" I asked. I suddenly had a bad feeling.

"We don't know."

"What do you mean?"

"She was seen walking to school, but she never got there! She's been taken!"

My jaw dropped in shock. Iya was missing. Would I have been taken with her if I had gone to school? No. Not possible. They only ever took one person at a time. Iya might've been ok if I had gone to school. We always walked together.

"Mrs. Grey! This is all my fault!" I cried.

"No. How is it your fault Mizina?" she asked.

"If I had gone to school… I'm not even that sick! It's all my fault! If you hear any word on her please let me know?" I pleaded.

"Yes. Of course but-" I hung up on her and ran home. O sat down on my couch, closed my eyes, crossed my fingers, and prayed for the best.

Sorry it's kind of short, but yeah...

~Demon Gone Mental~