Everyone I knew was anxious. Iya hadn't been seen for a whole week, and they all started having the same feeling.

"If Iya was taken, they might take anyone next!"

"I thought children would be safe!"

"Mom and Dad want to move away so I don't get taken."

I heard a lot of that, and more. People were moving away, or in a state of panic. Someone had actually been taken to the hospital the day after Iya disappeared because he was so scared, which triggered an asthma attack. We were informed that he made it, but I saw them carry his dead body out of the hospital. Maybe he died of old age. After all, he was in his 80's.

Yeah… Just keep telling yourself that, Mizina, I thought.

I walked to my house to see police swarming it. I run up to the nearest police officer, John. John has always liked me. He knew me since I was born. He would've adopted me, if he had had room to keep me.

"What's going on?" I asked him.

"We found Iya in your attic. Dead." John replied.

I was speechless as he led me to his car and helped me. Once he had closed the door and I realized I was in the back of the police car, I felt like a caged animal. I was a suspect to Iya's death. The problem with that is if I am decided guilty, I will be killed, or sent away.

The punishment depends on the crime. Something as simple as robbery would be to return what was stolen and pay double the price of what was stolen. The punishment for abuse or kidnap would be an indefinite amount of time in prison. The punishment for murder was death, or you would be sent to a slave country. The thing is, if I am convicted for Iya's death, I will most likely be killed because they might link her murder to the other murders before her.

I saw them carry Iya's body out of my house as John drove me to the police station. A couple of officers came out of the police station when we got there and led me in. John stayed behind.

I'm dead, I thought.

They led me into an interrogation room and had me sit down. They started asking all these questions: Did you know Iya Grey? Was she your friend? Did you know she disappeared? Do you know where she lived? Where were you the day she disappeared? Are there any witnesses to prove this?

My answers were all honest: Yes. My best friend. Her parents told me. I do. I was home sick and I went to the library. You could ask the librarian, but she doesn't remember much.

After about an hour of questioning, they took me home. Then, they dropped the hammer on me.

"Mizina Kyles, you are a suspect of the murder of Iya Grey and are hereby place under house arrest," the officer told me.

"What? B-But what about school?" I demanded.

He shrugged. "I'm sorry miss." He turned and walked back to his car.

I closed the door and sunk down onto the couch and cried.

My life is falling apart! I wanted to scream. Iya is dead, I am a suspect, and they'll probably find me guilty!

I had no idea of what was to come.