Hey Ronny,

I wish your mother possessed the common sense to toss you in a lake,
but instead we all are forced to live with the results of her mistake.

Even from the lonely, windswept grave, your tired tenants shine,
heralding our workers' poverty and America's decline.

Your slogans have given evil men a jolly marching tune to whistle cheerily while they ensure future generation's doom.

Unfortunatley for all of us, none of your 'trickle downwards' horseshit worked Now our best hopes rest with kids who don't understand the mottos emblazoned on their shirts.

I would ask god to help us all, but we already know we're blessed.
Aren't we the greatest country in the world? But what about the rest?

Now the plastic shields come down again, the masses feel the fear.
I don't have any gas for you today sir, but will you shed a tear?

The batons smash on faces, the carnage draws ever near and as I look over my left shoulder, New Zealand looks nicer every year.

Not that I would flee, of course, I'm seeing this shipwreck through I don't have money for one plane ticket, let alone for two.