It was a cruel summer that year, followed by a temperamental autumn and a harsh winter. Spring was the town's retreat after conquering the earlier seasons. It was neither warm, nor cold, and different varieties of flowers could be seen at every garden. Petunia City, the town mentioned beforehand, was well known for its friendly people and beautifully crafted gardens made by citizens. The inhabitants were nothing out of the ordinary, and everyone appeared to be friends, or at least friendly acquaintances. It was a small town, perhaps once quite a large one, but every year or so students would leave for university in bigger places, and the town population would decrease further. That year however, among the small band of students, was a boy named Myles who was leaving the town behind him and going off to study in another town where he and his parents believed more opportunities would present themselves. Myles had lived in Petunia City his entire life, with his mother, father, and his sister Lena. Lena was a peculiar girl, who hadn't stepped foot outside of her house for nearly 2 years until one new years eve, when she takes a risk and discovers a whole new side to life living outside the lines.