Kyle spits in the dirt then massages his jaw. Alex grins at the connection. "¬°Horrible! You call that a punch? Ermanno is getting soft!" "Don't insult my Uncle!" Kyle continues, "To think he trained me. I guess I'll just have to train you!" Alex steps back as he pulls a blade. "Kyle, don't." She looks towards the front of the house hoping to see her brother and cousins walking back up the trail.

No luck. Kyle lunges as Alex moves to the side. He pivots and slashes up as he steps forward. The blade slices across the back of her left forearm. She gives him a roundhouse kick to the ribs in return. He stumbles for a moment then looks back at her. His grin is gone but he still has the small knife. She moves away as he jumps for her. Her boot catches on a rock and she falls back with Kyle following her to the ground. Alex loses her breath as she hits the dirt. As Kyle lands on top of her she feels his blade slide across her ribs and off her side. His weight is all on top of her then he pushes himself up and drops the knife. With his hands around her neck he says," I will try not to kill you. Come on, Asesina! Get out of this. I though your Uncle trained you. Prove it!" She has her hands around his wrists but quickly brings up both hands and boxes his ears. His grip loosens and she shoves him hard. He rolls off to the side and picks up the knife again. Alex rolls away to catch her breath and starts to jump up. A fist hits her in the back of her head and she collapses back to her knees. Kyle drops to a knee and slips the knife up her right side, close to where the other wound is. He whispers," I might have lied about the killing you part. It's more fun this way." He grins," Trust me."

Alex hears a shout then a gunshot. There is a cry then Kyle's hands are gone. She hears footsteps running towards her then feels gentle hands on her back. She smiles when she hears Mark's voice but before she can speak a black sheet covers her eyes.