The shrill ringing of a phone echoes through the entire house. It pierces everyone's dreams bringing them back to unfortunate reality. Damion jerks awake and falls off the couch. Alex stumbles in from the bedroom as Luke and Mark crash down the stairs. Alex rubs her eyes in the doorway as Damion rubs the back of his neck. "What time is it?" Luke tries to read the clock. "I think it's around three." With a groan, Damion sits up and snatches the phone off the table. "This is Damion." His voice is thick with sleep. Alex and Luke plop down on the couch while Mark takes a seat in the floor beside Damion. Mark yawns and his jaw cracks. It's quiet for a few minutes with the exceptional acknowledgment from Damion. "No problem. We'll let you know when it's done." The phone is tossed onto the table and Damion slumps back on the floor.

Mark nudges him with his foot. "So what'd he say?" "He said that someone in Mexico has been leaking information about his distribution and transportation of weapons. Kyle is an old friend of Uncle Ermanno's. He's supposed to help us find the informant and deal with them. We need to meet Kyle in town this afternoon."Mark stands up and reaches a hand to Alex. "Let's all go back to bed." Alex pulls herself up and stumbles back to the bedroom as Mark helps Luke up next. He pushes his brother towards the steps. Damion crawls back onto the couch and curls up underneath the blanket again. Finally both doors upstairs close and the house is silent again.