A whistle came.

No one turned, no one bothered. Except one little girl. One little girl who turned with curiosity, one little girl who dared to dream. Who could ever know what this little girl would turn out to be. Who could ever know what magnificent things she would do. Except me. Because I am that little girl.

I looked out over the crowd, as thousands of people stared back with waiting eyes. I paused a moment, for effect, then became my spontaneous speech. Words flowed from my head, their unrehearsed lines coming perfect and performed. Power rid through my voice, as each person came to realise the truth of my words. I finished, though my presence still rang throughout. I would never be forgotten by these people.

A forest appeared in my line of sight, trees streaming up the sky. It was far off, the trees like broccoli stalks to a giants eye. I reached it quickly though, stepping between the cool trunks to cover my body in shade. I touched my hand to the broken bark, but a glove covered my hand, barring it from feeling. As I walked, imprints appeared in the dirt behind me, showing my presence. A wind picked up, kicking dirt around me, dappling my face. Clear sight came to my eyes, and my feet left the forest ground. My footsteps would never leave the forest ground.

I looked into his eyes, as he stared gallantly into mine. No fear covered his face, though I knew he was afraid. He reached out, pushing back the lacing curls of my auburn hair. My eyes never left his eyes. Love determined my actions, my continuance of gazing. I broke away from him, my sight flitting longingly away. I turned away, my hand trailing from his. Our love would never die.

A mirror stood tall before me, the reflection playing back proudly. A young woman stood, perfect hair, an unblemished face staring back. And the eyes. I stared profound complexity of my sunflower eyes, faultlessness staring back. I stole a glance away from the mirror, prolonging the glimpse as I moved quietly away. The beauty would always remain.

No one could ever dream of the things I had done. No one could ever imagine the things I had dreamt of.

A whistle came. I turned my head.