Fate to Fade

Over and over...
The shadows assume my place.
Erosion completing!
I'll be your something to hate.
My fists through the mirror!
Look much better there than my face.
Fuck stopping the bleeding!
Far too long have I had to wait...

To be blinded!
By raptures so silent!
Leave me to my violence!
And inner disgrace.
Is it soothing!
To witness me losing!
All the things I can,
Never replace.

I know now and forever!
Every wish was a waste.
All false hope receding!
This narcotic world is laced.
Who doesn't remember!
The soft lips that they'll never taste.
How good is the feeling?
Putting a tortured soul in it's place!

So consume me!
Steal from and abuse me!
I'll accept the tragedies,
With my head proudly raised!
No more weakness!
Though sorrow is my cadence!
Know I will take this,
Betrayal to my grave.
You condone hatred...
Your heroes are jaded.

My heart has been traded,
For such empty space.
And ashes!
Remain of my passions!
My memories are lashes...
And my fate is to fade.