Death You Have Become

Head filled with nauseating lies,

told by a face of which now I despise.

Thought that I knew, thought I loved you,

but the bridges are burned, now I'm left a fool.

You think that you've won but its just begun,

low and behold, I will have my fun.

I'll leave you behind, memories rot in my mind,

I've now singed a contract, forever I've died.

Now I'm falling through space, remembering your face,

there is no warmth in hell, I'm falling from grace.

Forever I'll rise, throw you to the flies,

you think you can hide, oh how I've cried.

My sorrow now gone, redemption has dawned,

vengeance is mine, you were merely a pawn.

The fear of my shadow, towering your corpse,

your body is lifeless, life took its course.

Witness my reign, whilst your malevolence is slain,

who's laughing now? Now YOU feel my pain.

Years seem to pass, time flies, my conscience grows old,

but my past lives on, forever taking hold.

So I visit your grave, tears roll down my face,

were you really to blame, or was I part of the game?

I just swallow my pills, for I have no great skill,

it is hard to overcome, this death you have become.